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NWC #17

Title: Growing Pains
Pairing: USUK 
Words: 2,002
Rating: T
AU: supernatural (incubus/vampire)
Genre: Romance/comedy
Summary:  In a world where supernatural entities are commonplace, Arthur Kirkland is accidentally placed under the spell of his newly-transformed incubus best friend, leading to some interesting revelations.
A/N: Here’s some more NWC!! this one is trash lmao. also i started this on friday and just finished it today so i’m behind as helllll. 

It stared with the gradual blanketing of the room in a heavenly vanilla scent which seemed to wrap itself around Arthur. It invaded his senses in a distracting manner, breaking his focus away from the video game he was playing. The controller, gripped tightly in Arthur’s hands only moments before, now slipped easily from his limp fingers and dropped to the floor. His green eyes fluttered and closed as he inhaled deeply, completely involved in the sweet vanilla that swirled around him. He hummed in pleasure, seeming content to simply sit with eyes closed and breathe it in for as long as he could.

“Arthur?” Came a sudden voice.

Arthur’s eyes opened and he turned toward the source of the noise. He wanted to be annoyed by the interruption, but upon catching sight of the man beside him, all coherent thought suddenly fled his mind and he was left with only the knowledge that he was beautiful.

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Petition to give this poor mugboi a break. 

I had to scribble out these dorks because everything about this game makes me so happy and bubbly inside!! Also, the fact that Cuphead carries around moonshine liquor in his cup kills me. 

So here's a thing:

Jeremy Dooley is on the record of saying that fans should not grab at him. He doesn’t like it or find it cute or funny. He has said that if you want a picture or a hug, that’s awesome, and if he has a moment, he will be happy to stop and accommodate you; just don’t grab him!

It’s a simple request, and one he shouldn’t really have to make, because grabbing at someone, pulling on their arm or shoulders is a really rude and aggressive action. Just because Jeremy is famous, this does not change that fact.

Imagine that a stranger grabbed your arm and pulled on it as you were walking past. What would you do? You’d probably freak the fuck out! I certainly would! Don’t touch somebody without their permission, and specifically don’t pull on them.

Do not pull on Jeremy Dooley or any of the other Achievement Hunters.


zest??? zest!!! 

Simmons is annoyed Red Team always indulges in Donut’s weird activities, so after several months of not shutting up about it, he convinces them to have a DND night. It does not go well.

After many, many hours of being uninspired, staring into the void and cursing my iPad for not working properly, I finally managed to finish the next giveaway drawing!

It’s Eva from Hero for @elenasanchez !

I hope you enjoy the drawing 💗 (and that Tumblr didn’t mess up the quality too much) .

Have a lovely day!!! 💕💕

(Also, I’ll try to finish the other giveaway drawings as soon as possible 😅)