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Art by MAOQ, reposted with permission

Gloss of artist comments on Chinese forum Tieba: she was requested to draw “Madara with bunny ears” by Aya and decided to do two meanings. Also that Madara would definitely be a long haired rabbit.

Bonus round: This post taught me a new way to say “asdlkfjd;sdf WTFFFFFFFFF” in Chinese!

do you ever just go about your day and suddenly get hit by a wave of anger - like I’m chilling, cleaning the bathroom and the next moment I am close to freaking tears of anger because LEXA DIDN’T DESERVE THIS. and I don’t mean didn’t deserve this just because I loved her. or just because she was part of my ship. or because she was a lesbian. or because she had just gotten a tiny moment of happiness for the first time in possibly YEARS. she also didn’t deserve it because of who she was. she was important. she gave her whole life for her people, she was a leader, people were looking up to her. she didn’t run away from the traditions she despised and she didn’t feel hate for the people who raised her to be a warrior, who made her grow up with the children she was destined to kill. instead she chose to be the change she wanted for her people. she was a visionary. she wanted to bring her people peace. she already caused so much change for the better for the grounders and she had so much more to do but she couldn’t. she didn’t deserve to die before getting a chance to see her vision of a peaceful future for the clans play out in front of her. she didn’t deserve to die by accident in her own bedroom. she didn’t deserve to die by the hands of her mentor. she didn’t deserve to die in such a meaningless way and without having the chance to fight for her life. and it has been a year and I am just angry and also so sad. 


Tadatsugu finally getting Ieyasu’s gratitude and appreciation makes me so happy 😩😭 AFTER SO LONG HIS LORD SAYS WHAT HES ALWAYS WANTED TO HEAR IM SO HAPPY FOR HIM


“You okay? Did your face get burned? Ahh, your eyelashes are a little singed! King, I think you went a little overboard!”
―Totsuka Tatara checking up on Fushimi after Mikoto saved him from the Green Clan

absolutely-flabbergasted  asked:

can you tell more about Morrowstar? I'm really interested in how a savannah cat warrior would play out! Would clan cats see them as half wild cat, a decendant of the big cat clans?? How big is Morrow compared to the other clan cats?

I’ll definitely be posting more about Morrowstar soon!! and indeed a major part of the plot around her is that many cats consider her as almost a demi-god, revered as a direct descendant of the big cat clans

in the meantime fellstar (larger than average cat) and singingstar(average cat size) are here to give a little comparison. she big

modern!au the crown and the flame things to consider:
  • val is not allowed within 50 feet of any pet store
  • in the event that val somehow ends up in a pet store…pray. and contact kenna immediately
  • raydan gives everyone cards on valentine’s day. they’re all scented and include beautiful calligraphy
  • hex fighting kenna and annelyse for custody of whitlock
  • the team having a separate instagram account for each one of their animals (including the bear. they still have a bear in this au. i do not want an au where they do not have a bear)
  • val was a vine celebrity and made 80% of her vines while drunk
  • leon does not know (or care) how social media works but he plays clash of clans on his phone
  • dom can whistle almost anything. most popularly: the mario kart theme
  • whitlock is out there violet baudelaire-ing every house he steps into
  • nobody really knows what raydan and annelyse do for a living - they’re rich, they supposedly have “gigs” every now and then, and they definitely have degrees and diplomas in various fields. but like…what do they do?
  • kenna has a sword collection
Vampire: the Masquerade Clan Haiku (I am so sorry)

Camarilla Clans:

Near Dark was so good
like when they bar-fight bikers?
that was my sire

we are not just beasts!
we are men! we are - shit! cat!
bark! bark! BARKBARKBARK!!!

if i spoke prose they
would all find out I don’t know
what I talk about

hey there count orlok
oh fuck, i am so sorry
that was pretty rude

i really enjoyed
interview with a vampire
not so much these days

hey is that your clan’s
deep-sleeping progenitor?
asking for a friend

i can tell you to
eat all of this old cat food
and I bet you would

Sabbat Clans:

i made you a gift
out of you and me and him
and this horse. you like?

could you tell me if
i put my lipstick on straight?
you better not lie

Independant Clans:

our clan is run by
a baby wizard demon
not even kidding

no bad has ever
come from killing your sire
the master of death

our founder was slain
by a big crossover event
you’re surprised we freaked?

Followers of Set
i promise this time
it is not snakes and evil
haha, no, it is.


True Brujah
some serious-ass
doctor who shit in this clan
but no amy pond :(

have you heard the one
about the gawker I made
into a raisin? :|

that’s some fine-lookin’
skin you are wearing like a
hot people gyro

I can assure you
we know how weird our shit is
we have to live this

Daughters of Cacophony
it’s not how you sing
but how you kill all men with
song. also how you sing. 

did you think Setites
were the authority on
making players squick? 

Children of Osiris 
no one has ever
actually played this clan
except that one guy

Blood Brothers
playing a single
blood brother is like eating
just one dorito

Harbingers of Skulls
we forgive you for
diablerizing our liege
but not the incest

don’t hate me because
i picked all the physical
disciplines. #YOLO 

Old Clan Tzimisce
we don’t even want
the best discipline ever.

guess how few players
named their dude goliath and
got away with it? >:|