play battleshots

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maybe a house party scenario with Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo and Bokuto? how would they behave around their female crush after a few rounds of shots? (she definitely likes them back *V*) just make it wild, cause these teenage dorks need some fun :D


The Weepy Drunk.

He’s doing really well until you play a few rounds of Circle of Death. Then, all of the sudden, he’s got his face against your shoulder. You ask what’s wrong, and he bursts into tears. And he is not an attractive crier. He’s blubbering about how beautiful you are, about how the angels hand-painted you with their magic brushes and your voice could probably cure cancer. When you tell him that he’s not so bad himself, he only cries harder. Nothing will stop him. He continues to weep for about two hours until he starts to sober up.


The Philosophical Drunk.

It takes a lot to get Iwa-chan drunk. But after what feels like your hundredth round of beer pong, he abruptly pulls you away from the group to get you somewhere alone. You wonder if maybe he wants to fool around, but when he pulls you down onto the bed in the spare room, he just stares at you. “What do you think happens when we die?” he asks. The two of you are up until the sun comes up having ridiculously deep conversations about life and love and happiness. And honestly, it’s probably interspersed with a make-out session or two, because come on, he’s hot as hell and you’re not make of stone.


The Fun Drunk.

He just wants everyone to have a good time. He’ll alternate between mothering everyone and helping them make bad decisions—from “Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water” to “LET’S PLAY BATTLESHOTS!” He’ll probably be dragging you around with him all night, dancing with you to the wild music, making sure you sit next to him during the games, escorting you to the bathroom. Really, he’s just making sure no one else tries to hit on you. And while he might not quite be brave enough to confess his feelings yet, don’t be surprised if you find yourself pinned between him and the countertop sharing a hot, wet kiss when you’re alone in the kitchen.


The Reckless Drunk.

He is doing everything he can to impress you. Not the least of which includes impossible feats of strength, dubious contests, and tests of courage. “I’ll bet I can lift that couch over my head, I’m gonna do it.” “Wanna see me eat this old jar of olives I found in the back of the fridge?” “I can survive a free fall from the roof, I’ve done it like 17 times!” Out of all the guys, he might have the best luck with confessing to you. You’re going to follow him around the entire night making sure he doesn’t die. You’ll end up on the roof holding him back from leaping off, and it’ll actually turn into a nice moment where he very abruptly tell you he likes you and asks you out (he barely has a filter to begin with, it’s 100% gone now).