play animal crossing instead

anonymous asked:

If you could play as an Animal Villager instead of a Human in Animal Crossing, what species would you like to be, and what do you think you'd look like? :3

I’d be a punk pink seal! :D

loftyskies-deactivated20161129  asked:

would you rather fight 1 dan sized phil or ten phil sized dans? (i couldn't think of anything to ask)

you claim you couldn’t think of anything to ask, yet present me with the best question ever…something doesn’t add up here, tumblr user daveeddiggz…(thank you for the question, it is FABULOUS)

i would rather fight 10 phil sized dans. i’m sure you’re all like “uh, olox, what the hell, why would you take on 10 6′2″ dan howells rather than one 6′3″ phil?” and i will tell you why: because phil is TERRIFYING. he’s got you all fooled. he is not an innocent sunshine beam, he is a cold and calculated businessman who could take me down with just one look and then deactive my blog. i do not trust phil lester. at all.

dan howell, on the other hand, is literally just…squish. he’s a happy little squish. and he wouldn’t even want to fight me. he’d be like “hey, i know we’re supposed to fight, but like, i don’t really want to? so can we just like, play animal crossing instead or something? i’ll let you have some peaches if you give me oranges? maybe we could go to the island and catch some sharks?” and like, i’d rather have 10 dan howells being nice to me and trying to play animal crossing with me than have one phil trying to dESTROY ME AND MY VERY BEING…that being said i love phil with all my heart and my place of residence is 101 phil’s ass road, but you catch my drift