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I originally played on an Xbox 360 and couldn’t afford to buy a One, so I couldn’t play Trespasser. In September I went through a REALLY bad breakup and seriously needed an escape. So after my fiance left me and took the 360 with him, I said SCREW IT, I’m getting a One NOW, pulled money out of savings, and spent weeks playing. I’m still paying myself back, but it helped me through the worst time of my life, and at least my Inquisitor could get married.

*its 1:30am in the morning*
Seokjin: do you know what vitamin C is in Spanish?
Yoongi: *in a pained voice* don’t
Seokjin: Vitamin yes *laughing uncontrollably and wheezing*
Yoongi: *littelary flips Seokjins bed over* no it’s vitamin I’m done with yo shit!!

skyrim came out when I was FIFTEEN!!!!! FIF-TEEN and I remember playing it on my 360 and my sister (who was twelve and she just turned eighteen :/) was in the room impressed like “wow this game looks beautiful” and it did att but I am now twentyone and the game looks like a damn foot w occasional aurora borealis but we’re still on this HUH BETHESDA

ID #53605

Name: Dan
Age: 17
Country: Canada

I’m a down to earth type-a-gal. I have two dogs, two cats and a budgie. I’ve always had a fascination with the occult and UFO’s, mostly all I ever talk about honestly, aside from tv shows and sunsets. I love exploring, solving puzzles, into astrology, reading, taking photographs, play video games (Xbox 360), I’m currently obsessed with undiscovered indie artists. I’m bisexual, no one aside from my close friends and family know, I’m kinda proud I’m putting it out there anonymously to a lot of Tumblr users, It feels like a small yet huge accomplishment. I speak English, Spanish, some French and Portuguese. I’m currently learning Latin and Korean. I love to travel, I plan to see the world before I pass on. I collect plants, crystals, jean jackets and dad hats.

Preferences: I would honestly love to talk to people from ages 15-25, I don’t really mind. I’m very open minded and would love to meet energies alike

gaiax2  asked:

Just to let you know, the Game Grumps are playing your favorite game, Sonic Unleashed. And they are picking apart the game bit by bit!

I just went to see and … aww geez.. the wii version? I wish they had played the xbox 360 or the Ps3 version at least.. those are prettier… 😅

I have no clue though, what are the big differences in gameplay with the prettier versions..

At least they seem to enjoy the cutscenes by now… Thanks for letting me know! My Little brothers are gonna love to see them XD they like the game grumps more than i do hehe