Generic Ensemble Company and The VORTEX present

Robin Hood: An Elegy

by  Krysta Gonzales
with portions devised by the Ensemble

Robin Hood: An Elegy follows a Black Robin Hood who magically transcends space and time experiencing state-sanctioned racism. Set both in 2015 and the past, Robin’s plight mirrors and invokes the ethos of #blacklivesmatter in a struggle to assert humanity, dignity, and cunning against long-standing foes. In an age-old fight against white supremacy for justice and freedom, will Robin prevail?

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 ktshorb submitted this via fanmail:

Hi MedievalPOC! I just wanted to let you know, I’m part of a production in Austin, TX putting on a black Robin Hood (with time travel) and your tumblr has def been mentioned in our conversation! we are conceptualizing how Robin Hood could have been black, and how he might exist in modern times. I just wanted to let you know, because I thought you might be interested, but a shout-out would also be much appreciated! Thanks! Here’s info on our show:

Malec Week 2015– Day 2

“AU! Settings Day"


Drama I was the worst class Alec had ever taken.

He was senior stuck in a freshmen class because he had neglected to fulfill his fine art credit until now. He wasn’t the only one; his best friend had also ended up in the class (only slightly maybe on purpose). Then there was his overachieving sophomore sister, who purposely took the class because she was going through a Broadway phase. The next Idina Menzel, she was not.

All three of them in one class for an hour every day made for an eventful and competitive class, with Izzy trying to outshine Alec, who could do no fault in the eyes of Mr. Thomas.

He’d managed to survive the first three quarters with an A while barely skimming on the participation surface.

But Mr. Thomas was demanding more from Alec and Jace. They nailed the stage combat unit and that was keeping their A. But they failed the Shakespeare unit after their failed Romeo and Mercutio bromance so the final unit was critical.

“I’d like you two to take lead roles,” Mr. Thomas had not-so-subtly demanded. Jace immediately offered to lead the tech crew for their final production of the year, throwing Alec under the bus.

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