Ecoutez-moi, doña Lucrezia Borgia, vous avez vécu longtemps, et vous êtes si couverte d'attentats que vous devez en être devenue odieuse et abominable à vous-même. Vous êtes fatiguée de vivre, sans nul doute, n'est-ce pas ? Eh bien, il faut en finir. Dans les familles comme les nôtres, où le crime est héréditaire et se transmet de père en fils comme le nom, il arrive toujours que cette fatalité se clôt par un meurtre, qui est d'ordinaire un meurtre de famille, dernier crime qui lave tous les autres.
—  Victor Hugo (Lucrèce Borgia)


Cat, a lifeform specialized in detecting small prey animals and catching them: *sees a mouse, chases it, catches, eats it*
Human: “Wow evolution has made such a great hunter, look at it! Amazing!”

Cat: *sees a laser pointer dot, frantically tries to catch it but cannot, as it is just light*
Human: “lol too optimised for wanting to catch things am I right”



Human, a lifeform specialized in using and making tools and seeing if tools are good for different tasks: *sees a knife* “Aha! Someone made this sharp tool to cut things. I see, it’s really good for that!”

Human: *looks at his own body* “Who made this?? What were they thinking? There’s some bigger hidden meaning behind this right? What am I made for… What is the purpose of my mortal life? Am I good? Am I bad? Is there a God? I keep looking for my destiny but alas, I can’t figure it out….”


 Video @bertiegregory. A group of friendly steller sea lions give me a starfish on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Whilst this seems like just fun and games, play is a crucial part of any young sea lion’s development. During play they can practice everything from bolting after a salmon to being chased by an orca. Shot by @becky_kagan_schott for an exciting new 360 experience for @natgeo coming first to China this summer. Stay tuned! Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures. #SalishSea#britshcolumbia“He brought me a starfish!”