My fav thing with the garrus romance is how he says like “i dont have a human fetish”

Because that says 2 things:

1: he’s having sex (and an eventual relationship) with Shepard NOT because shes human, but because he respects her in the HIGHEST regard. Shepard is his superior. He’s very neutral with his opinions, and regardless of what he feels in a situation, if what Shepard is doing she believes is the right thing, he’ll stay by her. When she joins CERBERUS, a group that makes most of your companions upset with and makes kaidan/ash LEAVE for the whole game and doubt if you’re “you”, he straight up says “even if cerberus is shitty, if YOURE working with them, you have a good reason for it and i trust you.” Hell, even in a place where theres PLAUGE THAT COULD KILL HIM, he still says “but if you need me, ill go”. He gets cheesy when you romance him. He plays music and buys wine. He tries so hard to make this “special” between two brothers in arms, facing a suicide mission where they might not make it out alive. He wants to let Shepard have one night of calm in an oncoming storm of death, one night between friends that turns into a loving, trust built relationship.

2: theres an actual human fetish.