I have a theroy that Lance might actually be half-Cuban.

But actually Lance being biracial would explain his feelings about being the seventh wheel alot. As a half-Japanese, half-American, I’m constantly plauged by the fact that I don’t really belong in America or Japan. Where ever I go I get weird stares. Lance would probably feel that way also.

When Keith told everyone he was part-Galra, Lance didn’t really seem to treat him differently. It may have because he understood what it feels like to be different from everyone else. He knows what it’s like to be blamed for what your country (or in this case: species) did in the past. He could empathize to Keith’s situation.

Lance being biracial would actually explain alot about his personality and now he has two places to miss, not one. Cuba and another country(?).


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Fluffy the dragon

Context: in a town that’s plauged by madness and our group went into an alley because there wasn’t any screaming, and they find a girl in burlap

Paladin handing her bread: here little girl, don’t cry

*rolls too low*

DM: She looks at the knight still scared

Neko fighter: *goes down to her level* hello little one, Its ok, I’m a cat, see?

*rolls a 3*

DM: she’s still scared of us

Pentadragon: Hey little girl Its ok we’re good people

*rolls a 27 after mods*

DM: Some freaking how, the girl is more comforted by a fricken dragon man than an adorable neko

Pentadragon(ooc): lol, girl’s like lizards

  • Krolock: *walking into Herbert's bedroom without knocking* Herbert! I called for you countless times! Why didn't you answer me? And why are you naked?!?!
  • Herbert: I... have absolutely nothing to wear. My wardrobe is entirely desolate of anything worth my while.
  • Krolock: Nonsense!
  • Krolock: *opens wardrobe*
  • Krolock: Look! Your favorite shirts, a few pairs of breeches, good evening Alfred, this jacket,

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kitsunesongs  asked:

After ROTS, Obi-Wan gets really sick. Knowing that he won't survive, and also can't be on his own, Obi-Wan heads to some mid rim planet and checks himself into a hospital. He goes under his own name because he's already dying, and Vader shows up - only to be confronted by a delirious Obi-Wan who thinks he is a hallucination, and apologizes and says he loves him, and says he knew about Padme but just wanted Anakin to be happy...Vader decides to take Obi-Wan with him/save him. Vaderwan please!

Of all the ways he thought he’d catch Obi-Wan, this had not been one of them.

Not because Obi-Wan had checked into a hospital in need of service under his own name as if he didn’t have a Sith lord and an Empire hunting him down.

Not because Obi-Wan looks like a wreck of a man, pallid and skeletonish with labored breath.

“…Well?” He looked at Kix who was standing with the medical information.

“Bulb plague sir.” Kix said around the mask he was wearing.

“Bulb plague, are you serious?” Anakin blinked at him, glancing quickly down at Obi-Wan and then back at the medic. “Where did he even pick it up? Not to mention why didn’t he get trea-treatment…” Of course Obi-Wan didn’t go get treatment, wherever he had been hiding had a thriving strand of bulb plague which meant limited medical help and the help Obi-Wan would have needed would have brought him into the Empire’s light.

“How far advanced?” He settled on asking.

“He’s dying sir. He’s reached stage four. Puss and blood filled bulbous, fever close to fatally high, blood filling his lungs, coughing fits and advanced state of dehydration and starvation as we can see.” Kix made sure his mask was properly on. They had the meds to prevent it but he didn’t want to catch it in the first place.

“So he’s dying…” Anakin mused quietly, feeling a pang of disappointment and old fear.

A soft tug on his cloak made Anakin look down, Obi-Wan’s skeletal hand wrapped in the black fabric.

“Ani…” The other rasped, blinking up at him before smiling, lips cracking and bleeding but smiling up at the Sith. “Hi.”

“…Hello Obi-Wan.” Anakin returned.

The Jedi stared up at him, still smiling faintly.

‘He doesn’t think I’m real.’ Anakin realized, Obi-Wan’s lowered barrier showing all his thoughts as Anakin sat down on the bedside of the other. “You look like shit old man.”

“Uhu. Tatooine sucks as much as you said.” Obi-Wan confessed, rubbing the cloak in his hand.

‘Of course that’s where you went hiding.’ Anakin shook his head.

“I’m sorry about Padme.” The copper haired Jedi whispered, swallowing heavily as he gave the fabric a tug. “She loved you. Always knew she did. Was good someone did. Someone could.”


“Obi-Wan?” Anakin shifted, reaching out to touch his old master, cupping his chin to make sure the other was looking at him. “What do you mean?”

Dazed green eyes stared at him. “Always knew. She was good for you.”

No, no that wasn’t…Padme and he had been so careful. Obi-Wan couldn’t have known and yet…

“Sad I didn’t get invited to the wedding…” Obi-Wan mumbled then groaned, twisting a bit out of the Sith’s grip as a bloom of red and yellow appeared on the thin medical gown he was wearing.

“Popping bulb.” Kix offered quietly and unasked.

“…Can he be saved?” Anakin questioned, staring down at the man on the bed as Obi-Wan panted in pain.

“I…I’m not sure sir. We could prolong his life? If we bring him to Coruscant and place him in a bacta tank sir but Bulb plague in stage four doesn’t have a cure.” Kix hesitated. “Isn’t he a traitor lord Vader?”

Anakin looked up then down again, reaching out to stroke Obi-Wan’s lank hair of his sweaty forehead. “I don’t think this man is any danger to the Empire.” He offered quietly before looking back at the medic. “How do we transport him without causing an epidemic?”


Sick as he was, Obi-Wan only had the barest of shields that was easy for Anakin to slip past and inside to catch every thought and memory the other had though he resisted the urge to delve deep. He didn’t want to harm the other after all.

Not anymore.

Obi-Wan had known.

About Padme and about the babies. He had even suspected that Anakin was married and said nothing to anyone because he had wanted the other HAPPY.

And speaking about babies…

Anakin glanced down at the vid monitor, smiling as he saw both Luke and Leia still sleeping peacefully in their cribs, both twins unaware that they had been taken from and then reunited with their father.

“It was foolish of Yoda to request them separated.” He murmured and looked up at the bacta tank that contained Obi-Wan’s thin, floating body. At least the bacta had healed the bulbous growths and sedated Obi-Wan did not radiate pain. “But then again you already thought so when you took Luke to Tatooine.”

Obi-Wan didn’t respond, just slowly breathed.

“We may have a solution to the plague Obi-Wan. Soon.” Anakin rested his hand on the tank. “You’ll be able to join us soon hopefully.”

Obi-Wan made no response and Anakin sighed before reaching out, sliding in past the others mellow shields. -Obi-Wan?-

There was silence and darkness before something dazed sparked. -Anakin?- Soft and confused and it made Anakin smile a bit as he followed the trail to Obi-Wan’s consciousness.


A soft glowing ball that softly pulsated. Anakin wondered how he felt compared to the light as he wrapped himself around it carefully, caressing the light gently.

-Anakin?- Another soft confused thought floated.

-Its alright Obi-Wan, you’re safe. You’re on Coruscant.-

A quiet spike of panic and dread.

-Shhh no, the Emperor is not going to touch you Obi-Wan.-


Anakin carefully stroked the light he had wrapped himself possessively around. -Because you’re mine. The Force gave you to me and I will not let Sidious take you from me. Rest Obi-Wan, your body needs it.-

Uncertainty lingered before the light settled, exhausted in his grasp.