I have a theroy that Lance might actually be half-Cuban. Looking at his family, some of his siblings (?) are lighter skinned. (Yes I know they’re a lighter skinned Cubans but for the purpose of my theory I’m just going to go with whatever pops up in my brain)

But actually Lance being biracial would explain his feelings about being the seventh wheel alot. As a half-Japanese, half-American, I’m constantly plauged by the fact that I don’t really belong in America or Japan. Where ever I go I get weird stares. Lance would probably feel that way also.

When Keith told everyone he was part-Galra, Lance didn’t really seem to treat him differently. It may have because he understood what it feels like to be different from everyone else. He knows what it’s like to be blamed for what your country (or in this case: species) did in the past. He could empathize to Keith’s situation.

Lance being biracial would actually explain alot about his personality and now he has two places to miss, not one. Cuba and another country(?).

Fluffy the dragon

Context: in a town that’s plauged by madness and our group went into an alley because there wasn’t any screaming, and they find a girl in burlap

Paladin handing her bread: here little girl, don’t cry

*rolls too low*

DM: She looks at the knight still scared

Neko fighter: *goes down to her level* hello little one, Its ok, I’m a cat, see?

*rolls a 3*

DM: she’s still scared of us

Pentadragon: Hey little girl Its ok we’re good people

*rolls a 27 after mods*

DM: Some freaking how, the girl is more comforted by a fricken dragon man than an adorable neko

Pentadragon(ooc): lol, girl’s like lizards


zest??? zest!!! 

  • Krolock: *walking into Herbert's bedroom without knocking* Herbert! I called for you countless times! Why didn't you answer me? And why are you naked?!?!
  • Herbert: I... have absolutely nothing to wear. My wardrobe is entirely desolate of anything worth my while.
  • Krolock: Nonsense!
  • Krolock: *opens wardrobe*
  • Krolock: Look! Your favorite shirts, a few pairs of breeches, good evening Alfred, this jacket,

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The anthromorphized mascot verison of yourself as a visual embodiment of yourself that was created by "fans" feels like a insult to the community as some people dont like cats, or the product of a western generation, "FURRIES" which promotes animal fetishes. Your mascot does not seem to be the image that your community wants to see and I think it should be change least you want the plauge of furry anons hoarding you.

Hey guess what

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