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“heh, is pahgetti all you know how to say?” sans asked looking to pyrah with a smirk.  leaning his chin in his hand while pyrah called everything she could grab “pahgetti” sans thought it was adorable. but in all honesty, he was using her as an excuse not to go to sleep… his nightmares had started plauging him again. keeping him up, and making him not WANT sleep at all. it’d been days since he’d had a good night sleep, if not weeks.

as pyrah started tossing things at him, he always caught it and handed it back, just to repeat the process rocking back and forth with each movement, he felt himself start to fade in and out. a sudden tug on his jacket he gasped not sure what was going on or why, but with the sudden airborne motions, he gasped and tried to find out. “WHAT THE F’N HECK?!” he cried, careful not to actually curse in front of the baby.


Heartless Departure

Pick apart the memories of a life you left behind,
Stack up all the photographs you’ve taken in your mind,
It’s time to part ways with bittersweet days,
It’s time to seize the disease of which you’ve been plauged,

I am devoid of my dreams because you want control,
Do you know it means to aspire inside a hole,
One that resides in your mind and you dig for yourself,
Because you can’t climb out or scream so you might as well find hell,

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Let me explain a bit. So all the energy is going up to one main guy right? Well what I'm saying is ALLLLL that energy crosses together before its at him... If we were to strike there it might stop giving the main guy power so we can attack him and therefor reverse the plauge while he's in his weakened state


~ Chu3

A little Bleach salt but not too much salt I hope

Ok…wow…that was…really rushed.

I think I know what happened here, the same bull that plauges American comics


And I’m salty about Ichihime being canon and RenjiRuki being canon HOWEVER, I can at least see the logic, they come from two different worlds and Rukia’s not willing to entirely leave her own in the soul society unlike Isshin and Ichigo’s mother [I’m sorry I keep forgetting her name >.<]…maybe…kinda…no, no I can’t…I just…Kubo pretty much said it himself…I’m blaming editors…BUT I’m going to be civil and THE KIDS ARE ADORABLE and I think that maybe Kubo was salty too…Rukia and Renji’s kid is named ICHIKA. 

I ship these kids, they’re so cute

I can get over my notp too much orange being cannon THIS IS CUTE THESE CHILDREN ARE SO CUTE!!!

Kazui x Ichika






I want to be sick how you see in media.
I want to be sick where I’m in the hospital until they figure out what is wrong with me.
I want to be able to fight my illnesses from a hospital bed surrounded by friends and family.

I don’t want to suffer in pain at 3 am because of some mysterious thing plauging my body.
I don’t want to suffer here alone, growing distant from my non ill friends because I can’t do anything outside of my home without consequences.

I want to be able to go to church without wondering if I’ll be in too much pain to handle sitting anymore.
I want to stop feeling like I have to restrict every aspect of my life just so I don’t die, or become even more useless than I already am.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.