Cranial Nerve VII.

  1. Lacrimal gland
  2. Pterogopalatine ganglion
  3. Motor nucleus of cranial nerve VII
  4. Superior salivatory (lacrimal) nucleus
  5. Nucleus solitarius (rostral gustatory portion)
  6. Spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve
  7. Internal acoustic meatus
  8. Stylomastoid foramen
  9. Petrotympanic fissure (chorda tympani nerve)
  10. Submandibular ganglion
  11. Submandibular gland
  12. Sublingual gland

Six branches of cranial nerve VII of head and neck expression

  1. Temporal nerve: Frontalis muscle
  2. Zygomatic nerve: Orbicularis oculi muscle
  3. Buccal nerve: Buccinator and orbicularis oris muscle
  4. Marginal mandibular nerve: Orbicularis oris muscle
  5. Cervical nerve: Platysma muscle
  6. Posterior auricular nerve: Occipitalis muscle
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