platypusjones asked:

Round Two: 1. El Scorcho or In The Garage? 2. The three people you want in your bunker when the Otter Apocalypse happens? 3. Knives or Ramona? 4. Fill in the blank. "I am bummed out because ___". 5. True or False. The biggest problem facing America right now is unemployment.

  1. El Scorcho. Pinkerton is and always will be my favorite Weezer album <3.
  2. Otter apocalypse? I’m afraid I’d have to go turncoat. I love otters, people….not so much.
  3. Ramona. She has cooler hair, and can skate.
  4. …. I destroy everything I touch and being alone sucks.
  5. False. Cutting funding to arts and education wins out for me.