she means it, she does [1/1]

emma just wanted to quietly enjoy tequila and loneliness on valentine’s day. killian just wanted a beer and some solitude. they most definitely didn’t want to see each other.

a (very) belated exes on valentine’s day fic with a splash of national margarita day.

cs modern au / ~3,500 words / rated T / Now on AO3

February 14th

It’s really a little sickening all things considered. The chubby babies with wings and the hearts made out of lace and the flowers. The flowers that make her eyes water and her nose tickle from the pungent smell. And don’t even get her started on the cheesy cards and overpriced candy and the feelings. There’s a reason they also call it Single’s Awareness Day.

There’s no room for love when you’re drinking your second strawberry margarita a little after noon on a Tuesday.

Jesse’s Bar and Grill is just grubby enough to warrant such a promotion on a holiday - buy one tequila fueled mistake, get one free. So Emma calls in sick - she would undoubtedly be sick by the end of the day, so that wasn’t technically a lie - and ditches the paperwork for a more enjoyable companion.

She’s playing with the condensation dripping down the side of her mug, contemplating whether or not to get a basket of onion rings, when a moment of inconsequential chance changes everything.

A man walks into the bar.

Or more specifically, her ex-boyfriend walks into the bar.

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In celebration of the end of Camp Camp season 2: a list of ways I was wrong

So Camp Camp is the first fandom I ever got into before it was over, at least on a content creating level. Which means it’s been a really exciting journey in having the writers systematically fuck over my every headcanon on a weekly basis.

So just for fun, I wanted to celebrate how their devious brilliant minds ruined my life and caused me angst. Please reblog with yours so I can see what other popular theories got pile-driven into the ground! (In a good way, of course.)

Vaguely in episode order…how bad I am at predicting things!

Gwen and David do not appear to have separate bedrooms
Nurf ain’t straight
David was not a nice little kid, and apparently he and Jasper weren’t pals? At least, not as far as we’ve been told (I refuse to wholly let go of this latter hc until I’m forced to)
QM doesn’t like David in his own weird special way :( I wanted him to be the kooky uncle figure but apparently not
QM doesn’t actually live on Spooky Island
David and Bonquisha’s date was not a disaster
Bonvid happened
The Only Bar is also a restaurant
Gwen grew up in Sleepy Peak, not NYC
Platypus is a girl
The Flower Scouts have a leader (and she’s not called a Bush Trimmer, which is one of my funnier creations. Shame on you for not taking the easy joke there, RT)
The parents
Literally every single parent
Especially Max’s
Everything about this last episode, really

Well. That’s an…impressive parade of failure. Quick, make me feel better by adding your own failures!

How I always see it

*holds up a picture of Marinette*

Adrien: That’s Marinette.

*holds up a picture of Marinette with a mask*


*holds up picture of Marinette again*

Adrien: Marinette :/

*holds up picture of Marinette with the mask again*

Adrien: LADYBUG *heart eyes*

Me: I know you can see in the dark but how good is your eyesight in the daylight, son?

(He’s like Doof when Perry the Platypus doesn’t wear a hat)

Do you remember dr doofenshmirtz can’t recognize Perry the platypus without his hat?
So imagine Adrien forgets to transform and then when he came to ladybug she is like:“Adrien? ”
Adrien:“ oh Shit I forgotten. ”
*wear a mask*
*dramatic music in the background*
Ladybug:“CHAT NOIR