I have a message for you, my amazing wild doritos! I even transcribed the whole thing and made subtitles for you just in case my accent is too bad to be understood. Thank you all for being here!

Hey, I've noticed that despite you platypups being a hella lot, I don't actually interact with you much

So here’s my idea: want my opinion on a topic? Want to show me a post, your art or a fanfic? Just wanna chat with me ?
Just tag me: #polyglotplatypus
Or reference me with an @ : polyglotplatypus
That way we can all discuss and get to know each other more!

Polyglot Platypus' best comics Masterpost

Since I got a lot of new platypups recently, I decided to make a masterpost of my ‘best’ comics so everyone can see the really awesome (or really terrible) stuff I’ve done so far.

That Parallel Universe : A silly comic series about Demon!Dean and stupid stuff. Aka these SPN comics that brought me 3000 followers out of nowhere.

Is that it? : A comic about emotional abuse and family

The stupid pansexuality comic : That comic where I apparently tried to be fun but ended up saying offensive stuff

I’m free : A comic about art blocks, anxiety and freedom.

Cookies: A comic about why men’s rights activists are ridiculous.

Big freakout : The reason why one shouldn’t read fanfic next to their mother.

A crack comic about Naruto : What the title says.