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you have fish? thats pretty cool. What kind of fish and in what environment?

I have a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium!

Last month i only had like 3 fish but I recently purchased more

I have:

3x these things i cannot think of what theyre called (but one that doesnt look like the rest)

3x Neon Tetras

2x Black Skirt Tetras

1x Black and White Spotted Raphael Catfish (hes the oldest thing in there; 10-13 years old)

2x Ghost Shrimp (which i think are so badass but i just found out that Raphael catfish love shrimp so #RIP)

1x Spotted Platty

also my 10 has been suffering from cloudy green water which doesn’t  seem to be having a negative effect on the male platties (esppecially since all the water test results are coming back normal, I’m waiting for a phosphate test kit to come in the mail) but its also stressful because I can barely see the fish towards the back of the tank so I’m worried I might miss some bad symptoms or a fish corpse rrr