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Nicknames: Platty (unfortunately not Pussy), Armadillo-Guy, and the-mysterious-fucker-who-draws-ponies-on-the-whiteboards-in-the-college’s-engineering-building-in-the-middle-of-the-night

Height: about 5′8″

Time right now: 10:43 pm

Last thing I googled: Google did you mean generator

Fave music artist: Either Radiohead or Coldplay… I like both, but I havent listened to as much of Radiohead’s stuff as I should, and Coldplay’s kind of been taking a shit with the last two albums… I’ll just take an out and say Koji Kondo

Song stuck in my head: Reading @disastrousnonsense’s answer for the last question got “Smells Like Nirvana” stuck in my head

Last movie I watched: If you mean not all the way through, it was The Spongebob Movie. All the way through, I think it was The Martian. (I missed the first 10 minutes or so but I still saw 94% of the movie… i think that counts)

Last TV show I watched: The Loud House. Just saw an episode of it for the first time yesterday, actually

What I’m wearing now: in my incredible, expansive, inspiring fashion sense I have decided to don a blue stripey polo shirt. i am not wearing anything else at the moment…

When I created this blog: 4 years and my childhood innocence ago

The kind of stuff I post: HORSE

Do I have other blogs?: I have a nsfw blog @platypus-in-the-nude a daily comic blog @horace-and-pig a rock blog I made while messing around with @disastrousnonsense called @totallynotmanmade as well as a few others I made planning on posting to, but never did (should probably delete them before tumgr accuses me of url hoarding)

Do I get asks regularly?: not that much anymore… feel free to send some tho!

Why did I choose my URL?: its easy- I really am a platypus in a bottle

Gender: octoling

Hogwarts House: im a muggle

Pokemon team: none, i just bring a gun

Fave color: blueeeee

Average hours of sleep: 4-7 on school nights, 9 on weekends

Lucky number:

Favorite characters: Twilugt Sprunkel, Punki Poo, Rambo Dish, Reruti, Appeljoke, and Flootlesnoot

Dream job: Butt softness tester. Squeeze the butt, determine if it is soft. Since that doesnt exist, its either animator or video game programmer. Since I cant draw very well and nobody needs an animator these days, Im going for the programmer. And, hey, even if I dont land in video games, the computer engineering degree i’m going for can be useful a lot of other places

Number of blankets I sleep with: two

Following: im not sure if this is ppl i follow or ppl who follow me, so I follow 579 blogs and 1,239 blogs follow me….(5 real blogs, 1,234 porn bots I think)

i tag @jtmcflea 10 times and dare him to get nalaskaed

This blog is dedicated to a comic following the misadventures of Horace the horse and Pig the pig. I will never make the best comic of all time, so hopefully here I can make the worst.

i hope you enjoy.

~Platty ❤️

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