Aromantic Spectrum Blog Masterlist

Here is a masterlist of all kinds of aromantic spectrum blogs. Some are dedicated to talking about aromanticism and others are simply fandom blogs that are run by people on the aro spectrum. Let me know if your blog is not on this list and I will add you. 

*keep in mind that this is a masterlist and not a blog recommendation list

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anonymous asked:

do you think that rose and pearl ever actually had a (romantic) relationship? personally, i think that pearl never would have addressed it (because bigger things were happening maybe?) and it would have gone unrequited simply because neither party would have pursued it. i feel like pearl would have just acted as a very loyal soldier, and rose in turn appreciated it. (so demi-romo? maybe??) no ship hate here i promise, i just wonder what your thoughts are?

man–this isn’t even directed at you specifically–but why is fandom’s default interpretation of Pearl/Rose unrequited for Pearl? 

just. set aside that I’m obviously ride-or-die Pearl/Rose for a minute. (I’d like to think that I’d still feel as bewildered by the fanon surrounding Pearl/Rose even if I didn’t ship it, but I digress.) let’s…review what we know.

Pearl and Rose were in one another’s lives for at least 5000 years. that’s without taking into account whether or not they knew each other before they arrived on Earth, and if so–how many hundreds or thousands of years they may have known one another before arriving. but still–5000 years. five millennia. at least.

people were quick to focus on the way Pearl was bowing to Rose in the memory she recreated in “Rose’s Scabbard,” but that took place more than 5000 years ago. even if Pearl was “just Rose’s handmaiden/servant/lady-in-waiting/knight” back then, it boggles the mind that anyone could actually believe that those dynamics would color or define their relationship for the next 5000 years. 

…which isn’t to say that this single detail (Pearl bowing) overwhelms, or should overwhelm, everything else about the scene.

Rose said it herself: rebellion would either end with the crystal gems put to death in defeat or left to an eternal exile in victory. in case they won, the crystal gem army would have remained on Earth to form their own “society” in coexistence with the planet’s indigenous lifeforms. they would have had a vision for what that future would be like…so the rebellion would have necessitated, on a fundamental level, that Rose dissolve all oppressive Homeworld power, cultural, and social structures–standards of “defectiveness,” gem speciesism, whatever hierarchy would hypothetically make it so that gems like Pearl were beholden to gems like Rose, etc. so if Pearl was Rose’s “handmaiden” or “lady-in-waiting” or “knight” or “servant”–seriously though…is it just me who’s incredulous at the amount of labels people have slapped on Pearl wrt Rose in order to inundate and firmly platonicize their relationship…?–then the rebellion would have erased those roles. they would have no longer existed in crystal gem society on Earth.

that scene, set on the cusp of the rebellion, signified the repudiation of status. Rose released Pearl from all formal obligation to her, with zero expectation that Pearl would follow her into exile or certain death. she wanted Pearl to have a choice, to have the time and information necessary to make an informed decision, to have agency in her own life–because she values, respects, and cares for Pearl as an individual.

when Pearl articulates her abiding devotion, without hesitation, as though it was the easiest, most self-evident decision she has ever made, Rose reacts with genuine surprise–as much surprise, it seems, as Pearl felt when Rose offered Pearl her hand.

Pearl’s love is not something that Rose ever took lightly. it wasn’t a joke to her. she didn’t seem to expect it, or to expect that Pearl’s love for her would make he decision to stay and fight so simple. because, you see, Pearl didn’t choose to fight for Earth. Pearl chose to stay and fight for Rose.

and Pearl’s reason is valid in Rose’s eyes–it’s moving, and she reciprocates.

Rose initiates the affectionate gesture. Rose says, “My Pearl…you’re wonderful,” and offers Pearl her hand, and waits for Pearl to take it. all at once, that gesture is affectionate, accepting, respectful, and fully reciprocal…

…but it also signifies the repudiation I mentioned earlier: Pearl may have wanted to stay and fight for Rose, but by initiating the gesture Rose demonstrates that she wanted Pearl to fight alongside her, as a comrade and an equal.

so yes–in response to your specific question: Pearl was a warrior, just as Garnet and the other crystal gems that made up the army were. but so was Rose. it wasn’t about a hierarchy for the crystal gems, and least of all Rose. that was the very thing they were rebelling against. Rose led the crystal gems, but she was as much a warrior as they were. she fought alongside them, united by their wish for a better future for Earth and for themselves, and she cared for them–because Rose Quartz loved and saw the beauty in everything and everyone.

the feelings Pearl has for Rose were articulated back then, more than 5000 years ago; Rose heard and responded to Pearl’s love with affection, tenderness, acceptance, and respect–more than 5000 years ago. to me, the emotion conveyed through this exchange already goes beyond a leader’s appreciation for a loyal soldier, because Pearl and Rose set aside status and roles to articulate their devotion to one another, as individuals. 

but even if this scene doesn’t cut it for you or for anyone else, there’s more than 5000 years of unaccounted time that Pearl and Rose spent together as crystal gems, after the war and after breaking away from Homeworld. was there always something bigger happening in every one of those 5000+ years to keep Pearl from addressing her feelings for Rose, or to keep Rose from addressing Pearl’s feelings for her (or her feelings for Pearl)?

consider that in “Rose’s Scabbard” Pearl says that she was “[Rose’s] sole confidante,” that she “was the one [Rose] told everything,” and angrily exclaims the particularly loaded “None of you had what we had!” at Amethyst and Garnet. now, I don’t know if people think…that Pearl is lying, delusional, or inflating her own “importance” to Rose out of grief (…), but it is true that Pearl was Rose’s confidante, based on the fact that Pearl knew about the armory when no one else did. it’s true that Pearl is very emotional and expressive, but she’s also fastidious–I don’t think it would be characteristic of her to lie about what kind of relationship she had with Rose. I’m especially inclined to believe that Pearl had an intimate relationship with Rose because, where others saw Rose as a leader and mentor first, Pearl saw the brilliant leader, yes, but she also saw Rose, and loved her as an individual very early on. she fought for Rose. that kind of foundation seems ideal for a close, intimate relationship like the one Pearl describes.

also consider that Pearl’s behavior around Rose in “Story for Steven” wasn’t characterized by duty or formality; she, along with Garnet and Amethyst, behaved comfortably around Rose, and related familiarly to her. they were long past acting as a leader and a soldier/any and all of those other popular labels for Pearl; the crystal gems were acting like a family, and Pearl’s feelings for Rose were known to Garnet and Amethyst–they may laugh good-naturedly over Pearl’s jealousy, but Rose herself never denies anything.

and of course, Greg/Rose is very much a Thing, and a Very Good thing, but Rose and Greg’s romantic relationship in no way precludes a romantic relationship between Rose and Pearl. I mean, Rose Quartz’s defining trait is her love. she’s overflowing with it, for everyone and everything–even superficially “ugly” creatures like the moss or the brambles. who’s to say that she couldn’t have loved both Pearl and Greg romantically, or that her relationships with both of them couldn’t have coexisted, with both Pearl and Greg fully aware and consenting? gems are an alien species of literal rocks. why should anyone hem in an alien species (much less Rose Quartz) with heteronormativity, ideas that the validity of love is necessarily predicated on monogamous exclusivity, and tragic lesbian tropes–all of which are human conventions that are being imposed on agender aliens? right now we know very little about gemkind aside from the fact that two gems in a canonically romantic relationship fuse spontaneously and choose to remain fused permanently. the sky is the limit with what we can imagine about gem culture. why make it almost exactly like our own? especially in a series that’s so good at distinguishing the gems as aliens, with their own history and culture informing their behavior.

so. honestly. I can’t prove that Pearl/Rose was definitely a Romantic Thing, but no one can disprove it either. in fact, there’s abundant evidence in both subtext and text to support its existence–so I’m always…baffled, that most of the popular discourse about Pearl and Rose accepts that Pearl’s feelings for Rose were unreciprocated as fact. and to be completely frank, a lot of the rationale behind this fanon comes across as more than a bit suspect to me, especially considering the way Pearl is coded as a character and that Pearl/Rose, while a relationship between two agender beings, is simultaneously f/f-coded.

erm. again, anon, most of this wasn’t a response to you–I recognize that your question wasn’t ship hate, but my response escalated into a response to Pearl/Rose fanon at large. so, uh, thank you for your question, because it gave me the opportunity to get this all out!

anonymous asked:

I didnt think Destiel would go textually canon either but I did think the show portrayed their relationship as intentionally amiguous and intentionally didnt want to label it in a certain way (not canon romance but also not canon bros-only) to maintain various interpretations. after this season with the whole pining stuff etc the scene felt climatic in ending the romantic subtext firmly setting for platonic with the brothers line, in a way I havent felt once since season 8

You could be absolutely right, but I don’t feel that way though. I feel like people are getting WAY too hung up on that little word “brother”. It wasn’t just put in there to platonicize. Take a look at the bigger picture. In the beginning of the season Castiel was told by an angel that he was NOT considered a brother. Cas has been disowned by his previous family, his previous brothers and sisters, to the point where in this finale, he called them “the angels”, not “my brothers and sisters”. The angels are “they” to him now, not “us”. He felt disconnected and unloved, expendable, adrift, family-less, and so he said yes to Lucifer. What Dean did in the Impala scene was to explicitly adopt Cas into the Winchester family. He’s THEIR brother now, THEY’RE his family, THEY are his home. Cas’ journey from Heaven to the Winchesters has been a long one, but it’s finally complete. That scene was about Team Free Will, not Destiel.

But a few other details in the episode WERE about Destiel, if you want to see it that way. Dean and Cas stayed together the whole episode until their goodbye hug, like they never wanted to be apart again after Lucifer. Dean was just going for a beer run and he said, “Come on, Cas” why? Because he thought it was their last day on Earth and he wanted to drive around with Cas for a bit. Not to go pick up chicks and get laid, just to talk to Cas alone. And there’s “I could go with you.” Cas offered to follow Dean to a certain death, just so Dean wouldn’t have to face it alone. Sam didn’t offer to do that. Dean, knowing that both Sam and Cas would have it rough after he was gone, gave Cas a new mission: to look after Sam. He knew that Cas would need that to hold on to. And when Sam and Cas got back to the bunker, Cas was already in full swing trying to fulfill that mission.

Dabb is the new showrunner, and he’s always been one of the most Destiel-friendly writers on the show. I’m excited to see where he’s going to take season 12.

5x19 Sisters (Spoilers)

I watched this entire episode.  A Regina-centric episode calls to me and Lana Parrilla, Rebecca Mader & Barbara Hershey delivered and saved this episode.  Why? Besides the fact that they are phenomenal actresses and nailed every single line, there was also the magic. We saw something very reminiscent of Season 1 & 2.  A revisit. A feel of something that has long been lost from Once Upon A Time.

Let’s go with stuff I didn’t like.

I still don’t like Captain Swan and Hook, and it is NOT because I can’t appreciate heterosexual ships, as many CS fans would claim.  I ship plenty of hetero TV couples, but Captain Swan just doesn’t resonate with me.  It feels forced.  I don’t get a true love vibe from them and the show may have tried but they continue to FAIL miserably.

Throughout the entire series, and even repeated last night, they have told us that believing that “love is weakness” is wrong.  Yet that’s all Captain Swan is to me.  Emma is a weakened shadow of her former self with Hook.  She looks sickly, fragile and unrecognizable.

I think this is a big reason why there is such a HUGE Swan Queen following.  Because with Regina, Emma is strong, badass, and she takes no crap from anyone!  That is the Emma Swan worth watching.  And even in her Swan Queen scenes now, you watch them together and Emma is encouraged to be strong.  She’s nurtured by Regina.  THAT is the love this show should be focusing on and it just doesn’t, which is so sad.

But Swan Queen aside, let’s continue with this episode.

David and James… It didn’t do anything for me.  I wasn’t really invested in it.  Perhaps they should have given a little bit of backstory there to kind of flesh it out a bit.  Or maybe it wasn’t needed because they were intended to be episode filler.  If that’s the case, then it’s a shame because that means they purposely took time away from Regina, Zelena and Cora.

So overall what saved this episode for me was the Mills Family! I even loved Tony Perez coming back to play Henry.  I’m sad because it’s over for Cora now.  We will only ever see her in flashbacks but how wonderful was it that she reunited her girls, two sisters, who never got the chance to flourish!  Hopefully they will now.  I need it.  I need Wicked Queen Brotp like I need AIR!  Give me more Wicked Queen!  Regina and Zelena need each other.

Robin was useless. If rumors are true and Robin dies at the end, thank God and good riddance.  I don’t think I have ever disliked a more wishy-washy TV character more.

I could have done with a few more minutes and dialogue of Regina and Zelena at the end.  Actually talking about the time when they were kids instead of a “Go to Hades” line.  Really, Adam and Eddy keep saying that they aren’t writing ships and this happens.  These two “enemies” had just found out that they knew each other, liked each other, found out they were sisters and let’s push that aside for a romantic ship again. Yeah, sure, not writing ships. And the one ship that is actually WORTHY of a story that will have the greatest impact in history, pop culture, SOCIETY, is Swan Queen and that is just swept under the rug and platonicized (for the time being, maybe?).  It’s actually a big shame.

But anyway, I give this episode a thumbs up because of the Mills women.  They were powerful.  I nearly cried.  That is a tale worth watching.

So I just spend the last three days re-watching season 9, and I simply cannot understand the people who say that the show backtracked on the Dean/Cas relationship, or ‘platonicized’ them.

Granted, Dean & Cas may not have had as much screen time together as many of us would have liked, but the scenes they did have? They were deep and meaningful. Much more than any random hook-up or fling could ever be.

I know that many people have lost hope and it makes me sad. Because no matter how bad and dark things may look right now, I can’t help but believe that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride to get there, but I trust Carver.

anonymous asked:

I've been going through sarasarai's lovely blog and she brought something up now that the Dean killing Cas spec has resurfaced, that wouldn't that parallel Cain/Abel and therefor establish Dean/Cas as platonic? I mean Cain and Abel's story was actually why I've always been thinking Dean is going to kill Sam because i thought there had to be a reason why their storys where so similar? idk I really dont have much knowlegde of those things

Anyone who still follows both me and sarasarai would know that we have two very different outlooks/reads on the season divine narrative. When it comes to platonicizing the Dean/Cas relationship, I personally believe the writers are way past that point and no single event can “platonicize” the relationship. Now, when it comes to Cas’ season divine finale fate, no matter what happens (our individual outlooks), whether Sam dies OR Cas dies, there’s going to be two readings for each: one romantic and one platonic, depending on how you view the tapestry of the narrative.  

Dean kills Cas?  

  • “Oh no!  Dean killed the person he has romantic love for, just like Cain killed Colette!”
  • “Oh no!  Dean killed his brother just like Cain killed Abel!”

This is the same for Sam.  Some will compare Sam to Abel, others will compare him to Colette (just like they did when the episode aired).  The narrative has shown the First Blade to kill both brother and lover.  It can be argued that the bigger focus has been on the lover bit since Sam, and only Sam, has shown worry over the brother killing bit (most of this is visual subtext: Sam looking up Cain killing Abel information on his laptop, Sam sleeping with his hand on his gun even when he’s sleeping in “the safest place on the planet”), while the lover bit, of course, got a whole textual episode around it.  

I don’t know what else to say about this.  There’s going to be two readings no matter what IF it happens (and I don’t think it will).