I headcanon that Pradeep and Rachel are incredibly close friends and heavily trust each other for everything
They’re cute together (plus I love f/m platonic relationships)

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Perhaps a little interaction with Mey-Rin in the first day of her service, before she dons the dork-spectacles (dork-tacles) so she's not shaken her dark side so to speak?~

AAAAAAAA she’s such a cutie!! <3

You’re not quite sure what to think of your new coworker. To be fair, though, you’re pretty sure she doesn’t know what to think of you either.

For the most part, the young master hired you because you were a proper servant – you knew how to be quiet, out of the way, and practically invisible when he had guests around. Your demeanor has always been shy and withdrawn. Compared to somebody like Mey Rin, who seems so serious, well… she could roll right over you without another thought. And yet, it seems as if she’s taking care not only to be delicate around you, but avoid you completely. Perhaps she realizes you’re easily ten times more sensitive than she is.

Still, the answer shouldn’t be to just steer clear of each other, should it? You’re coworkers! The two of you have to learn more about each other sooner or later. It might be easier for both of you if it comes sooner.

It seems like fate has brought you together at the moment, since Sebastian has instructed you to show Mey Rin how to properly clean the rooms. Although it’s to be expected that she doesn’t quite know how to do it, given that this is her first day acting as a maid, Sebastian has the entire household to look after. It’s not as if he can spend the entire afternoon teaching her the correct order to do things. Your duties are mostly done for the day, however, so the rest of her training today has been left to you.

The work is tiring, but the atmosphere lapses into a comfortable silence as you work. At last, as you’re cleaning the carpet, you hear Mey Rin speak up from where she’s finishing making the bed. “(Y/N), where does the master keep the ‘ousehold’s guns?”

“Wha–” To be honest, the question surprises you enough that you dart your head up. The hand that was holding the brush you were cleaning with goes lax as your eyes blink rapidly at her. “Guns? Er… I’m not sure. You’d have to ask either him or Mister Sebastian. Um… why do you ask?” It piques your curiosity, actually. You don’t know anything about Mey Rin’s life before this, and she doesn’t know anything about yours. Why would she ask about guns…?

“I wanna be prepared. Part of my job is ta protect the manor, isn’t it?” Her hands move rapidly, clumsily, as if she’s not used to handling things that are so fragile as the sheets she’s smoothing. There’s also something extremely intense in her eyes; it makes it look as if she’s thinking awfully hard about something. “That’s ‘ow I protect the things that’re important ta me. … ‘Ow I will now that I ‘ave somethin’ that’s important ta me. With guns. It just seemed logical for me ta know where they are in case I ‘ave ta use ‘em.”

That… is logical, you suppose. Has she really worked with guns before? Is that why she was hired? Your own strengths in protecting the manor come from stealth and diversion. It’s a bit shocking to know that your new coworker apparently prefers a more direct approach to that aspect of her duties. “Well, that… that makes sense. But, you really would have to ask Mister Sebastian or the young master. I’ve never touched a gun in my life. Sorry…”

A soft sigh leaves her lips, but it seems less like she’s upset with you and more that she’s just frustrated with the situation. “Y’ don’t ‘afta apologize ta me. I’m the one who’s better at loadin’ a gun than makin’ a bed, evidently.”

You chuckle and get to your feet, sitting down on the bed. “What do you mean? You’re doing a fine job so far! For someone who’s used to working with guns and has never made a bed before in her life, this is fantastic work.”

“… Y’ mean it? Y’re not jus’ ‘avin’ a go at me?”

“Please! Why would I want to have a go at you?” You reach and give her a gentle, reassuring pat on the hand. “You’re doing wonderfully. It just takes practice, you know? I mean, I’m sure if you tried to have me shoot a gun, I wouldn’t be perfect! Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Her shoulders tense up, then slowly sag back down. Those big brown eyes of hers stare into yours for a minute, giving you that same intimidating gaze she’s had ever since you met her. At last, the corners of her mouth turn up, and her fingers curl around yours. “Hey… thanks. I know I’ve been kinda scarin’ y’ ever since I showed up, ‘n’ I’m sorry ‘bout that. I’m jus’… not used ta this, y’ know? I’m used ta gettin’ things right on the firs’ try, ‘n’… bein’ scolded whenever I don’t do what I’m s’posed ta jus’ so.”

“Ah, you won’t get that round here, Miss Mey.” You return the smile twofold. “Trust me. Whatever your old life was like, this one is going to be so much better.”

That smile falters… and just as soon, it’s back brighter than ever. “Okay, (Y/N). I trust y’.”

Friendship that only exists as a first level to “”“”“develop””””” into a romantic relationship

Friendship that isn’t treated as boring or unimportant and isn’t used as a side story or afterthought to romance

Friendship that is genuine and isn’t ruined by unnecessary romance, where the friends express their love for each other in their own ways, and the platonic bond is unbreakable


Zodiac Signs as Platonic Touch

Aries- Gentle headlock, Ambush hug, Giving a scalp massage, Resting foreheads together, and Fist bump. 

Taurus- Brushing hair out of someone’s face, Giving a back massage, Pinkie promise, and Light hug. 

Gemini- Hand holding, Painting someone’s nails, Pinkie promise, Initiate a tickle fight, and showing someone how to hold or throw something. 

Cancer- Inviting hug, Forehead kiss, Leaning their head on someone’s shoulder, Using shoulder as a pillow, Pinkie promise, and Sharing a bed. 

Leo- Hair Ruffle, Hair petting, Surprise hug, Offering their snack,  Kissing the back of someone’s hand, High five, and Fist bump. 

Virgo- Head in lap, Fixing shirt collar or Fixing a clothing tag, Brushing lint off of, and Pinkie promise. 

Libra- Across the Shoulder hug, Offering their drink, Hair brushing, and Sharing a blanket. 

Scorpio- Carrying while half asleep, Cheek kiss, Pushing glasses into place, Crawling into bed with, Pinkie promise, and a Secret handshake. 

Sagittarius- Booping the nose, Poking with fingers/toes, High five, and Initiate a tickle fight. 

Capricorn- Pulling someone into their lap, Carrying while half asleep, and Rubbing circles on someone’s back. 

Aquarius- Shoulder Clasp, Kissing the back of someone’s hand, Booping the nose, High five, Fist bump, and a Secret handshake.

Pisces- Full body lean, Feet in lap, Tying someone’s shoes, Giving a foot massage, and Touching noses together. 


  • [ ☎ ] my muse calls yours in tears.
  • [ ✪ ] our muses are stuck in an elevator together.
  • [ ◐ ] my muse is having a sleepover with your muse.
  • [ ✿ ] my muse attempts to cook dinner for your muse.
  • [ ◈ ] my muse makes a drunk confession to your muse.
  • [ ღ ] my muse makes an attempt to cheer your muse up.
  • [ ✦ ] my muse pushes yours out of frustration/anger.
  • [ ❢ ] my muse discovers yours all bloodied and bruised.
  • [ ➤ ] my muse accidentally punches your muse in the face.
  • [ ⌚ ] my muse recalls their favorite memory with your muse.
  • [ ✜ ] my muse collapses in front of yours, all bloodied and bruised.
  • [ ☯ ] my muse tells yours that they never want to see them again.
  • [ ✈ ] my muse asks yours to accompany them on a trip/mission/etc.
  • [ ● ] my muse catches yours snooping through their belongings.
  • [ ☻ ] my muse wakes up in your muse’s closet the night after a party.
  • [ ✌ ] my muse reaches out to yours after months of no communication.
  • [ ☢ ] the car broke down in an unfamiliar part of town, and our muses are lost.
  • [ ✠ ] it’s three in the morning and my muse unexpectedly arrives at your muse’s home.
  • [ ☁ ] the entire city is without power due to a storm, and our muses run into each other during a supply run.
The Zodiac Signs and Platonic Physical Affection

Likes it: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces 

Doesn’t like it: Aries, Virgo, Aquarius

Acts like they don’t care for it but actually loves it: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

The Zodiac Signs and The Mom Friend™

Hates the Mom Friend, thinks that they’re annoying: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Is always getting pampered by the mom friend: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces

Is low-key the Mom Friend: Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn

IS the Mom Friend: Taurus, Cancer, Libra

Show A Little Skin Meme

Send a symbol for my Muse’s reaction to yours unintentionally (?):

✤ - Moving/putting up their hair, showing off the back of their neck
✥ - Popping a button on their shirt, showing their chest / a bit of cleavage
✦ - Rolling up their sleeves to keep cool, showing off their forearms
❉ - Stretching their arms up, showing their midriff
❥ - Bending over in a short skirt / shorts / tight pants, showing off dat booty
❦ - Changing clothes facing away, showing off their back
❧ - Hiking up their skirt / pant leg, showing off some leg and/or thigh
❃ - Fighting with their belt for some reason, showing off some hip/waist
❂ - Scratching at a bug bite under their shirt, showing off their side
❁ - Wearing a top that’s too big for them, showing off their collarbone / shoulders
❀  - BONUS TOUCH EDITION: Asking your Muse to help put sun screen / lotion / medical salve on a wound anywhere else