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hc of Bubba and/or Brahms with a platonic s/o (or more like really close friend i guess fdjhv ) who is majorly introverted and seems almost cold at first but eventually becomes more open to him after a while and is actually really chill, punny and likes to bake?


♤ He wasn’t sure how to react to your cold exterior. He wasn’t a crude person himself, but he was a serial killer. If that makes any sense. He tried to be nice to you and get you items that he thought that you might like, but you turned all of his friendly advances down, so he left you alone to yourself.

♤ Majority of the time, he’ll leave you alone to your devices (if you have any.) He makes sure to stay out of your way. He doesn’t have a problem with you or anything like that, but you’ve made it more than obvious that you want nothing to do with him. Sometimes, he would still try to get on your good side, but that’s about it. Other than that, he’s very timid around you.

♤ When you start acting more friendly towards him, he’s a bit reluctant to show you some in return. And he’s confused. You gave off the impression that you didn’t like him and were quite harsh to him sometimes, but he guessed that you changed your mind about him. Whatever the case may be, he’s not going to reject your friendship and will get along with you well, as if nothing happened in the past.

♤ Bubba enjoys your sense of humor. He will grunt in response since he’s not able to talk to you. He also loves the fact that you can cook a decent home cooked meal. He usually relies on his mother to cook for him, but he doesn’t mind eating your cooking either. He becomes accustomed to you after a while. Although there is a lack of communication, you two become the best of friends.

Brahms Heelshire

♤ He would be very awkward around you in the beginning. You didn’t seem like you were interested in becoming friends with him, so he kept his distance. He was perfectly content with observing you through the walls and making sure that you follow the rules.

♤ If you were a friend from his childhood, he’d be slightly curious about why you were so cold and reluctant. You guys were really close growing up. But now, it’s almost an uneasy tension between the two of you that’s begging to be broken, but none of you are willing to break it.

♤ After a short while of awkwardness, you’re the first one to initiate contact with Brahms. Within no time, you guys are catching up like old friends. Or, rather the old friends you two used to be. And after a while, you two are able to hold a conversation without worrying about who’s going to break the ice and are able to sit in a comfortable silence.

♤ Although he doesn’t understand half of your jokes (the guy doesn’t give out much), he still appreciates your positive and energetic attitude and will laugh at whatever you say nonetheless. He’s also really appreciative that you go out of your way to cook for him. He’d like to say it’s not necessary, but if you left the guy responsible for his next meal with a cooking manual, the kitchen would end up in flames. It feels so good to have a friend. The last friend he had was Emily, and well, that didn’t end too well.

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MAKXKAKXIAJAKDJ So i read this imagine where genji's child is afraid of him but in the end theyre not anymore so Its ALL haPpy and it was so GOOD forgot who wrote it heh. May i request a scenario like that? Im really interested on how you're gonna write it! Ily❤❤❤

a/n: here you go anon! this was a really cute request to write! i ended up writing this for blackwatch era ge nji so sorry if you wanted good ol current cyborg genji. 

i couldn’t resist the bw genji writing urge. 

It broke Genj’s heart to see his child react to him in fear, but it was the reaction he should have seen coming. Red and black plating, red glowing eyes and tubes sticking out every which way of his body looks like he just walked out of a horror movie, but still. 

Seeing his child start crying and hiding against your form, it broke something in him. So he avoided letting his child see him, not wanting to cause them to react like that again. He’s doing this to avoid stressing out his child, but really he’s just doing it for himself. To not see that look of fear caused by his appearance. 

It wasn’t until after one mission, that he was damaged badly in did he wake up with a weight leaned against him. His vision is blurry, his first reaction is to remove the weight or remove himself from the bed, but when he sees that it’s his child, hands balled up into little fist, tears staining their face, Genji pauses and really looks at them for the first time. 

Taking this moment to memorize such a relaxed expression Genji carded his hand through their hair, mindful of his joints as to not yank on his child’s hair their eyes opened. Looking directly at him, before the tears started and his child just clung to him. Talking in a mess of Japanese and English, apologizing for being afraid of him, asking him if he was okay, and called him Dad. 

He didn’t know that a three letter word would make his heart slam into his chest as hard as it did. So he just held them, muttering softly to them to calm his child down, and the two of them dozed off together. Both with a smile on their faces.

Everything would work out just fine.  

Anti Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus ~ A Jacksepticeye Ego Fanfic

ANOOOTHER PROMPTY FROM @ayyy-imma-ninja WOOOOP i loveee this one a lot so i’m excited to writey lET’S DO THIS!

TAGGING: @anti-switch-glitch and @robbie-lee-zombie

Boredom is always the catalyst for a bad decision isn’t it? When you have nothing to do, it’s always the most reckless and dangerous things that become the most appealing to your mind. Robbie the Zombie was about to find out precisely how excessive boredom can lead to the most frightful consequences. The cute little embodiment of the undead was shuffling about the house, with only one thing on his mind. He wanted to play. He had no specific game in mind however, which was why he was so bored; Robbie knew he wanted to play, but without specificity, he had just entered the slump of boredom. He didn’t care what whether it was active, sedentary, wordy, mimey, tussley, he just wanted to goof off. However, and this is very key; he only wanted to play with ONE specific person. Antisepticeye. 

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Mtmte Rodimus, Drift, Skids, and Swerve meeting a bot whose a ninja? Most of the time they do espionage work, infiltration and hacking into computers, but they're also capable of defending themselves though not a great fighter. I thought it'd be cool how a samurai bot and ninja bot would interact, as well as other characters XD

Rodimus admires you a lot. You’re so talented! He asks a lot of questions about your work. He’s stopped being able to tell if you refuse to answer some of them because it’s classified or if your just tired of his questions. Once he hits about four “Classified”’s in a row he starts getting suspicious.

Drift is impressed by your skills. He actually asks you to teach him some techniques he’s seen you do. This inadvertently cause the crew to start thinking there’s a yoga club on board. Whirl calls it the hippy club.

Skids is surprised how many different skills you have. He often wonders what your job was during the war, but never asks. He never wants to miss a moment where you show off your abilities. Or he might be waiting for you to mess up for blackmail.

Swerve thinks your the coolest bot ever. You’ve got a permanent memorial in his bar, despite not being dead. He has no qualms about showing you off or bragging about you to other patrons. He is your number one fan.

B has gone.

We said goodbye. We hugged, three times. We took pictures together.

I seranaded her in front of everyone and she cried so much. I then did it again so she could film it. She blew kisses at me and my friend.

She’s the greatest person I’ve ever met. She’s changed my whole world. I love her.

It’s been less than a day, but it really hurts. I know I’ll see her soon, she’s not left her job, just taking some time out.

I miss her more than anything

Imagine your OTP:

  • Picking strawberries or wild blackberries together during the summer when they’re in season
  • Relaxing at night on the grass, gazing up at the sky and marveling at, not the stars, but a summer lightning storm
  • Skinny dipping under the light of the moon during the summer camping trip while the rest of the group is asleep
  • Frolicking in the warm summer rain together after being caught in a storm after realizing playing in it is more fun than fleeing from it
  • Finding a patch of honeysuckle and picking and enjoying them together
  • Going to the farmer’s market or flea market together
  • Attending a local summer carnival and basking in the cliche of the romantic Ferris wheel ride and the cheesy carnival game prizes
  • Supporting one of their younger siblings by going to one of their little league games and cheering them on
  • Having a summer picnic at the park with watermelon and hot dogs and lemonade
  • Accidentally (or purposefully) dozing off in a hammock together as the sun sets and the air cools down
  • Playing with sidewalk chalk like they’re kids again
  • Imagine your OTP doing some underappreciated summer activities!! AKA anything other than just eating ice cream and being hot