platonic though


If in short, 12 year old Kuroo makes friends with a kitten who happens to be a shape-shifting human and this is the first time after weeks of their friendship that Kuroo finally truly sees him.

This is the AU I’ve been talking about with Nico AGES ago, and recently I’ve found a sketch in one of my sketchbooks and decided to work up on it a little bit more and finish it.

Yellow Diamond conspired with Rose to shatter Pink Diamond.

Zircon put it best; there’s no way Rose could have gotten close enough to shatter PD without extreme assistance—Diamond-level assistance.

Yellow Diamond hates the Earth. At first, I thought it was because Pink died there, but it might be deeper than that—she might hate it because it was Pink’s colony, and Blue (platonically) loved Pink.

Yellow (platonically) loves Blue, though. They had a family DYNAMIC, and Pink probably upset that when she stole Blue’s attention from Yellow. (Especially since Yellow and Blue are sorta of the same lesser-diamond stature) It was a platonic love triangle.

Yellow approaches the leader of the Rebellion with a deal: I’ll shatter Pink Diamond, and liberate the Earth for you—but you must take the fall.

So Yellow helped Rose shatter Pink, and told Blue that Rose did it with her sword—except, as we know from Bismuth, her sword CAN’T shatter gems.

To cover her tracks, Yellow planted the Cluster in the Earth. And now, she’s dead set on making Blue think Pink’s death is in the past. (What’s the use of feeling?)

EDIT: made it clear that the love was platonic bc y'all can’t fucking be normal ever


My sister did this to me when I was about to eat some instant ramen and I had to draw it ;-; (I exaggerated this bit though)


Happy birthday to the nerd of your squad

okay at first I was planned on drawing lone ishi looking dark and cool then I thought ‘nah I don’t have it in me to draw that, it’s his birthday, let’s draw some lighthearted stuff’

Concept: Kaneki likes to to teach and works with Hide to learn sign language  to help him with his speech, and help give him back his voice. (Like Hide was once for him.)

And Hide helps Kaneki with finer motor things he’s struggles with with his scarred scaly hands.

Shiro’s clone: CTRL+C vs CTRL+X

All right. The (pretty much confirmed) theory we’re working with at the moment is that the Shiro we see in season 3 is a clone. I’ve already seen a lot of great meta going around and I’m sure others may have said some of this stuff already, but I just wanted to throw out a few thoughts of my own.

Clone Shiro does not appear to be a philosophical zombie in my opinion – he is seen in pain, he is shown to have feelings, and we even get a peek into his mind when he’s experiencing the ‘flashbacks’ just before Keith rescues him. The writers intend for us to see him as human and conscious.

He is also not aware of the fact he’s a clone. He has Shiro’s memories, and the Galra shoot at him and treat him as an enemy as he’s “escaping” to further convince him he is who he thinks he is. He has free will to an extent… my guess is the Galra plan to use his prosthetic to monitor and control him, then have him turn against the others at some point after he’s gained their trust.

But the thing is…Keith has already figured it out. Keith knows the man he rescued isn’t Shiro. He doesn’t mention it to the others because yes, the team needs the morale boost, they need to believe they’ve saved Shiro and that everything is okay again for a moment, but I think there’s another, far more heartbreaking reason he hasn’t done anything–

I think Keith wonders if “his” Shiro even exists anymore.

Keith doesn’t think Shiro is dead. When the clone asks him how many times he’s going to have to save him, Keith’s response leads me to believe he thinks Shiro is still alive. No…I think Keith is afraid that while his Shiro is still physically alive, that all of his memories, his personality, his soul could be gone, permanently transplanted into the pretender before him, leaving behind an empty shell of a being that can’t be fixed this time.

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Okay but… AU in which… Naomi becomes L’s next Watari…

*deep breath* And everyone thinks she’s basically just his maid but in reality she’s essentially what Mello would be to Near had they succeeded together. Another half of L. And they travel the world together doing vaguely immoral shit and occasionally Naomi goes to Wammy’s House to check on the successors and Mello fangirls over LABB.