platonic gd and top

Remember that one time...
  • …Seunghyun said he wanted to be in a relationship and he and Jiyong stared at each other for a good three seconds before the latter couldn’t handle it anymore and turned away looking completely giddy?
  • …they had to do a kissing scene for Secret Garden and it was supposed to be a peck on the cheek but Seunghyun temporarily ‘forgot’ and kissed Jiyong full on the mouth instead? And now Jiyong can’t stop recounting it?
  • …Seunghyun whispered into Jiyong’s ear and got so close it looked like he was kissing it instead? Actually this happened not once but all the time? Because apparently Seunghyun has a lot of interesting stuff that must absolutely be shared with Jiyong?
  • …they had to film a fighting scene for the Haru Haru mv but it looks they are about to make out instead? Because apparently that’s how you fight according to GD and TOP?
  • …Seunghyun hugged Jiyong during High High and held him so tight it looked like he never wanted to let go? And then turned to the audience with a look that said, You hurt him, I’ll come after you?
  • …Seunghyun performed IATB and Jiyong looked at him with an impossibly big smile? And said feeling is mutual because when Jiyong showed off his dancing skills on a variety show, Seunghyun’s face was a mixture of 'am I dreaming?’ and 'well I’m loving this’?
  • …they were at the airport and Seunghyun pulled Jiyong down to sit with him? Along with all the times Seunghyun put his arm around Jiyong’s shoulders, making the latter smile impossibly big – and basically Jiyong is the only one Seunghyun acts that possessive around?
  • …Jiyong went on about how handsome / fit / amazing / unique / charming Seunghyun is? Oh wait, that is all the time?
  • …they wrote on each other’s Cyworld and it all sounds like it could be straight from a fan fic? 'Oppa you’re the best’ 'I can’t fall asleep but you’re sleeping like a baby in the room next to me’ 'this touching is too much for me to handle’ yes indeed, stuff like that?
  • …Jiyong took a picture of Seunghyun during a press conference and TOP made a face and Jiyong’s smile was blinding? Because apparently he gets that happy because of him?
  • …their result in a relationship test said that they were looking for 'platonic love, needn’t necessarily be in a real relationship’ after which the both of them shared a ~significant~ look and smile?
  • …Jiyong said he’d date Seunghyun if he was a girl, and that he flirts with him in the van? Also that Seunghyun’s charms are a triple threat but that’s old news?
  • …they got called a couple on a radio show? And both seemed rather pleased about it?
  • …Jiyong basically admitted to staring at a half-naked Seunghyun in a hotel room? Presumably this happens a lot when said hotel room is situated abroad?
  • …Seunghyun pinched Jiyong’s nipple? Because Jiyong is not the only one with a certain body fascination – see the times Seunghyun groped / touched / kissed Jiyong because, yes, ~he’s an actor~
  • …they wore a matching bracelet? Oh wait, that should be present tense?
  • …Seunghyun cooked Jiyong a dish that held a lot of meaning for him, and it made Jiyong visibly touched? And therefore it made Seunghyun very happy?
  • …they filmed a parody with them as the main couple and there was so much tension between them they could hardly look each other in the eye? But it resulted in some of the most convincing romantic acting ever?
  • …this is actually a small selection of moments between gd and top that make you go 'wait what?’

Favourite gtop moments: MKMF fan cam

What I love about this:

  • How this is a fancam and they are unaware of being filmed (thus making it more credible)
  • How Jiyong already starts grinning when Seunghyun leans towards him, even before Seunghyun has said anything 
  • How Seunghyun’s eyes dart everywhere except jiyong at 0.53, before he finally looks to his left and starts smiling instantly. Crush behaviour: you want to look at the person sitting next to you but at the same time you don’t want to be noticed doing it…
  • …except Seunghyun fails at not being noticed because then Jiyong looks at him and Seunghyun smiles sort of flustered and awkward (caught in the act)
  • Intense is the word to describe how they look at each, though… h o n e s t l y. (0.56)
  • They then look away, looking giddy and all together acting like two teenagers in love who have just exchanged glances with the person they crush on
  • Jiyong does a brave attempt to straighten his face but fails to do so, and grins again 
  • In conclusion: gtop whispering and staring as usual, and being awfully happy about it (▰˘◡˘▰)