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The Problem Finale: Thoughts on Sherlock “The Final Problem”

This is probably going to get long, but I don’t really want to split it into two posts, so just brace yourselves.

I’m planning to cover the following:

1) What TFP Got Right (in my opinion)
2) What TFP Got Wrong (also imo)
3) About Johnlock
4) Some personal thoughts on #3 and the series as a whole

You won’t find wank or hate in this post. Quite the opposite. And I’m hoping it will be accessible and interesting regardless of your opinions on Item 3.  

I’ll do my best to respond to any asks, but I am headed into a writing deadline of my own and need to switch my attention to that for the next several weeks, so I might be a little slow on replying. Please feel free to get in touch, though. Would love to hear from you.

So here we go…under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

my zuc just called me her "cuddlebud", which she explained as "friends who go on cuddledates together, where they snuggle, watch movies, talk intimate stuff, laugh themselves silly before falling asleep in a pile of fluffy platonic bliss". That describes us so perfectly omg i just wanted to share

omg that is adorable I might just use that later down the road if you don’t mind??

Thank you for sharing!!

~ Tabs