platonic bliss

Okay but imagine a Soulmate AU where everyone in the world is born with a unique birthmark, and their soulmate is born with an identical birthmark somewhere on their body.

Before the digital boom, it was largely left to chance how and when you’d meet your soulmate, but with the dawn of the internet and social media, there are people posting pictures of their soul marks online, searching for their match.

Companies are created to find matches for people through a database of the registered population. It’s expensive, so finding your soulmate quickly becomes a mark of social status.

Discovering that the soul marks don’t only come in twos, but in threes, fours, fives. Imagine a social debate where the old convention of “everybody only has one soulmate” goes up against the progressive idea that such a thing cannot be compartmentalized.

Soulmarks not indicating romantic love all the time. Best friends connected through identical markings, living together in platonic bliss.

People paying to have their soulmarks surgically removed or tattooed over after losing their mate…or otherwise voluntarily erasing it.

Picture soulmark fraud on the rise, where individuals have their soulmarks altered to resemble someone else’s, sometimes as identity fraud and sometimes to trick an unrequited love.

Imagine Ed Peletier falling hard for Carol Mason, spending a chunk of his savings to have his soulmark altered just so that it would look like hers: a tiny spot slightly darker than her skin, resembling a little five point star just behind her ear.

Picture twelve years later, Daryl Dixon standing in line behind Carol Peletier at a store somewhere and seeing that little star…identical to the one that he had tattooed over on the web of his hand between his thumb and index finger. She doesn’t notice him standing there staring, and thank God, because he wasn’t being subtle at all about it.

Imagine him trying to pluck up the nerve to say something, but then he sees the wedding band on her finger and the scowling, impatient husband waiting for her outside.

What happens then?