When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.

Can we talk about how Rick lost his composure and became insecure when Morty up and left him?

Roiland did a really good job capturing his emotions with the voice acting in this scene, and the animators did a good job with Rick’s body language here, like how he just took the punch and didn’t fight back like he normally would, and just stood up wearily, and how he was a bit slouched when he first stood up, and also how they showed him doing a nervous habit like rubbing back his hair.

This part messed me up man.



lance, to the team: me and allura have these blue paladin bonding nights. not gonna lie, they get pretty deep and emotional.

allura, later that evening, laying with her head on lance’s lap as he paints her nails: when i was little i used to say that i’ll grow up as a cat lady with thirty cats, and everyone would reply with “oh, don’t say that! you’re such a lovely girl, i’m sure you’ll find someone special.” and i just never understood, because yes? i will find the cats, that’s what i just said. please keep up, honerva.