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Does Carmilla give good hugs is the real question?

Yes. She holds on tight and is this wonderful support…in a totally platonic way. Because that’s what we are. Platonic buddies. Yup.

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Hey! I really like your blog! I'm on a roadtrip. A long one, like fourteen hours. So I was wondering if maybe you had any head cannons about the main four on such a trip with their friend or S/O?

Main 4/S/O + Roadtrip Headcanons:

- If one person’s going on a road-trip, they’re all going. They’re like a package-deal, you can’t just expect to take one. Thankfully Papyrus’s convertible is a lot bigger than it looks, & everyone fits rather comfortably.

- Sans probably tried to stay home, but was eventually goaded into it by Papyrus. IT IS NOT THAT HE DOES NOT TRUST YOU, SANS, BUT WHEN COMPARING YOUR ROOM TO THE REST OF THE HOUSE–HE JUST DOES NOT WANT TO TAKE THAT CHANCE!!! 

- Whoever you’re dating out of the bunch is probably going to spend like 90% of the time holding your hand (unless it’s Papyrus, because he’s the driver), but he’ll complain about the fact that he’s suffering from HHD, Hand-Holding-Deficiency. Which is a totally real, actual legitimate disease, he’ll have you know.

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10 characters you would kiss, then tag 10 people.
1. Commander Peepers - Wander Over Yonder
2. Kaoru Matsubara - Powerpuff Girls Z
3. Buttercup - The Powerpuff Girls
4. @superhotkirby ’s OC, Blue - World of Stars
5. Peridot - Steven Universe
6. Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon (movie, book Toothless would kill me….)
7. Chat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug
8. Dipper Pines - Gravity Falls
9. Like every character from Sarah and Duck - Sarah and Duck
10. Robin - Teen Titans

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About tagging properly your reimob posts

Ok guys, we have a problem. Please don’t scroll past this. I want everyone to enjoy their tumblr experience so, please, lets help each other a bit.

There are those who don’t want to see underage Mob x Reigen on their dash (and yes, i’m one of those persons). 

I’m not saying you don’t have to ship what you like an post stuff about it, I’m just asking you to respect some simple rules of civil coexistence. :)

If you really want to post underage mob stuff, please tag it properly. Use tags such as : shota, underage Mob x Reigen, underage. If rape is involved be sure to tag it as noncon, non-con, rape

That way, those who need to can blacklist those words so that the post won’t show on their dash (you can do it with a google chrome app called tumblr savior). Remember there are people who may suffer from seeing things they find disturbing. It won’t cost you anything to be more careful while tagging.

If you post non-sexual stuff with reigen and mob, just tag it as: platonic reimob, fluff, Reigen & Mob, Mob & reigen, non-sexual, sfw

Respects the choice of those who don’t want to see / read things concerning pedophilia. 

In short words: taking a bit more time to tag properly won’t hurt you and will do good to others!

Leg Room

@dragonanne you requested some Sabine and Zeb joking around? I admit it’s a little more serious, but it’s got a little bit of teasing in it!!!

This takes place right after the y-wings get inside the carrier, and it’s from Sabine’s perspective…cause you know…I have a lot more experience writing from her perspective xD

Fic below because of spoilers…

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y’all i gotta tell you about this ship…it’s @max-ur-damn-gags‘s max and doyle and it’s called “darkness! in the workshop” and it’s taking over my life

so basically, i’m in this multiple person roleplay in the toonblr discord (if you’re not in it you need to join because it’s lit) and max and doyle interacted for like one second and we all started shipping them. it’s a platonic ship because doyle is aro-ace but IT’S A GOOD

the name “darkness! in the workshop” (shorthand “d!itw”) was created by @smol-toons and the reason it’s that is because it’s been established that doyle is really emo/goth and max is a mechanic so it works

every once in a while i’ll remember the sheer number of “well everyone thinks we’re a couple and we live together so we might as well get married BUT NEITHER OF US ARE GAY OR IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER WE JUST WANT TO DEDICATE UT LIVES TO MAKING EACH OTHER HAPPY AND ALSO CUDDLING BUT LIKE PLATONICALLY! NOT GAY” fics there are in the world and get very tired

I never really liked the fanfic trope of turning a canon female love interest into a controlling harpy who traps her gay husband in a heterosexual relationship against his will, fully knowing he’s in love with his male best friend. It makes me sad, and it makes the wife look like an asshole. So here’s some non-fandom-specific ways I thought of getting around that.

Option A: He’s Gay, She’s Okay With It: Your Fave reveals he’s realized that he was never romantically or sexually interested in women. His Wife might be sad for a while, because she was in love with him, but doesn’t hold it against him, and they remain platonic friends as she helps him find a new boyfriend. After all, they had enough mutual interests to get into a relationship in the first place, why should that change now that they’re no longer romantically involved?

Option B: They’re Both Gay (Or Ace): Your Fave reveals he’s realized he was never romantically or sexually interested in women…right as His Wife reveals she was never romantically or sexually interested in men. Either they stay legally married and just agree to date other people, or like the first example, they break up and remain platonic friends.

Option C: Threesomes Fix Everything: Your Fave is bi or pansexual. He loves his wife, everything’s fine relationship-wise, but he still has unresolved feelings for his male best friend. He brings this up with his wife, and she’s…surprisingly cool with it, even going up to aforementioned male best friend and asking if he’d either take on the role of their FWB, or enter in some kind of poly relationship with the two of them. Somehow, they make it work. Plus, you get to write or draw Your Fave being macked on by multiple people at once! They’re hot, they deserve it.

au where after they brought sasuke back to the village naruto and sakura were both just Exhausted and kakashi was like. ya know what. i got this one. let me take care of him for a while. you’ve both earned some Time Off From Sasuke’s Bullshit

and sakura and naruto end up as roommates and have wacky sitcom adventures while kakashi sits sasuke in a corner and makes him think about what he’s done

so romantic chemistry is a thing but what about PLATONIC FRIEND chemistry because i honestly think that exists as well ??? like you’re just drawn to be friends with some people and every interaction with them is so easy and not forced at all because you genuinely don’t have anxiety behind all your interactions because you instinctively trust theyre similar to you and will not judge your weird little quirks just like you won’t judge them ahhh im sorry i just LOVE FRIENDS what a b e a u t i f u l thing friendship is