Pairings: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Requested by anon-  could you write a fanfic of a teen!reader with these sorcery powers that don’t have full control over? She gets help from Wanda but she isn’t the best teacher. The reader meets Loki and totally wants him to help her but he is like “Um, no.” but they both form this friendship and it’s all cute and fluffy.

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Sometimes i really think about how randl love each other. They spent everyday together and built a life and a company together. Where i grew up there was this huge thing where men don’t show any emotions (especially towards another man) unless they’re “feminine.” so to see these two grown men (who probably grew up in a similar atmosphere) openly love each other so much just warms my heart SO MUCH because to me it’s such a rare thing to see. and it probably actually is a rare thing to see just in general because not very often is someone that close to another person that isn’t their spouse or relative.

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How about The reader being the one that Murdoc has in his room when he's drunk with strawberry and crying his heart out instead of 2D?

(It took me awhile to understand what you meant XD)

~ You had known Murdoc just about your whole life but you didn’t have much to show for it. He was such a private man it took you almost a year to learn his last name. After awhile, you got used to this behavior. You didn’t mind it, he had the right to tell you what you wanted to tell you and if he didn’t want to tell you, then fine. It was his life. So when you got a drunken call from Murdoc at about 2:30 in the morning, you worried. You were at his door immediately. When Murdoc opened the door, the smell of alcohol attacked your nose. Your face scrunched up for a second before you got a good look at the green man standing in front of you.

~ He was shirtless, his pants hung low. He had his upside cross necklace dangling above his stomach. Murdoc held an empty bottle of vodka in his hand. He leaned against the door frame and held his face inches from yours. “I’m glad you came, love. I’ve got some strawberries for ya.” He pulled you through his door and locked it. You followed him into his living room. Murdoc pushed you down on the couch and handed you a bowl of strawberries. You took them and stuck one in your mouth. “There’s something I’ve got to tell you…” 

~ Murdoc had completely emptied his whole life story onto you. He told you about all the tragedies in his life and how awful his childhood was. He would only pause to sob into his hands or light a cigarette. Murdoc spend the rest of the night telling you the stories he hid away in the back of his mind. He told you that even the broads he’d confess to weren’t as good as you were at listening. You had just been sitting there with the same strawberry in your mouth. The sudden shock of his life story had taken away your hunger. You listened carefully to everything he told you and even took some mental notes of things.

~ By the time the sun had come up, Murdoc’s story was slowly reaching its end. You waited for him to stop talking before speaking. “Will you remember telling me, Mudz?” He chuckled lowly. “At this point in my life it takes more than one bottle of vodka to make me forget.” You sighed and took the bottle from his hands and took his cigarette from his mouth and took a puff. “Did you tell me because you wanted to or because you felt like you had to?” Murdoc was silent for a minute before he answered. “I’ve known you longer than anyone else in my life except maybe my brother and my asshole father. My past has been eating me alive since I can remember, I drink to forget but every night it takes more and more. Sooner or later it’ll kill me, but before I go I figured I should tell at least one person the story of my life.” He laughed darkly. You took another puff of smoke and blew it out slowly. “You’re not going anywhere while I’m still here, Murdoc. I’ll kill you before that alcohol will.” You both laughed and watched the sunset long enough to forget the night you had.


Can people stop jumping through hoops to try and say that Eren doesn’t care about Mikasa like he DID punch a titan for her as a human, but okay because he glanced back at his friends who were in danger and about to die that obviously changes everything oh my fucking god

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ok but max x niel

wholesome and good!! canon-evidence speaking i think it’s one of the most existing kinda ships of the show, just because of the little moments between these two/how neil usually turns to max for help or guidance as an instinct. they’re cute. it’s a cute ship.

Friendship that only exists as a first level to “”“”“develop””””” into a romantic relationship

Friendship that isn’t treated as boring or unimportant and isn’t used as a side story or afterthought to romance

Friendship that is genuine and isn’t ruined by unnecessary romance, where the friends express their love for each other in their own ways, and the platonic bond is unbreakable


The Zodiac Signs and Platonic Physical Affection

Likes it: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces 

Doesn’t like it: Aries, Virgo, Aquarius

Acts like they don’t care for it but actually loves it: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn