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i loveeeee your svtfoe drawings! are you still doin that platonic touch meme? can i get starco #12 if you are! if not thats cool! your art rocks!

of course! ive been waiting for someone to send me a request! here ya go!

btw requests are still open!~

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Relationship and general headcanons for Storyshift Sans please?(he's one of my favorite sans, so good)

Of course! Let’s see what this one can do for the Sad Kingly Skele - Mod Sync

Storyshift Sans Headcanons


- Sans may not leave his castle often, but the once in a blue moon times he does is usually for one of two reasons; 1) he really does just need to get out of the castle for a bit, or 2) he wants to check on the local children. He honestly does adore children. So on the rare occasion of him leaving the castle, he’ll grab a joke book he wrote or a couple of children’s book, sit down in a Square in New Home somewhere and read to the kids that gather. It’s both comforting and painful, since he used to read to Papyrus. Even if he’s given up on a lot of things, including his own happiness, he still tries to make his people as happy as they can be.

- If you look in his room, on the bookshelf, hidden on a high shelf, you’ll find old, but very well cared for copies of Fluffy Bunny. He hasn’t touched them since Pap left.

- Taking care of the flowers is the only thing he puts any real effort into. He finds something calming about it. It makes him forget his pain and burdens and sins, if only for a short time. He’s surprisingly well versed in Flower Language.

- Someone please give this Skele a massage, sleeping on his throne has done nothing good for his body.


- He loves sleeping in your lap. Especially if you rub his skull. It sets him off to the easiest, best sleep he’s had in a while.

- He’s very giving, in both gift things and affection. He’s a King, so money isn’t an issue either. It will probably even go to a fault, because of his fear you could leave him like Papyrus did. Please make sure he isn’t neglecting himself in favor of making you happy.

- On the flip side, he’s very unsure how to take affection. It’s been so long since he’s let anyone in, he doesn’t know what to do. He’s got so much love to give but gave up on ever receiving any. He’s easily flustered, so lots of blushing Skele here.

- He’s a massive cuddler and will not deny it. He just loves holding you. Being able to pull you close and know you’re there for him. It means more to him than you’ll ever know.

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For Fluff Night, can you do Aedion and Dorian sorta - kinda starting to get along?

PLATONIC REQUEST HELLO. At first I thought you were about to have me shipping Aedion and Dorian which I would totally be down for in less than two seconds. 

On the down low, Aedion is a SUPER book nerd. So he went with Aelin to Adarlan for some political reason and Dorian sets down a book to greet them. And Aedion goes, “Wait, wait, wait,” And he walks over and picks up the book. And Dorian just watches him and there’s this long pause…. “The fine lady eating King has amazing tastes in literature” and then they both have this full on fanboy conversation about the book and they become besties in under an hour and now Aelin has to compete for affection from her book-bestie Dorian Havilliard.

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headcanons for mccree who's kind of like a father-figure to the reader? not even just takes them under his wing but more just treats them like they're his kid ^^ (preferably if the reader is in their late teens, early twenties) thank you! -❀

  • You were only about a decade younger
    • But he bonded with you immediately
    • wanting to protect you
  • He constantly rubs your head
    • Making you wiggle with displeasure
  • You feel comfortable around him
    • Telling him about your day
    • If something’s bothering you he can tell
    • Asking what’s wrong
  • If someone’s bothering you and just can’t leave you alone
    • He’ll stand behind you
    • Hand on his pistol
    • HIs deadeye glinting

also, since we factcheck here at elucubrare dot tumblr dot com, i checked wiki and i hate whoever ruined the Council of Nicea forever: 

According to legendary accounts, debate became so heated that at one point, Arius was struck in the face by Nicholas of Myra, who would later be canonized.[38] This account is almost certainly apocryphal, as Arius himself would not have been present in the council chamber due to the fact that he was not a bishop.[39]

fuck you, let me have my Santa-Claus-punching-heretics-in-the-face fun 

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How about platonic McCree and you having a drink off?

Jesse threw his head back, gulping down his fifth tequila shot with a grimace and following it up with a lime. He shuddered and shook his head from the bitter taste, but managed to pull a smirk as he set his glass down.

“Ha! Beat that!” he bragged.

His friend replied with their own smirk, filling up their shot glass and readying some salt on their hand. Then they licked the salt, downed the tequila, and sucked the lime slice. With a cringe, they set their glass back down.

“Not bad,” McCree shrugged as he reached for the bottle again, “At this rate we’ll reach the worm at the bottom,”

“Huh? Wha worm?” his friend slurred, squinting their eyes at the bottle.

“Well technically it’s a moth larvae, but we just call it a worm,” McCree shrugged, “See, it’s right there. Kinda small, but still there,”

“I dun see it,” they droned.

“The liquor gettin’ to yer eyes or somethin’?” McCree asked as he poured himself another shot, “Not many bottles out there still have a worm in ‘em. I’ve been savin’ this one for a special occasion,”

“Aaaw ya shouldn’t’ve!” his friend laughed, giving him a hardy slap on the back.

“No trouble,” he shrugged as he downed his next shot.

His friend went to pour themself their next shot, but poured most of it out on the counter. At this point McCree was starting to get worried. He knew being challenged to a drinking contest with [Name] was a bad idea, considering he could take a lot more liquor than they could. He knew he could drink them under the table, but he was hoping they would have given up by now.

“I’m gonna get you a glass of water, k?” Jesse said.

“Whaaat?” they whined as they sloppily took their next shot, forgetting the salt on their hand, “I dun need no wussy waterrr!”

“Sure, ya–whoa!” Jesse started to say, when he got up and his legs gave out like jello beneath him.

Hopping back to his feet, he shook his head and blinked his eyes.

“Yeesh. Maybe these are gettin’ to me a bit, too?” he chuckled, “Tell ya what, I’ll get us both some water,”

“Ffffine…” they grumbled.

McCree teetered over to the fridge and messily poured them both a glass of water. [Name] was so out of it, they took some salt before drinking their water and sucked on their lime slice afterward.

“Um, I think that’s enough for now…” McCree started to take the bottle away.

“No!” his friend barked, grabbing the bottle, “You said we’d get to the worm! I still gotta drink you under the tablllleee!”

“Hate to break it to ya, pardner, but I don’t think ya can,”

“Is that a challenge?” 

“That’s a fact,” he retorted as he sharply pulled the bottle from their grasp, “And I’m not havin’ you get alcohol poisonin’ on my behalf,”

“I’m not gonna diiiieeee!” they moaned, slumping their shoulders.

“C’mon,” McCree sighed as he scooped them up into his arms.

“I can’t let you win!” they squirmed in protest.

“I didn’t win,” he shrugged with a smile, “We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow. We’ll get to the worm, I promise,”

With that he dumped them onto their bed, tipped his hat, and said good night.

“What a light weight…” his friend mumbled under their breath.

–Mod Sirana

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Being Alec's parabatai would include 💕

  • Alec being insanely jealous of anyone that attempted to befriend or start a relationship with you.
  • Alec remembering your birthday every year and bringing you presents. Of course, he would pretend like it wasn’t a big deal.
  • Alec clinging to your side during social events because he doesn’t want to deal with other people.
  • Coaxing him into breaking the rules and having a little fun, only to be scolded when things go south.
  • Being one of the few people that Alec trusts wholeheartedly.
  • Training with Alec on a daily basis. He would grow frustrated every time you bested him.
  • Alec protecting you without hesitation. 
  • Having lengthy conversations in the middle of the night, venting to and comforting one another

Random sentence from a thing:

“Ryan can’t help the small flutter of… something in his chest at seeing Gavin so happy. He isn’t sure exactly what it is- 

he’s lying to himself, he does and it’s love.

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sorry if this is a silly question but can you have platonic crushes?? And if so how can you tell platonic and romantic crushes apart? bc I was hanging out with my friend and her other friend I kind of feel like I have a crush on her friend; like I want to be able to talk to him and hang out and just like generally be friends, but also maybe like give hugs and cuddle and stuff but also I'm just a very touchy-feely person so idk??? I'm fairly sure I'm aro/ace but this has happened a few times so..

Hey anon!

You can absolutely have platonic crushes, there’s actually a word for that and it’s the cutest thing. It’s called a squish and it basically just means you really want to be friends with that person, or that you have a ‘friend crush’ on them. 

And I suppose the difference between a crush and a squish is different for everyone. If you’re a touchy-feely person, wanting to cuddle someone might not necessarily be a romantic thing for you. The best way I can think of that you can tell the different is trying to figure out if you want to have a romantic relationship with this person. Do you want to cuddle him because you just like to cuddle and he seems nice or is it because have romantic feelings for him and might want to be with him? Can you imagine doing romantic things with him? Is that the kind of relationship you want? It can be super confusing but if you can answer some of those questions for yourself, it might help you figure out what you’re feeling.

You could also be experiencing alterous attraction for him. Alterous attraction is most commonly described as being somewhere between platonic and romantic or being something that makes it hard for you to tell if it’s platonic or romantic attraction. You can also read about it here

I hope this answers your question and feel free to message me again, about this or anything else. ^.^