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7. How often do you use references?

Practically all the time tbh. It’s always important to go back to reality when you’re drawing, I feel, and I think Plato’s ideal forms theory is a good analogy (even if it’s complete bullshit). Basically, he theorises that there’s these perfect ideal forms, and that reality is just a copy of these ideal forms (i.e. there’s like the Perfect Triangle, and in reality we have copies of the Perfect Triangle), but in the copying process there’s inevitable little errors. So when you try and make a copy of these copies, it becomes more and more imperfect each time you do it. So it’s always good to go back to the original and copy off that; it’ll just help you pick up on stuff. 

Also one of my old VA teachers had this excellent saying of “draw what you see, not what you know” which summarises this idea quite well; the way we think a tree looks is probably nothing like what it is, or even the way we may think water is blue but it could be clear/green/yellow in certain lights, etc. Real life references force you to think in terms of reality –> art, as opposed to semiotic sign –> art.

8. Do you draw professionally, or just for fun?

I prefer to just do it for fun; it’s a hobby, so I can’t feel pressured to do it. Also the one commission I’ve done was a compleeeeeeete pain in the arse so if I am to do one again I’m going to really push up the prices and put some rules in place so I don’t Get Exploited Again Ha Ha.

15. How long does an average piece take you to complete?

Honestly it really depends? Also I don’t really keep track of time when I draw. I think that a face/bust with watercolour is maybe half an hour at most??? So not too long.

16. Do you draw more today than you did in the past, or do you draw less?

On average I draw a lot more now than I used to, and I have hard evidence of this from my sketchbooks because it used to take me a couple of years to finish one and now the one I’ve been using for less than half a year is practically finished, even though I’ve started using both sides of the pages.

My friend’s getting me a new one for my birthday lmao.

I haven’t been drawing a lot of “proper” stuff lately though, mostly scribbles and prac sketches, and I certainly haven’t been drawing as much as I did during my summer holidays (when I went to Melbourne/Geelong I basically did a mini travel diary in my sketchbook and drew everywhere).

20. What is the easiest thing for you to draw?

HECK I dunno there’s a lot of stuff I can draw which doesn’t require much skill hahah (i.e. clouds, stick figures, circles, lanyards, ties). Plants are ok with references???

30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

I get motivated to be a better artist mostly by looking at other people’s art and going like ‘holy shit that’s beautiful I wish I could draw like that’ and then making myself draw more so that I can LMAO

Like in general I think it’s important that art exists in “dialogue” with other art/artists; like you shouldn’t just create stuff and hoard it all to yourself and refuse to interact with other art because you would lose the influences and development that these opportunities offer.

The Republic Plato // I read this as extra reading for my philosophy and ethics class. I thought it would be really laborious and hard-going, but it was surprisingly readable. I really enjoyed reading it and it was so interesting to see how much Plato’s ideas have influenced us, even now nearly 2500 years after he lived ☕️📖

platos theory of forms is basically the same as the theory of archetypes of carl jung which is also basically the same as the deities of mythology which is also basically the same as the parts of the astrological chart. i think i could think about these things every single day until i die and id never stop being fascinated. everything in reality has underlying patterns!!!!!! and astrology can give you a map of them???? wtf!

If the fracciones' zanpakuto rebelled...

As requested by anon. :)

In the world’s best Bleach filler arc, some guy named Muramasa caused the shinigami’s zanpakuto to become embodied - and to rebel. We’ve already considered what would have happened if the shinigami/espada zanpakuto had been embodied, or the visored zanpakuto, or even the fullbrings. Now it is time to consider what would have happened if the fracciones’ zanpakuto had been embodied by Muramasa. What would the embodied forms be, and what would be their motivation for rebelling? 

1. Shawlong’s Tijereta

The embodied form: A small flying earwig that likes to perch right by Shawlong’s ear (when they’re talking).

Why he rebels: "You ASKED Grimmjow to be your king? What the hell’s wrong with you? You think you were at the end of evolving? No! You just gave up! You decided to be less than you could be! And I just won’t stand for that any more!“

Shawlong: It is weird to be yelled at by a tiny insect.

2. Charlotte’s Reina de Rosas

The embodied form: A stately older woman wearing a short, flounced gown decorated with embroidered flowers, with a crown of roses in her purple hair. She carries a sparkly scepter and has round pink cheeks. 

Why she rebels: "You claim that inner beauty is the most important thing, and yet you work for an ugly, ugly man. You call yourself a princess, and yet you subject yourself to him. There is an ugliness inside of you, and I will no longer have any part of it.”

Charlotte: Insulting me, huh? It sounds like you’re the one with inner ugliness, my queen!

3. Mila Rose’s Leona

The embodied form: A sleek, muscular lioness. She talks, but that is the only human thing about her.

Why she rebels: "I just don’t understand why you have a mane in release. You know lioness’s don’t have manes…..right?“

Mila Rose: THAT’S why you’re rebelling?!?!

4. Nirgge’s Mamut

The embodied form: A heavy-set man who looks a lot like Nirgge himself, only with olive-green hair and tusks coming out of his mouth.

Why he rebels: "You’re fat and you’re slow. And I’m tired of it.”

Nirgge: You should talk, buddy.

5. Edrad’s Volcanica

The embodied form: Basically a lava monster - his form his made of bubbling, steaming lava, which scorches the ground as he walks. When he talks, he spits boiling-hot ash everywhere.

Why he rebels: "You keep me contained. You keep your fury contained. I will no longer be contained. No longer.“

Edrad: I can see that hugging our problems away is out of the question.

6. Findorr’s Pinza Aguda

The embodied form: A thin young man who is far, far more crablike even than Findorr in release - his body is covered by a crab shell, and his hands are pincers. Yet he still has long flowing blond hair. For reasons.

Why he rebels: "You try to pass yourself off as someone who knows it all. But you know what? It’s a sham. You never see the big picture. You concentrate on tiny, useless facts, and that’s why you always lose. I’m sick of it!”

Findorr: No es exacta!

7. Apacci’s Cierra

The embodied form: A deer-woman covered in soft brown fur, with horns growing from her head. She has hooves on her feet. 

Why she rebels: "You’re pathetic. So caught up with your ‘admiration’ for Halibel. Halbel, Halibel, Halibel. That’s all that goes through your head! Do you have any idea how annoying that is???“ 


8. Tesla’s Plato Comillo

The embodied form: An actual boar.

Why he rebels: "You let Nnoitra do anything he wants to you. You let him beat you. Insult you. Abuse you. You got a spine anywhere in you?? We’re a BEAST! We should ACT like it!”

Tesla: Don’t let Nnoitra hear you say something like that.

9. Abirama’s Aguila

The embodied form: A muscular, stocky man with full eagle’s wings coming out of his back. He wears a helmet shaped like a bird’s head, and is covered in blood red plate armor.

Why he rebels: "We never fucking fight anyone!!!!!!!“

Abirama: Hey! Don’t blame that on me! I’d LOVE to fight people!

10. Yylfordt’s Del Toro

The embodied form: A slender young man with long black hair, dressed like a matador. 

Why he rebels: "You have no control over anything, you know. You follow Grimmjow’s orders. You let your brother implant bugs beneath your skin. You’re just a worthless pawn, being passed around and used. I, for one, am tired of being passed around with you!”

Yylfordt: ….what’s that about my brother?

11. Poww’s Calderon

The embodied form: Basically an inflatable punch bag, much like Poww himself.

Why he rebels: "Just because you’re a punching bag doesn’t mean you have to act like one, you know.“

Poww: Please tell me I don’t actually look that silly.

12. Ggio’s Tigre Estoque

The embodied form: A tiger-esque cat boy, shirtless and with twitchy cat ears.

Why he rebels: "You take everything waaaay too seriously, Ggio my friend. Slow down. Have a cantaloupe. Stop acting like literally everything is the hill you want to die on.”

Ggio: N-No way you came from inside me!!!

13. Sung-Sun’s Anaconda

The embodied form: A giant white snack that talks in a steady, quiet, hissing voice.

Why she rebels: "I know the truth, Sung-Sun. I know you hide behind sarcasm because you don’t know how to make real connections. You know how you’re afraid that Halibel likes you the least? It’s true. She does. Nobody likes the snake.“

Sung-Sun: So what are you, self-doubt personified?

Sung-Sun: Good luck with that.

ive been really sleep-deprived lately due to weird whale noises in my dormitory (source as yet unidentified) and i just had an ancient greek exam. here are some fun things i wrote:

-charmander was plato’s uncle (…i meant charmides)

-’instead of wisdoms i have tears.’ (definitely a massive mistranslation but also really relatable

-plato used a dialogue form, involving quotation, so he didn’t have to commit to a particular viewpoint… according to some commentators. 

-it is difficult to remember all of alexander the great’s victories. i am left wishing he were alexander the mediocre

-(the question was about the role of the messenger in medea) the messenger’s role was to deliver messenges messages