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Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single Superman and Wonder Woman

So we did one for the couples before , but not all of us are in relationships. However, that does not mean we singles can’t celebrate the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day. Love is universal and Superman and Wonder Woman are two heroes who embody this more than any other.

So pick out or buy your favorite Superman or Wonder Woman t-shirt or even the Power Couple Kiss shirt for your self or someone you care about. It can be a gift for your parents, brother, sister, best friend, son, daughter…anyone. Feel empowered. Show the world you celebrate the power of love too. You can spend the day doing a lot of things. Reading or working on that project you wanted to start or needed to finish. Or spreading the love to those who are not so fortunate and need a little help. 

You can rent or buy Justice League War and Throne of Atlantis and watch it with the family or your friends. Or just snuggle under the covers with your favorite snacks and enjoy. The Superman/Wonder Woman Power Couple Vol 1 is a great read for any comic book fan. It has everything- romance, action, drama beautiful art etc. A really nice gift for yourself or for anyone else. Or treat yourself to that Harley Variant of Superman/Wonder Woman #16 by Francis Manapul that is out next week 18th Feb. Spend time with those you care about and who value you. Hang out with your friends/ family and do something fun and relaxing. 

Love is not only for lovers, love is all around for those who choose to see it.

Smiling like an idiot, Pythagoras moved closer to his friend. Even as he was bending down, Jason was already tilting his head up for easy access and made a happy sound when Pythagoras’s lips dragged against his mouth.

They kissed slow and tender. It felt really nice to just lie there on the fragrant grass with the forest by then alive and busy, the sunlight warm and bright wherever it reached them. 


(Square End, chapter 5. All SHOT art here)