Stay With Me

Drabble Prompt: “You look like the girl I fell in love with.“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @tas898

This is fucking terrible.

You’re glaring at the rack of clothes in your dressing room, contemplating your life choices. Shooting daggers at the short, black dress in front of you, it’s totally mocking your ass right now. 

This is typical. You’ve always hated dresses…dressing up in general actually. You can usually sass your way out of most things but now you’re fucking stuck.

“You almost ready, baby? You don’t want to start late.” Your boyfriend shouts from the other room. Gorgeous bastard. He got you into this mess.

You don’t care about being late. If anything it just delays the god damn inevitable which you welcome at this point. 

“You’re not dressed yet?!” Jensen’s eyes widen as he takes in your messy appearance.

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LMAO you camilzards are pathetic! The fact that Camila had to collab with a flop like Ed Sheeran just shows how irrelevant she really is.

Ed Sheeran has won countless awards, has a nine time platium album, a two time platium album along with a racent album that just went platium. Along with eleven grammy nominations, two of them which he won. He’s also done some major tracks for some of the biggest movie franchises like The Hobbit and such. I think working with Ed is a pretty big deal for anyone in the music industry.

Are you really gonna call Ed Sheeran a flop? 

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So if I saw that right, it looks like a new player character design but leaving from the same house as in SuMo? Multiverse stuff, perhaps?

it looks like theyre the same characters in different outfits!

its literally the same as pokemon platium but with 2 of them. im not entirely opposed to shit since, yknow, theres only one Nebby, but MAN i wanted a Sun and Moon Sequel.

 So my love for this precious Pokemon has re-ignited. But it’s thanks to this certain blog -> -> @daily-sneaselandarkrai <- <- That I decided to draw my own take of one. This one was meant to be a Pokemon roleplay character of mine, but I never got the chance to use him sadly enough. 

If you’re not aware of what that thing on his wrist is. That’s a Lunar wing. A feather that comes from a cresselia. It’s suppose to help keep away nightmares. But in the pokemon diamond/pearl/platium case. It helps to wake a child up who was in a permanent nightmare cause by Darkrai’s ability.

So in my mind, this Darkrai wears it in order to suppress it’s nightmare ability. Since in one dex entry. It also states that darkrai’s have the ability as more for self defense.