Stay With Me

Drabble Prompt: “You look like the girl I fell in love with.“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @tas898

This is fucking terrible.

You’re glaring at the rack of clothes in your dressing room, contemplating your life choices. Shooting daggers at the short, black dress in front of you, it’s totally mocking your ass right now. 

This is typical. You’ve always hated dresses…dressing up in general actually. You can usually sass your way out of most things but now you’re fucking stuck.

“You almost ready, baby? You don’t want to start late.” Your boyfriend shouts from the other room. Gorgeous bastard. He got you into this mess.

You don’t care about being late. If anything it just delays the god damn inevitable which you welcome at this point. 

“You’re not dressed yet?!” Jensen’s eyes widen as he takes in your messy appearance.

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Today in RK World

I haven’t done an update in RK World for awhile but just had to chime in.  I don’t get into the WHERE is Rob and Kristen game near the way I used to. They are busy actors and models and they flit from hither and yon often enough but almost always land back in LA together for fairly long stretches of time.

Though this post is not exclusively about today but about my observations since Cannes…and don’t worry we will end with today…

Since Cannes it’s been interesting, hasn’t it?

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