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theunicornmaid  asked:

Hey Elle can you explain to me what rays are? I see people talking about golden rays and violet rays all of the time and it makes me feel so alive inside but I have no idea what it actually represents. Is it power in a color? I’ve heard of the 7 rays of ascension too and I’m not sure how that is applied. On one of your art pieces you referenced a ray. What does it all mean...?

A Word on Rays…

New age teachings often refer to rays and other vehicles of light. The word “ray” implies a linear beam of light, but a ray is better described as a “field of energy.” We call them rays because it helps with the mental connection and focus. A ray has a piercing, penetrating vibration and that is useful for when we are infiltrating dense planetary energies. Each ray has a certain vibrational signature that it embodies and Radiates! You have probably heard of some of the colored rays: Violet (St. Germain), Golden (Christed Ray), White, Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow. These are the seven rays you have read about. Many channels have discussed The Seven Sacred Flames and each channeling brings a different aspect of each ray to the light buffet. There are infinite rays… some of which the souls of now will not remember for millions of years. In order to understand a ray you have to have a certain level of connection to it. As it is now we cannot even see more than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum. A few other rays that have been recently spoken into being are: Platinum, Palladium, Silver (the metallic rays) and the Cosmic Diamond Ray. Rays are a form of technology. When humans stop defining technology in such a rigid context, science will skyrocket and we will achieve star travel almost overnight.

A ray is the focused use of light. It is kind of like laser technology but with the added feature of the all-encompassing field. The Violet Flame is considered to be a sacred gift from higher realms and is the vibration of Mt. Shasta. This ray has the power to transform, transmute, and protect. I am saying it as simply as I can, but people can spend an entire lifetime just studying and embodying one single ray. =) Whenever it is “time” for a people, planet, or galaxy to receive a “download” of light in-form-ation, the ray is often beamed through the Galactic Center or Central Sun in that part of the Universe. Sometimes it is discovered through channeling and other times it is discovered by people who can literally see the presence of the ray penetrating a realm anew. In the case of the Golden Christed Ray, the being we now refer to as Jesus incarnated and brought the idea of those vibrations to earth. That mission didn’t work out as well as it did with the Orions- humans made Jesus into the one and only god and many people were persecuted because of it. Now the rays are almost always brought through the galactic center first, even if people who embody the rays incarnate later on. Rays are considered to be great gifts from Source/God/Divinity. Another common idea is that when a ray is sent through the Galactic Center for a galaxy or solar system, it is embodied by high vibrational spirits who “broadcast” that “new” virtue of the divine in the lower realms.

The purpose of this light technology is to ascend (aka shift to higher realms; we are currently shifting from 3d to 4d), purify earth, create, connect, transmute, and heal- just to name a few things. Rays are often brought into consciousness by those who feel attracted to them. Decrees are statements that bring the vibrational essence of the ray into daily life. They are more powerful than affirmations because they carry specific light codes. They can introduce more light into your very cells! They carry codes that put you into vibrational alignment with Divine Destiny and higher vibrations themselves. You can make all holy words, affirmations, and mantras into decrees. A decree commands the use of light and manifests thought form into physical expression. It is a ticket for Divine Manifestation and aids the Advancement of all life forms.

Examples of some decrees:

Violet Flame- Sedona is a city of violet fire! Sedona is the purity that God desires! “I AM” the Violet Flame!

Platinum Ray – “I AM” the Struck Chord of the Masterful Tone of Ascension! “I AM” Ascension Struck and Declared, Ringing throughout the Cosmos! “I AM” the Resounding Chords of Blinding Light, Marking the Moment of Ascended Victory to all Sentient Beings, Planets, Masters and Light Systems through the Known and Unknown Cosmos! “I AM” the Razor’s edge of Perfection.

Golden “Christed” Ray – “I AM” the Golden Ray! “I AM” the Transfiguration of Light Electrons! “I AM” the Turning Key, the Light Beam, and endless Gleam of Ascension!

***Decrees are meant to be repeated often. They are like mantras on steroids: they filter out lower thoughts and speak Light Vehicles into Being. ***

Rays are ascension tools for us to utilize as we re-create ourselves and our planet! New technology will rely mostly on mental, emotional, and spirit-state powerhouses rather than the permission slips of wall-outlets or solar panels. The Lights of Ascension are directing our heART form and bringing together Teams of beings who beam these Frequencies to all who are seeking to metabolize Cosmic Energy.