platinum pet

I thought I’d be a great Dad and get a pet so that when Thea comes over on weekends, it could technically be her pet, because she wants one but her Mom hates animals. Of course, I asked her what animal she’d most like- y’know, expecting a cat or a dog. But no. She gave me a list of the following things she’d want, for me to choose from; A snake, a lizard, a tarantula or an eel. All of which I hate. And who the fuck has a pet eel?


Well this is awkward.

So we got a platinum beauty male, but it’s absolutely not the snake that had been photographed. Despite the ad specifically saying ‘email for individual photos‘ and us specifically pointing out which we wanted, the breeder just sent us one at random. O..okay.

We’re in talks to see what happened there, but in the meantime I suppose this will be Nick Valentine! Still a cute scoot snoot.

and then the camera spooked him and he got SUPER pissy and snappy until I put him back home whoooops