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And the reason why hes super rich is to follow up that 30 something line you just wrote "I dont buy out the bar I bought the night spot" Hes an investor while the rest are consumers Its inspiring to see his triple platinum forbes mag dreams come true Biggie said jigga on the cover of fortune and well you know the rest


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So I watched the Oklahoma induction of Blake and its very good and informative and of course, funny as hell cz it's Blake. Also for many curious new Blake fans, he talks about many family members and friends there which he generally doesn't. For ex his Step-dad, Step-mom, brother in law, Endy, Larry and Carol (he narrates a very funny incident). There's also a very cute moment about his bro Richie. It was overall awesome. "87th Oklahoma Hall of Fame Induction" by uploader Platinum Dream on YT.

Aww, I need to watch that again. Been an age! Thanks for the reminder. 



As I said one month ago ! here are all the keyvcharm visual ! BACK AND FRONT ! <3 chains are included of course ! and all the models are available on Tictail !

Thx again for following this project !

For those who had only ordered the fan-Artbook, I’ll start to ship this week ! you will each receive a mail when it’s sent ! 

reblog are much appreciated since it will update everyone !


Katy Perry crosses into diamond territory with two separate hit singles.

As of October 29, 2015, two standout Katy Perry singles are officially 10x platinum in the United States.

Venturing into that coveted “diamond” territory are “Teenage Dream” single “Firework” and “PRISM” smash “Dark Horse.”

The singles represent Perry’s first to achieve the diamond distinction in the United States. Perry’s next-most-certified singles include “ET” (8x platinum), “Roar” (8x platinum), “California Gurls” (7x platinum), and the “Teenage Dream” title track (7x platinum).

Under the terms of the RIAA’s digital singles program, a 10x platinum/diamond certification confirms a US unit total in excess of 10 million. One unit is equal to 1 paid download or 100 streams.