platinum dream

hey y’all what are your hopes for the underground bases in the remakes?

i hope there are more varying “room types” you can get, with certain types only being available in the parts of the underground that aren’t in the central network of tunnels (like the area you had to go to Fullmoon Island to access)

also, i want to be able to decorate my base with fossils. 

obligatory question mark?

The anime aside, I think this is the only time it’s shown that Carbuncle is, in fact, a toy figurine Noctis’s dad gave him and, far as there is any way to know, otherwise entirely imaginary.

Which is fine for the Platinum Demo, since it’s all a coma dream or something, but to be overly literal and no fun for a minute: Why does it show up in pictures? What keeps saving Noctis’s life in Easy Mode? Was the Chocobo Festival also a coma dream?

The Chocobo Festival also being a coma dream actually makes a lot more sense than it not being a coma dream.

Dammit, dream fox, why do you keep setting my coma dreams in Altissia, I get lost EVERY SINGLE TIME I’M THERE

I had a dream last night where I saw a goodyear billboard that read, “Have a Golden Experience with our new King Crimson tires.” I remember literally nothing else about the dream.


As I said one month ago ! here are all the keyvcharm visual ! BACK AND FRONT ! <3 chains are included of course ! and all the models are available on Tictail !

Thx again for following this project !

For those who had only ordered the fan-Artbook, I’ll start to ship this week ! you will each receive a mail when it’s sent ! 

reblog are much appreciated since it will update everyone !