platinum chain necklace

Roommate: Gray (6/?)

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I was going to write another scene but I don’t think I will be able to this weekend so I’ll just post the update now. I hope you enjoy!


True to your words, you dated Dean for the agreed upon one week period.  

The more you converse with the younger man, the more you come to like and care for him – of course nothing remotely close to any sorts of romantic sentiment. He just happens to bring out a nurturing side of you.

The way Dean flashes his smile – that flirtatious smile that looks almost as if he’s smirking, you can’t help but misjudge him at first for just being an attractive guy who knows very well he’s good looking. After getting to know him on a personal level, you can tell he’s innocently very bewilder with his recent rise to fame. When he speaks of his future, it’s as if the world is for his taking and that kind of optimism is very endearing and refreshing to you.

The only flaw the younger man has is probably his taste for cheesy romantic things. In the course of the week that the two of you ‘dated’, he sent flowers to your workplace, serenade you over a candle lit dinner, left numerous messages on your answer machine – sometimes with him singing, sometimes with him quoting recent famous drama lines. Dean himself would snicker after saying those quotes so he must know how cliché they are.  

Not wanting to give Dean and idea, you make it a priority to tell Dean that you can never fall for him – admitting to him that your heart already belong to someone else. Dean didn’t ask who it is but he knows.

It didn’t stop from Dean following you around – always coming over to your apartment after a performance and demanding a home cook meal. The younger man has perfect his puppy eyes to guilt trip you.

Since last night, your apartment has been a refuge for the young singer. Dean had just returned to Seoul after performing at KCon in the states to find his apartment completely flooded. With nowhere else to go (so he claims), Dean shows up at 2am outside your apartment with underneath eye bags color of purple  – a sign that he’s clearly sleep deprive.

Dean’s manager had dropped him off at his place and couldn’t be reached through the phone. The singer took a cab over to your apartment with all the cash he had. He couldn’t even form a decent sentence to beg you to let him stay – and do you just didn’t have the heart to kick him out on the streets.

When you wake in the morning, Dean is still sleeping peacefully in the living room.  Remembering the dark purple circles underneath his eyes, you decide not to wake him up and just prepare for work. Surprisingly, by the time you’re done with your morning shower, Dean is already gone – leaving only a note on your kitchen table and a jewelry box on top.

The note says, ‘I thought of you when I saw this. I hope you like. Thank you for last night.’ You smile at his genuine message. For the first time, he didn’t hide behind cheesy pick-up lines and you appreciate it.

Before you could open the jewelry box, you hear a buzz – indicating that you have a guest. Thinking it’s just Dean forgetting something, you went to check the monitor. It turns out to be Sunghwa, standing with his hands in his pockets.

At first, you’re puzzle as to why he’s at your apartment at 7am in the morning but then you suddenly remember asking him for a favor last week. He’s supposed to drive you to work today at 9am because taking the Subway will be a hassle, especially today – since you will have a lot of things to carry to the daycare.

Knowing Sunghwa, he probably rushes over to your place not bothering to have any coffee or breakfast beforehand – a reason as to why he’s two hours early. You quickly buzz for the door downstairs to unlock itself. With your mind busy going over what ingredients you have in the fridge to cook him a decent meal, you hastily turn on the coffee machine.

Soybean paste soup is probably your best bet – you begin to gather all the ingredients, washing the vegetables first before dicing it to small pieces. With your mind concentrating on the movement of the knife, you didn’t even notice Sunghwa coming in. Dean had forgotten to lock your front door – making it possible for Sunghwa to enter.

“Hey.” Sunghwa says, shocking you greatly, and causing you to move a finger seconds too late from the knife coming down.

You instantly let go on the knife, “Ow.” You yelp, hurriedly placing the injured finger between your lips as the blood oozes out.

Sunghwa moves quickly behind you. He grabs a clean cloth – you feel him approaching you with your back shoulder coming in contact with his chest. Pulling your injured finger away from your mouth and toward him, Sunghwa carefully wraps the cloth around your bloody finger and presses on it slightly to stop the bleeding.

Feeling a painful sting on your finger, you try drawing your hand away from Sunghwa’s grip. In turn, his grip tighten not letting go of your hand. You let out another painful squeal and Sunghwa leans in closer – his face is dangerously neighboring and almost touching your face.

After a minute or so, Sunghwa unfolds the cloth and the bleeding has stop. Carefully, he examines the cut, “Good, it’s not a deep cut.” He says, still holding onto your hand.

“Thanks,” You say, making the mistake of turning to face Sunghwa. Your lips are merely half an inch away from his.

Flashbacks of that one night from so many weeks ago come rushing back – your lips and his lips intertwining with one and another and the way he groans as your thigh touches his lower organ. You shallow hard and catches Sunghwa staring down at your lips.

Taking a step back, you create an acceptable distance between the two of you, “You scared me.” You say and with your uninjured hand, you reaches up to play with the necklace you’re wearing – a gift from Sunghwa years ago.

It’s a simple, platinum chain necklace with a beautiful pearl dangling in the middle. Sunghwa had bought it with his first royalty check. You’re remembered lecturing him for spending money so recklessly – but Sunghwa only assumed you that more is to come. He was right.

“Sorry, I should have rang the bell but the door was unlock.” Sunghwa says, stepping forward to get closer to you.

“That necklace still looks beautiful on you.” Sunghwa says, an idyllic smile playing on his lips. You suddenly feel fluster.

How can you take two steps forward to moving on – and his one remark brings you back to square one?

Before Sunghwa could see the blush creeping up on your cheeks, you turn back to the cutting board. His statement just now completely throws you off – making your heart race, pounding against your chest, and with the constant flashbacks of his lips trailing kisses down your neck you just don’t want to make give yourself any hope.

Since you’ve moved out, Sunghwa has been acting strange. You guys have always been physical with each other – but his touches lately are just down right suggestive, making you crave more.

Your body tense up again when you feel Sunghwa leaning in, his chest touching your shoulder slightly as he places his arms on the countertop to support his weight. His face is side by side with yours again.

When Sunghwa drops his head to examine what you’re doing, you instinctively move your head toward him. When he turns his face slightly, his nose and lips blush lightly against your skin. You whimper at the sudden contact. In an instant, Sunghwa’s remove his hands from the countertop – pushing his weight back to his feet as he wraps his arms around your waist.

Sunghwa pushes you closer to the countertop, “I’ve missed you,” He says softly. You feel him placing a kiss on your template.

Your heart races – what the heck is going on?

Then your home phone starts ringing, Sunghwa reaches for the receiver, “Hello, Sunghwa speaking.” He answers and you lightly knock his ribcage with your elbow. First of all, this is your home, why is he answering it like it’s his place?

“Oh really?” Sunghwa continues to speak but you didn’t hear who he’s talking to, “Yeah, she’s here.” Sunghwa says, his tone darkens compare to his just now friendly manner.

Sunghwa places the receiver next to your ear. Letting go on the knife, you take hold of the phone. In turn, Sunghwa releases his hold on you and backs up to give you some room. From the corner of your eyes, you see Sunghwa running his hand through his hair as he takes a seat at one of the stroll by the countertop.

“Dean?” You recognize the speaker on the other line right away. For a couple of minutes, you talk with the younger man. The whole time you see Sunghwa staring at you, critical almost.

When you hang up the phone, you turn to face Sunghwa. Sunghwa shakes his head at you – and you’re not sure what message he’s trying to convey to you.

 “What?” You ask.

 “He slept over last night? Really?” Sunghwa asks, disapprovingly.

“Yes, he did – what’s wrong with that?” You say, calmly.

 Sunghwa runs his hand through his hair one more time, “What’s wrong with that?” He breaths out, clearly upset.

 “Oh my god, Sunghwa! He slept on the sofa. What do you take me for?” You yell.

 “Regardless, he slept here and I don’t like that.” Sunghwa says.

“Sunghwa,” You say, approaching where he’s sitting. You reach out to cup his face with both of your hands, “This overprotectiveness of me because I’m your friend needs to stop. I’m a grown woman.” You tell him.

Sunghwa looks at you for a couple of seconds, trying to read you. He looks as if he wants to say something and when he did, you can barely hear his words, “You’re more than a friend to me.” He whispers softly.

You didn’t know how to response to that statement.

When you release your hold on him, Sunghwa’s attention is on the jewelry box to the far left from his sight, “Is that from him?” Sunghwa asks.

You just nod your head, watching as Sunghwa stretches out his arm to reach for the box. Observing it for a brief second, Sunghwa opens the box and takes out the content within it. It’s a necklace, very similar in style to the necklace you’re currently wearing – the necklace Sunghwa had given you years ago.

The only difference is the precious stone in the middle. Sunghwa’s necklace is a pearl for tranquil; Dean’s necklace is a ruby for passion.

Sunghwa stares at it for a long minute, then looks up at you.                    

His face shows hesitation, “Tell me. Have your preference changed?” He asks – perhaps referring to your taste in jewelry.

But somehow, you feel as if there’s a double meaning to that question.

Placing the necklace back to its rightful place, Sunghwa shifts in his seat before getting up. You couldn’t read his movement. When he approaches you, he pulls you into a hug again, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

You didn’t know what to do but you hug him back, taking in his scent.

“What’s wrong with you lately?” You ask, still in his embrace.

You hear Sunghwa takes a deep breath in, “I miss you.” He says.

“Sunghwa, I miss you too,” you reply and then pushes your body slightly away from his, “Look at me, are you okay?” You ask again, taking a good look at him.

He looks good – healthy and strong. Why is he acting like this?

“I’m okay. I just fucking miss you.” Sunghwa sighs, pulling you into his arms again.

You never did finish making breakfast. Instead, the two of you opt to go to the nearest seven eleven and pig out on rice balls – just like when you were both 22.

When Sunghwa drops you off at the daycare, he insists on helping you carry your belongings into the classroom. As much as you try to get him to leave, he wouldn’t. Your co-workers – who are mostly young females did get a pleasant surprise when they arrived at the daycare.

Some ask for autographs and pictures and Sunghwa complies with their requests. When the students start arriving, Sunghwa pulls you to a secluded area – not secluded enough because your co-workers are still able to see the two of you. However, they are not able to hear your conversation with him  

“I’ll call you later?” Sunghwa says, a little hesitant in his voice as if he’s asking for your permission to call you.

“Sure.” You reply, looking up at him, “If you want, come over tonight. I can make dinner and maybe we can watch a movie.” By the time those words leave your lips, you want to take it back immediately.

Sunghwa’s face lights up instantly, a cheerful smile playing on his lips.

And you no longer regret your former offer for him to come over.


You’re not sure how you end up in a taxi – but here you are heading to a promotion event.

Just ten minutes ago, you were just hanging out at the AOMG office. Somehow, Jay and Hoody talk you into going out with the whole group. At first, your excuse is you’re not in the proper clothing. Hoody being the good friend that she is – mentions that there are a couple of dresses in the storage from music video shootings.

Against your own will, you try on the dresses. Unfortunately, a backless black number fits you perfectly and Hoody is keen on you wearing it out. Even with Sunghwa on your side about not going, you couldn’t get out of coming to the event tonight.

“Don’t pout! Dean is performing tonight.” Jay winks at you.

“So?” Sunghwa replies back for you.

“Obviously, he wants her to come considering their relationship.” Jay says, as a matter of fact.

You look at Jay in absolute horror – you need to stop him from saying anything else in regards to your relationship with Dean. How in the world did he know anyway? This is just between you and Dean.

Sunghwa who is sitting in the front passenger seat, turns back to look at Jay, “What relationship?” He asks Jay but then turn to look at you.

Before you could clear up the whole situation, Jay replies back to Sunghwa, “They’re together.” You’re not sure if Jay hates you or if he’s holding a grudge against you – but why did he have to open his big mouth about something that is totally false.

“Jay, Dean and I are not together.” You grit your teeth murderously at him.

“What do you mean? You guys are together. Hyo-Seob says Dean talks about you all the time and didn’t he spent the night a couple of days ago?” Jay says, smiling and you just want to smack him.

“I’m not going to repeat myself, Jay. Dean and I are not together. Okay?” You reply to Jay, but you glance at Sunghwa to make sure he understands the truth.

“Whatever.” Jay says, rolling his eyes. Sunghwa didn’t make any eye contact with you, turning his attention back to the road.

The whole taxi goes silent – with only the music playing in the background.