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Blonde Bombshells + hair extensions & wigs

Is a common belief that wigs and hair extensions are a very modern thing, actually they have a long history - The wigs started to be used by the ancient Egyptian, and the remarkable 17th century & 18th century eccentric wigs made history. But they were used in the glamorous ladies from the Old Hollywood? Yes and very often for some specific characters in movies. In the first photo of the post, for example, Marilyn Monroe is using long hair extensions for her role in the western ‘Rive Of No Return’ (1954), and there’s also this photo of Mamie Van Doren wearing hair extensions in 1963. As many of you guys know, bleaching really damages your hair - and decades ago it wasn’t different. Jayne Mansfield started to bleach her hair in 1954, and in this photo of her on the set of 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour’ in 1962, she was not wearing a wig, you can see that her hair is pretty short here. So, especially for the Blonde Bombshells, wigs were very often used because of the years of hair damage. In the 1960s a new type of synthetic wig was developed using a modacrylic fiber which made wigs more affordable. Reid-Meredith was a pioneer in the sales of these types of wigs. Diana Dors is wearing a short platinum blonde wig in the photo taken in 1963.

Just headcanoning that the only reason Orks (as we know them) dress masculine and call themselves Boyz is because most human armies they came across were all-male. I mean, they’re a genderless sentient fungus, why would they be male?

And what if there are Orks out there whose first taste of humanity were the Adepta Sororitas? Orks who call themselves Sistaz, who wear platinum-blond bob-cut wigs because they think *that’s what a warrior looks like*?

Orks who, after years living in the only gender they knew, suddenly discover another one. (Weird Grazlun’s head literally explodes; it’s hilarious) Orks who find out how humans tend to get gendered at birth and find it bizarre. (“No- da Sistaz is da ones what wear da wigs. Da Boyz is da ones wivout. What yu mean, humie?”)

And then they get bored of discourse and just get the choppas out.

“Are You Insane Like Me?” Alec Lightwood Imagine
Requested by: @skye-meeren
Inspired by: Gasoline by Halsey
I had fun with this one. 😊 it was basically just a request for Alec. I could do whatever I wanted, lol. I actually liked it so much I have to decide to make a fic out of it. The storyline had been on my mind a while. This is the first chapter. I will be posting it on watt pad. My name is lalanicole and the story is called Rogue. Here, it will be written as an imagine, but on watt pad it will be in POVs with maybe more details. Hope you enjoy. ❤️

Alec sensed someone was present immediately and he drew his bow with a arrow ready to fire. His eyes scanned the area, but in the dark of the night he didn’t see anything.

“Boo.” A voice said, right into his ears.

He jumped and turned around, letting the arrow go at a dark figure. The figure moved aside from and arrow and pulled one of their Katanas from behind their back with great speed and sliced the arrow in half.

Alec drew his bow again, and yet again missed. He heard a loud female giggle. “Show yourself.” Alec said forcefully.

Then, you stepped out from the darkness with a smile. Alec stared at you, bow still drawn. “Who are you?” He asked.

Currently, you had on your short platinum blonde wig, your black trench coat, black shirt, black shorts, and black boots with your fishnets.

You smirked and walked a circle around him. “My, aren’t you cute.” You said, ignoring his question. You let your Katanas drag the ground around him.

Alec dropped his bow and pulled out his seraph blade, putting it up to your neck. You smiled and laughed. “Woah, there, shadowhunter.” You said and pulled out your seraph from your boot. “We’re all friends here.”

He slowly pulled his blade from you. “How do I not know who you are?”

You threw your head back laughing. Then you answered more seriously, “I work alone, darling.”

Alec just stared at you, you staring right back. “What’s your name?” He asked.

You smiled coyly at the tall shadowhunter. “Y/N.”

“I’m Alec.” He said with a slight smile.

You smirked. “Nice to make your acquaintance. Now if you’ll excuse me..” You turned to walk away before jumping up to one of the tall buildings, leaving the dark headed boy confused.

- 2 Weeks Later -

Alec, Jace, and Izzy were heading out on a mission at Pandemonium. There was a shadowhunter who had gone rogue from an institute near by. They called them, saying that she had crossed over to their turf.

These past two weeks, Alec has been extremely distant. He hasn’t seen or heard of the mystery shadowhunter no one has ever heard of. Why would no one know her? How is it possible she could work alone? It didn’t make sense.

“Alec,” Jace said, waving a hand in front of his face. “Are you alright, man?”

Alec coughed, embarrassed he was out of focus. “Yeah, I’m good. Let’s go.” He said, marching into Pandemonium.

“What’s up with him?” Jace said, leaning over to Izzy.

She smirked. “Oh, nothing.” She said, nonchalant. “I think my brother is infatuated. That’s all.” She said before clicking away in her heels.

Jace stood there dumbfounded. “I never know what the hell anyone is talking about anymore.” He said before following them into the club.

Alec, Jace, and Izzy began to search the club. They had a description. Long dark brown hair, skinny, wild blue eyes, and of course runes all over. She was most likely to be wearing black.

Alec’s eyes scanned the crowd. He mainly just kept seeing vampires. No one with runes. After about 20 minutes of searching the club, Alec huffed impatiently before stepping into the alley way for a look around. “This is ridiculous. She could be anywhere.” He said to himself.

“Or right behind you.” A voice said, making him jump and turn around to see nothing. Then, there was a flash and a girl appeared. A girl who fit the description. Alec automatically raised his bow and the girl put her hands up defensively, but she don’t look afraid. She must have used an invisibility rune.

“Easy there, shadowhunter. We’re all friends here.” She said with a smirk.

“Y/n?” Alec said, confused, but not dropping his bow.

“Of course! You don’t recognize me?” She asked.

“Not with out the wig and makeup, no.” He said. She looked better without it, he thought. She had long dark brown hair, so dark it was almost black, and bright blue eyes. Now, she had on a black t-shirt that stopped right above her belly button and black jeans on. Along with black combat boots. “So, you’re the rogue shadowhunter?” He asked and she just laughed.

“That’s what their calling it?” She said, amused.

“What would you call it?” He said, bow still raised.

“Free.” She said sincerely.

“Alec?” The two in the ally heard being called. Alec turned towards the voice that sounded like his sister.

She stepped into the alley way. “What are you doing out here?” She asked.

He looked back to the left where Y/N was just standing to see no one. Without really knowing why, Alec said, “Just came outside to check if she was here, but I didn’t see anyone so I was just headed back inside.”

Izzy looked at him like she didn’t fully believe him, but she nodded, the two then heading back inside.

someone: but back in high school you said you were straight? I thought

me, in a platinum blonde wig, pink country boots, and sequins, suddenly descending from the ceiling holding a glitzy microphone: Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days! Everybody knows what, what I’m talking bout everybody gets that way~

  • Me: Idk I feel like Shadowhunters might reduce Izzy's entire character into a sexpot who's only there for the male gaze and gets treated like nothing but slut by the other characters
  • Alec: *gets freaked out by Izzy's blonde/white (platinum!) wig and not her skimpy attire*
  • Jace: [Isabelle's] very comfortable with her body
  • Isabelle: *makes jokes and has a personality and shows emotions*
  • Clary: *is more bothered by herself wearing skimpy stuff than the fact that it's all Isabelle wears*
  • Me: See this is why I stan this show
Princess Zelda - A Link Between Worlds (Cosplay work in progress)

I’ve recently got a request to show how I made my Princess Zelda cosplay from A Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds. I made this cosplay for Desucon 9’s cosplay contest in July. The contest went really well and I got to the final which was really fun and totally awesome! 

So the first thing I did was to order the stuff I needed to get from Ebay. I decided that I wanted my dress to be pretty poofy, so I bought an underskirt, a long blond wig and a pair of elf ears. 



Underskirt (number 2):

So to make the skirt I started by measuring my waist and used a circle skirt measurement calculator thingy to get the length of the radius for your waist. Since the skirt needs to be so long I decided to make the skirt as a basic circle skirt parted in to four parts, so each part I need to sew together will be ¼ of a circle. 

To finish off the skirt i hemmed all the edges and sew on a zipper in the back. Then I got the basic of my skirt, bet zelda still got this blue ribbon thing at the bottom of the skirt, I realised that if you sew on both sides of the ribbon it will stiffen the skirt and make it look a bit weird. Therefore I used some kind of glue thing that activates when being ironed that’s usually made for lazy people who wants to hem their curtains, and finally sewed the top edge of the ribbon. 

To make the pink top I folded the fabric in two and basically just cut out a folded rectangle with a hole in the fold to fit your head and pinned it to my body before I sewed the and cut the excess fabric. 

For the arms I used an old tshirt I didn’t use anymore and cut out for pattern and just made it extra big before I attached to the armpits in the pink top. Remember to make the sleeves too big since they’re kinda flowy and not body fitting. For the blur ribbon I used the same method as I did for the ribbon at the skirt. The cape is cut in a rectangular shape which is bigger at the bottom. After a lot of thinking of how to fasten the cape I realised that it was easiest to just attach it to the neck of the pink top. 

For the pink apron on the skirt I used this pattern and just painted in yellow, red and blue with fabric paint.

For the accessories and armor I used craft foam, a heat gun, hot glue, wood glue and painting. For the rhinestone in the crown I used a button that looked like a crystal that I found in my local craft store. When making the crown, remember to make it a little bit bigger that your head since you’re most probably going to wear a wig underneath. For the belt buckles I used air drying clay with craft foam inside/underneath so when I’d sewn on a peace of craft foam to the belt I could just melt them together with hot glue. The belt is fastened in the back with velcro. 

The wig I ordered was a little too long for my taste so I had to cut off about 10-15 cm to get it as I wanted. For the bangs I also had to do a lot of cutting since she got a pretty identifiable front with the separated bangs and the longer parts hanging loose in front of her ears. Also make sure to have some blue contacts and spirit gum to fasten the ears. 

So that is pretty much how I did it! I also painted the painting of her from the game which was used on stage during my performance in the cosplay contest. Good luck!

xx Cosplayer - Mathilde Bakken Thoresen (check me out on Facebook!)