platinum accessories

Watch (Eisuke Ichinomiya)

Eiko sat on the couch, waiting for her mother to come back with milk. As she looked around the large room, she saw her two brothers. One was eating his breakfast, and the other was sipping some sort of liquid; it looked like coffee? The same liquid which her father drinks. Everyday.

Her eyes wandered to the large man sitting on her right, a little bit away from her. Her father, Eisuke, was reading a large piece of paper. The newspaper? Is that what their mother calls it? His legs were crossed and a shiny glint happened to catch her eye. She recognized it as a platinum watch, an accessory which told the time. Its shininess attracted her to her father, who was oblivious to her sudden excitement.

Eiko moved from her sitting position to a crawl. Her small hands only just about to take her weight. Her brothers looked over to their small sister, giggling at her as she made her short journey to Eisuke.

When Eiko reached Eisuke, she reached up to his wrist. Her small fingers only slightly able to touch the watch. Eisuke looked down and saw his young daughter trying to grab his watch. He put the newspaper on the coffee table and gave his baby daughter his wrist. She giggled at the sight: a shiny object. Eiko babbled, her small hands feeling the smooth glass.

“Dad, I think she likes your watch,” Eizo said, smirking at Eisuke.

“Yeah, I think she wants to play with it,” Ekiken said, still eating his breakfast.

Eisuke looked back at Eiko. He chuckled and took his watch off his wrist.

“Yay!” Eiko giggled as Eisuke put the large watch in between her chubby legs. Her hands grabbed the heavy object and tried to put it on her wrist. But the big watch slid past her wrist, all the way to her shoulders. She laughed and clapped her hands, smiling joyfully at her father.

Vivian chose that moment to walk into the living room. She watched the whole exchange from the kitchen and smiled to herself. This was her family.

“Here Ekiken, your orange juice. Drink all of it dear.” She sat next to her 5 year old son and held the glass as he drank from it.

“Eisuke, maybe she likes shiny, expensive jewelry?” Vivian asked.

He was too busy playing with Eiko but he did answer, “Of course she does. And I’ll buy her all the jewelry she wants when she grows up.”

Everyone laughed, watching as Eiko tried to eat the watch.

Happy Easter!!


“ The New Now” - model: Julia Nobis - photographer: Patrick Demarchelier - styling: Lucinda Chambers - hair: Neil Moodie - make-up: James Kaliardos - Vogue UK August 2014

  • Lanvin jacket, tunic & skirt - Dior clutch - Stephen Jones Millinery hat (worn through out)
  • Hermès coat, trousers & belt
  • Jil Sander sweater & trousers
  • Marni dress - Céline shoes - Wool & the Gang arm-warmers & muff