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my sweet flips fanfic part 2: wedding headcanons

the title of this fanfiction is My Big Fat Dragonborn Wedding. it is extremely long, sorry mobile users (spoilers under cut)

 over the course of that year carey went out of her way to reconnect with her comically large and extremely traditionalist dragonborn family. it was tough going and her relationship with them remained a little tense but a ludicrous amount of them showed up to her wedding and it was kind of a disaster but they showed up and it meant a lot to her 

scales, on the other hand, immediately embraced carey and her fiancée and insisted on providing the music for their wedding. carey had already had a band in mind but killian was like “PLEASE” bc she immediately became his best friend within like seconds of meeting him so scales and his like avant-garde family band showed up and played old standards and his adventuring buddies were also there bc he made them come and they accompanied his and hathaway’s musical stylings on the violin & musical saw and tanzer cried into lucian’s formal kimono and when the ceremony was finished lucian pushed him over 

 my headcanon for killian’s family is that she grew up in pretty much the most normal household ever for an orc, which of course meant that she lived with her parents in a tight-knit little community where she was distantly related to everyone. her mother was a ranger who taught her all about wilderness survival and archery, only one of which really took. killian hadn’t seen her folks in ages but they were extremely happy to see her again. everyone in her old village loved carey too of course 

carey was the one who proposed and killian almost passed out because she had seen carey wearing the ring before and never even thought that it would be her wedding ring. killian’s extremely loving orc family made a total ruckus at the wedding because you have to throw in some old orcish folk rituals at an event like this but killian made them promise not to slaughter a boar on the wedding altar because this was a panite wedding, damn it. she let them gild her tusks though because she wanted everybody to know that she was a married woman 

the reception was a mess but the food was great at least. a bunch of the cousins and family friends all gathered around and took notes while taako loudly explained the recipes and plating techniques involved and even the very straight-laced dragonborn relatives at the party had to agree that frilly elven cuisine wasn’t so bad after all 

merle of course gave a speech and of course he told a bunch of really embarrassing stories about his kids. magnus tried to give a speech but he got choked up and had to sit down. taako was not asked to speak but he did anyway and just talked about himself until people stopped paying attention. scales had a lot of terrible childhood anecdotes about carey to share and carey screamed and buried her face in her hands but she loved it because she hadn’t really felt like she had a family in the longest time and now she did, and they were all right there with her. killian picked up on this and didn’t let go of carey’s hand until she was like “babe my bones. you’re breaking them”

lucretia had painted a huge portrait of the two of them and had a super long and grandiose speech planned for when she gave it to them but when it came down to it she just told them how much she loved them and gave them their gift already. she cried also but a very respectable and elegant amount 

carey also did not put silverware on their wedding registry bc she went home with her coat pockets full of the flatware from the reception. killian was almost mad but she was also extremely wine drunk so she just laughed and they both lost it 

 and after the wedding, taako, merle, and magnus all went and stood on the bluff at the edge of the island and looked out at the sea. davenport took the newlyweds in his boat to another island with a little cottage where they planned to honeymoon and the boys watched them push off it had actually been a while since they all hung out so there was a solid minute or so of awkward silence before taako broke it by loudly pointing out how much magnus cried at the ceremony and they all just dissolve into good-natured ribbing and stand out there for hours talking. eventually it got too dark to they all go back to the hotel but it was so quiet out that no one talked the whole way back

The College Interview: An Exercise in Humble-Bragging

It’s the middle of winter, my locker keeps giving me electric shocks, and I haven’t been warm in what feels like 27 years. But yesterday I completed my fourth and final college interview, so I figure I will recap what I experienced, what I learned, and what I would do if I could go through this whole process again. 

This post is SUPER long so I’ll put a “Read More” here for your viewing convenience. 

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‘All I did was go to the library
to borrow some books’
The Strange Library is a unique and sinister tale of a boy who goes to a library to borrow a book and then a surreal nightmare ensues. I wanted to evoke a distorted nostalgia for the library, its corridors and its dusty shelves.
During my design process I became inspired by the visual ephemera of libraries, such as date stamps and issue cards. I have used an actual library pocket on the outside of the first edition – fans who queued overnight at Haruki Murakami’s public signing at Waterstones Piccadilly and were given a unique teaser library card will be able to insert this into the pocket.  I designed the cover with a disturbing colour combination to reflect the pervading tone of malice within the novel: a violent magenta background, the fading office blue of the library pocket and the acid yellow label.
The text of The Strange Library is fully illustrated throughout, with a variety of drawings, images, illustrations, and photographs; and they are taken from a wealth of printed sources; from a 1950s cookery book to Birds of the British Islands, 1907, a book on popular astronomy from 1894 to a Victorian book on Locks and keys.  The majority of the illustrations were sourced from old books I found in the London Library. Founded in the 1840’s, the library is a labyrinth crammed to the ceiling with treasures on seemingly every subject. The metal stacks date from 1890s and are a marvel of architecture, steel grille floors allowing you to see to other floors above and below. Here are housed the books in Science and Miscellaneous, our favourite sections for the sort of research we did.
My picture researcher and I became literally lost in its corridors! There was a great sense of achievement when we pulled out a hidden gem that matched a particular line or part of Murakami’s text. I was interested in how the style of illustration plates and printing techniques evoked a certain period. My favourite was the almost fluorescent colours found in the plate section of a 1950’s German cookery book. For some pages like that of the caterpillars, I had to carefully amalgamate images from different sources. Only two illustrations had to be commissioned for the book as we just couldn’t find images for doughnuts or a ball and chain.
We enjoyed the feel of the books, the delicate tissue held between plates sections, richly elaborate marbled endpapers, the binding of the books and the yellowed sticky that held odd pages together. Faded, folded, mottled and creased even the ‘blank’ pages were of aesthetic interest.
The Strange Library will be published in hardback with specially designed text and illustrations throughout on 2 December 2014, £12.99, translated into English from the Japanese by Ted Goossen.  An ebook edition will also be available.


Digitally Flawless (2014)

Free plate for my Art Technique class!

Yes… That’s Guy-Man’s helmet. Because… I’m a few days late for his birthday. OTL Sooo… Belated happy birthday! \o/ I made a lady out of your helmet. (I am sry)

Pixel dress inspired from Chubby Cherry from Studio Killers. (Collab plz. PLZ PLZ PLZ.)

Materials used:

  • Berkeley watercolor pad
  • Faber castell watercoloring pencils
  • watercolors
  • 0.3 UniPin
  • Colored ballpoint pens