Photos from July’s Seoul Comic World! 8D

It was a blast- didn’t make that much money, but it was a really fun experience~

I wanted to take more cosplay photos but the Homestuck t-shirt photo of my sempai from high school and the Sasha cosplayer are all I have to show you ;3; I was super busy running the booth, so I couldn’t run around taking photos! *rolls around crying angry tears like Eren*

It was a really hectic weekend, look at all those people in the main hall! D: it was so sweaty and hot, you wouldn’t believe how lucky I felt to be behind a table and not being shoved around in the crowd |D

The middle photo is Juu-G and my booth, I’ll be posting photos and prices for our leftover merch later, so if you’re interested in ordering any from us keep your eyes peeled <3

A group of English speaking Korean girls who passed by took a look at our booth and said “the art sucks”


How I wish I could have just stopped them right there and told them that it wasn’t courteous to the artist to say that (in fluent English, of course). They wouldve been so surprised XD