I’m a Mario Lopez fan now :). Does he have any music out? I’ll buy it lol

Also, DWTS and all of their affiliates and fans are  either dense or so Full of shit

On the one hand they’re like it’s fan voting, fan voting is everything! on the other hand and in reality, the platform of the show is such that the scores are half the competition

SO if in week 9 You deduct 4 points for a stumble from Normanis routine and and in week 10 you give Rashad perfect scores when there are obvious stumbles and syncing issues, then what the show and its paid judges are doing effectively is setting up some contestants to win (with less VOTES) and others to lose. Not to mention the effect the judge’s commentary probably has on the audience. Hey Normani youre faltering and breaking down physically. Here’s a boring package. Hey Rashad you’ve got the momentum now so declare we.

What do these narratives have to do with fan voting, really? They don’t have to reflect what the fans want. Instead they’re actually more like voting instructions and an alibi . (It’s like that verse in the Bible whose meaning I’ve heard interpreted in a new light “Give me the desires of my heart”. Not as an in give me what I want, but as in rather tell me what to want…dictate my desires to me. A week before the finale they told David that he was what the show was about and Rashad that he seemed like a winner. So whose desires are those originally? The fans or the show’s?)

And what a coincidence that the show’s “best ever celeb dancer”, as they put it all season, was outscored on the two nights that went towards the win.

it’s not rocket science tbh, just show business

So Nazis.

Here’s the thing that I don’t get.

Indiana Jones. Great character, hates Nazis. Punches and kills his way through them. Still loved by all. 

Everyone loves Batman! Doesn’t like Nazis. 

Wonder Woman, showing people how it’s done. 

Even the villains don’t tolerate Nazis! 

Like, the Joker is seen as one of the most notorious villains in the DC-verse, and he just is about to beat the shit out of the Red Skull. 

More examples: 

And just the sheer amount of times Captain America, literally a character to signify the freedom of the US of fucking A, has punched Nazis is bordering the line of excessive. 

So all of this media ranging from different decades and companies have all endorsed Nazi punching. However, as soon as this happens:

Originally posted by kropotkindersurprise

Everyone loses their shit! “Violence begets violence!” “That isn’t the way to do it” “How dare he attack that man!” “Don’t put out fire with fire!” “You’re just as bad as them if you’re violent!” 

But here’s the thing. It interrupts their platform. It shows that they are not invincible. It shows that they are not protected. It shows that they are going to be held accountable for their spouts of hate disguised as freedom of speech. It shows that there are consequences for their words. 

I’m not saying that I’m going to seek out Nazis just to punch them, but I’m not going to stop anyone who’s doing it either. 

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Either way, we should be punching more Nazis. 

The love interests through the mains’ phones

SKAM is a multimedia/cross platform show, so it only make sense that how characters interact with their friends through social media is important.

I think we’re getting important information through how the mains have been naming their love interest in their phone (I’m skipping Eva because she was already dating Jonas and therefore had him as…Jonas).

Noora had Dickhelm as “Willhelm”, the name she used to neg him. The name she kept in her phone as a way to “neg” the feelings she had for him. During a big part of the season, Noora lied to herself about her feelings for him, refusing to call him by his given name (which I understand…I couldn’t even make myself call him by his name in this meta).

Isak had Even as “Even Kosegruppa” showing how he didn’t know his family name past. He didn’t know where he came from.
Even when he finally learned his last names, he still couldn’t find him on social media. He still only met him at kosegruppa. Even didn’t seem to exist before.
Isak was still missing an important information about him. And he still wasn’t sure about him and Even’s feelings for him. 
“Even Kosegruppa” is as neutral as you can get. It’s not just “Even” because that would be too sentimental. That would mean he’s the first Even his mind goes to when he thinks about the name Even. “Even Kosegruppa” is casual.

Which brings us to Sana.
Yousef is hiding his phone number.
Getting someone’s number feels much more personal than getting someone’s Facebook. It’s a next step in a relationship. First we add each other on Facebook. Then we get each other’s phone numbers…and then we date (because, lbh, we’ll never share our tumblrs to each other).
She’s only been chatting casually with him, through his social media. His social appearance. This public image she had of him. The assumptions she made based on appearances.
The real Yousef is still unknown. We got a glimpse of him at the end of episode 4 but that was still only breaking the surface. She likes him. A lot. But she’s conflicted.
She liked him so much without even realising he didn’t believe in Allah. Which seems like a big part of someone’s identity. It’s certainly a big part of Sana’s.

So yeah.

[The original meta assumed that Sana didn’t have Yousef’s phone number and that it was why it was displayed as “unknown”. I made most of my conclusion around this misconception. Since then a lot of people have explained to me that a number shows as “unknown” if it’s been made private/hidden by the caller. Which only made my point better: we went from Yousef being “unknown/unsure” a character to Yousef outright hiding shit. So I edited the Sana/Yousef part of this meta quickly to reflect this updated information.]

@ Louis Tomlinson’s Team, since there seems to be a second single in the works, how about you do the following things too:

1. Fix that website. No one has even received a confirmation that they’ve signed up for the newsletter.

2. Use his full name for his Instagram account.

3. Actually do advanced promo for Louis the artist. Highlight his skills as a singer-songwriter. Talk about all the great things about Louis - that things that make him unique, likeable and relatable.

4. A photoshoot for Solo Louis, one that will produce photos that be used for a cohesive online and press aesthetic. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. p.s. Plenty of beauty shots of Louis in gorgeous clothes won’t hurt, I promise you. 

5. Line up those full-length interviews and features for Louis. We want to see him profiled in the best publications.

6. Create promotional opportunities for him that go beyond radio and press interviews, and tv/radio performances. The man can act and host - give him those platforms too. SHOW HIM OFF. 

7. Give him the rebrand he so deserves, and the PR he needs. Create a wave of media and industry support for him - be vocal and be public about it! 

8. Be the best, most cohesive, creative. supportive and highly professional team you can be for him.

9. END IT. END IT. END IT. Set him free from the stunts that do nothing for him - every single one of them. 


Why do I love Mamrie Hart, you ask?

In one Instagram post, she:

- Used her platform to show her support for the trans community
- Acknowledged that this is an argument we should not still be having in this day and age, with all our easy access to information, and therefore we should all know by now that all humans should be treated equally and with respect and the fact this hasn’t happened yet is disgusting.
- Blocked bigots and removed their harmful, small minded, hate filled comments from her post, which keeps her community a loving and safe place.
- Was a truly decent human being when someone pointed out a mistake and actively corrected it.

Any other questions?

And yes, this blog is a safe space for all members of the LGBTQ+ community, a community I am proudly a part of

Disney XD also order a 4th season of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

Star vs. The Forces of Evil, from creator and executive producer Daron Nefcy, returns for its third season in the summer.

The showfollows Star Butterfly (Sher), a fiercely awesome teen princess from another dimension,as she navigates high school, embarks on dimension-hopping adventures across the multiverse and battles arch-nemesis Ludo and his monstrous forces of evil alongside her best friend Marco Diaz.

Thevoice cast includes Sher as Star Butterfly, Alan Tudyk (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) as Ludo and Adam McArthur (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Marco. Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, a hardcover book based on the series and written by the series’ supervising producer Dominic Bisignano and Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will be released by Disney Press ‪on March 7.

Disney XD said that the two series reached more 100 million consumer views combined during 2016 across Disney XD’s linear, digital, social and global platforms. Both shows air daily on Disney XD.


Septiplier Paparazzi AU

So I’ve had this idea in my mind since I listened to Paparazzi by Lady Gaga after months and months of skipping it on my playlist.

 "I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me…“

So, Jack is an amateur photographer and Mark is a “not-so-famous” celebrity. Jack gets obsessed with Mark and, due to his wonderful shots, he presents himself to a magazine and gets some sort of “fame” on the platform. 
 An event shows up and various celebrities are invited, among them, Mark. Jack decides to go with the excuse to “just take pictures”, he dyes his hair green, puts on gages, wears his glasses and fixes his goddamn facial hair and shows up.

Or something like that… I don’t write fanfiction, but if someone does writes good fanfiction I’d like to see this well written. Believe me, I’ve tried, but I suck :P

 As you may know, my grammar is horrific. 

My friend recorded the Cypher yesterday. Didn’t do the way I wanted to but can’t dwell on it. This years cypher definitely had a lot of great talent including my homies. Didn’t slug anyone specific, I was referencing 8 mile and tryna be funny. The people who got it, got it. Just like the references in the old cypher. All in all it was straight. I enjoy using these as a platform to show who and what I’m inspired by musically so it’s dope. It was also my birthday, and my mixtape was supposed to drop but now it’s scheduled for November. I’ll keep y'all updated.

best episodes of it’s always sunny per season

season 1 - Underage Drinking: A National Concern
season 2 - Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare
season 3 - The Gang Gets Held Hostage
season 4 - The Nightman Cometh
season 5 - i cannot physically choose between The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis and Mac and Dennis Break Up
season 6 - A Very Sunny Christmas
season 7 - Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games
season 8 - The Gang Dines Out
season 9 - The Gang Gets Quarantined
season 10 - Charlie Work
season 11 - Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs
season 12 - The Gang Goes to a Water Park

i was gonna just post this on peach but you know what i think i need to use my platform to show the important things


This is how you know people haven’t been paying attention in their History classes. 

  • You cannot debate with them because they’re not listening to you and they don’t care if they convert you; all they care about is ONE PERSON IN THE AUDIENCE HEARD THEM AND THOUGHT THEY MADE A LITTLE BIT OF SENSE. So while your kumbaya ass thinks you can win them over with love, they’re smirking because you gave them a free platform you simpleton.
  • You cannot show compassion. They only see it as weakness. 
  • They are, by nature, violent. People who think the world belongs to them and everyone else must die are not innocuous people with “alternative political views”. 

because of all of this you have to treat nazis like enemy combatants who plan to murder, rape, and burn it all to the ground. History tells us that’s exactly who they are.

The boys on Snapchat
  • Eren: Snapchat would be the perfect platform for him to show off, be it a new outfit or haircut. He would also be a fan of posting pictures of what he's eating in hopes that others would be envious of it.
  • Armin: He would rarely post videos, only pictures of the book he's currently reading, an aesthetically pleasing cafe he's in, or landscapes. It would be very rare for him to type down captions as he would want those viewing to focus on the picture itself.
  • Reiner: The snaps he posts would mostly consist of him driving and rocking out to whatever rap song's blasting on the radio. Other snaps would just be pictures or short videos of him working out and "grinding" at the gym. On a good night, he would post videos and pictures of him enjoying the nightlife. His captions would usually be loaded with emojis.
  • Bertholdt: Given that he is an introverted and private person, he would opt to go without Snapchat. The only time you will see him on Snapchat is when he would be in the background of other people's snaps.
  • Jean: Just like Reiner, he opts to post snaps of him driving as he rocks out to his favorite songs, mostly dubstep. He also posts the occasional gym selfie/snap.
  • Marco: Snapchat would be the least updated social media platform he'd have, only updating his story whenever he's out with friends or family, be it a night party or a simple brunch. Albeit rare, he would post a selfie from time to time if he feels confident about his look for that day.
  • Connie: His story is mainly him filming people laughing after the joke has been told, leaving his viewers/followers to scratch their heads in wonder at what was so funny. He would also posts wacky pictures of him playing around with the filters. Food porn pictures/videos would also be found in his story.
  • Levi: As someone who values his privacy, he does not even bother with Snapchat or any other social media platform. He can only be seen on Snapchat when he's being messed with (mostly by Hanji).
  • Erwin: His snaps are mostly him just videos of him narrating what he's currently doing or what he's planning to do– all in detail. For some reason, his angles are always flawless.

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2. spiritassassin

#2. Please, just stop talking

Thousands upon thousands of windows glitter like scales in the morning sun. It’s so bright that Baze has to hold a hand over his eyes just to make sure he doesn’t accidentally walk off the edge of their landing platform.

Beside him, Chirrut is smiling, sightless eyes staring unblinking into the distance.

“This place is so alive.” Chirrut breathes deeply, and grips his staff a little tighter. “It is amazing.”

“It’s ugly.” Baze rolls his eyes and looks around for their Jedi escort. He misses the soft, sandy silence of Jehda already. He hopes these negotiations won’t take too long.

“I highly doubt that.”

“You wouldn’t if you could see it as I do,” Baze responds gruffly, pushing a long strand of dark hair out of his face. That’s another thing. Jehda is never this damned windy. Baze’s long hair is whipping this way and that, so much so that with a losing scowl, he pulls it up into a bun at the top of his head.

He finally spots the Jedi that will to escort them to the Coruscant Temple coming down the runway. She’s a Tholothian, wearing the typical seed pod headdress of her people. Her name bubbles up in the back of Baze’s mind: Gallia. They’d dealt with her before.

Chirrut clicks his tongue softly at Baze, still facing out over the edge of the platform. “Show me, then, before our Jedi friend gets here.”

With a sigh, Baze opens himself up to the Force. To Chirrut. He allows his blind companion to access his eyes and see through them.

“Careful, it’s bright,” Baze warns.

Chirrut’s eyes blink the same time that Baze’s do, but the low sound of amazement Chirrut creates makes the odd sensation worth it.

“It is beautiful, you liar,” Chirrut murmurs.


“We can only provide you with so many Kyber crystals before our planet becomes a target for the Separatists,” Baze says, again. “I’m sorry, Masters Jedi, but there’s nothing we can do.”

The Jedi Council members seated around them look towards one another, before the small green one – Master Yoda, their former Grandmaster – speaks in a low warble.

“Needed, they are. Abandon us, your Order would not.”

“No…” Baze searches for words. “But I was given strict orders. We can try, but there isn’t much either of us can do.”

Yoda stares at him with haunting green eyes, “There is no try.”

Chirrut suddenly steps up in front of Baze. “Actually, Master, there is. You’ve tried other sources. Ilum is a perfectly good one, why do you need ours?”

“Chirrut,” Baze hisses, but Chirrut holds up a hand.

“Trust me,” he murmurs over his shoulder.

Chirrut continues. “Perhaps if the Jedi stopped breaking their own lightsabers in unnecessary battle, more Kyber needn’t be necessary,” He notes with a tap of his staff on the tiled floor to accentuate his words.

Baze stays silent, watches as the small green master’s eyes widen, and then Yoda too taps his small gimmer stick on the floor, echoing Chirrut.

“Necessary it is, to fight. Sometimes.”

Chirrut tilts his chin up. “Of course it is. If you’re defending something. What, do tell, are the Jedi defending at this point? A way of life? Why? What if this is the will of the Force?”

“Defending the Republic, we are. ”

“Ah. But why? You seek to guilt trip us, but you give no reason aside from ‘It’s necessary’. What makes it necessary to manufacture men, and use special Kyber…?”

Baze doesn’t say a word, and keeps his hands behind his back and his lips tightly sealed to keep himself from laughing. By the stones of the temple back home, he loves this man.

Yoda goes quiet, and this seems to surprise the other members of the Council. The Grandmaster himself, Mace Windu, who had looked nothing but taciturn throughout their visit, looks shaken. Yet Yoda only smiles and hums, clicking the tile with his staff once more.

“Right, you are, young monk, but fight we must to protect what we care for.” Yoda leans forward in his seat. “That is why the clones we have. And ourselves. And more Kyber crystals, humbly request we do.”

Chirrut tilts his head towards Baze, but doesn’t turn away from the Jedi Master completely.

Oh no, Baze thinks.

“The Jedi should embrace their caring feelings more often, particularly when they’re the reason behind what they protect,” Chirrut says with an incline of his head. “My companion and I will speak with the Ajahn herself. You will have your Jehdian Kyber Crystals, Master.”


As they leave the round chamber and enter the turbolift, Baze says, “Were you told to do that?”

“No,” Chirrut says, utterly devoid of remorse.

“The Ajahn won’t be pleased,” Baze points out.

“She will understand,” Chirrut insists, as the levels of the tower flash outside the protective cover of their lift. “Yu-Phin wanted a reason to help the Jedi. I’ve found one.”

“They care about people?”

“Yes. Besides, we have the reserves, do we not? Might as well help them.”

The turbolift comes to a stop and the doors slide open.

“I get the feeling you did something you weren’t supposed to.”

Chirrut snorts as he gets off behind Baze. “Don’t I always?”


Chirrut retires to their apartment in the temple early, complaining of a headache. Baze goes with him.

“This place is so loud,” says Chirrut as he slips off his sandals and climbs into one of the two low beds in the room. Baze lowers the suite’s lights completely, takes off his own boots, and climbs into the narrow bed beside Chirrut.

Baze hums in agreement, stroking his hand down the back of Chirrut’s neck. “Do you want some water?”

Chirrut shakes his head and presses in closer to Baze. His breath is hot against Baze’s cheek. “I wouldn’t mind a certain… other activity, if you’re up for it.” A hand brushes along Baze’s crotch, inviting.

Baze smirks, and pulls his hair loose with one hand. Dark hair covers his shoulders as he presses his lips against the spot beneath Chirrut’s right ear. “I thought you had a headache?” he whispers, before leaving a kiss on the soft skin.

The hand at Baze’s crotch becomes a little more insistent, rubbing him to semi-hardness through the thin material of his trousers.

“I may have overexaggerated,” Chirrut says playfully. “Most of it was that Jedi Master Yoda. I don’t believe he likes me very much.”

“He’d be a fool not to like you,” Baze nips lightly down the length of Chirrut’s neck, opening up the fold in his robes as Chirrut sets to work untying his belt.

Chirrut tilts his head, and his pale eyes close halfway as he presses a kiss to Baze’s lips. “Prove it.”


Chirrut is lean and strong beneath him; warm and tight around his length. He moves as Baze moves, arching up when Baze pushes forward, wrapping his legs around Baze’s hips to pull him in deeper and deeper when it doesn’t seem like they can get any closer. Attempting to make them one.

At the brink of climax, Baze opens himself up to the Force and, for a moment, Chirrut sees himself, sweating and flushed, beneath Baze. For a moment, Baze feeling himself pumping into Chirrut; feels himself being stretched and filled. Made whole. For a moment, as they hit that final point in tandem, they are one.

Afterwards, as they lay side by side with legs tangled and their hands fitted together, Chirrut laughs at the ceiling.

“Do you still hate Coruscant now?” he asks.

Baze huffs. “Please, just stop talking, love.”

anyway full offence but the fact that the Riverdale tv show has decided not to make Jughead asexual like he canonly is in the comics is so fucking ugly and y’all won’t ever convince me otherwise like let me just  explain it to y’all

  1. as I stated: he is canonly ace in the comics!!! openly ace!! a confirmed ace!!! so they’re basically erasing a characters canon sexuality. And before y’all @ me with the whole “the comic and tv show are 2 different things!!!!” remember I don’t give a flying fuck. If this was another sexuality people wouldn’t be saying that. i don’t give a fuck that the comic and the show aren’t gonna be identical ofc they’re not but honestly changing something like this is so dumb and ugly and there’s no point to it if u deny that then ur also  annoying as Fuck
  2. referring to the point above: changing his sexuality is so fucking pointless like,, boy wtf would making him ace do in relation to the plot?? he can still have a relationship or romance if they Need him too?? hell asexual can still have sex  if they desperately thought lmao jughead needs a sex scene they could have still made him ace and have sex??? all they needed to do was maybe have him mention the word and explain what it means for people to be happy. it would take what… 5 minutes of screen time?? and would change the plot in no way at all?? so What The Fuck was the point in not adding what the hell has erasing his asexuality done other then Piss people off
  4. they have no Reason for doing it. there’s no explanation as to why they did it. like don’t we at least deserve that.
  5. the actor of the character was prepared to play an ace character. seemed happy to do so.  like… they can’t even use him not wanting to play him that way as an excuse.
  6. also bonus point the way all the articles are saying “lmao jughead ain’t ace he’ll have romance in the show!!” is so ugly bc it shows people still don’t get the difference between asexual and aromantic and the show had such a good platform to show what asexuality actually is and had a chance to show the difference between aro and ace to people But! They! Wasted! It!

anyway in conclusion the cw riverdale is Cancelled to me after this and y’all can call me petty all u want but if this happened to a character of ur sexuality half of y’all would act in the exact same way so don’t even try with me goodbye

EDIT: anyway I’ve been informed that he the character is aro ace so I’d like to also mention how it’s ugly that they’re ignoring both parts of his orientation and would also like to apologize for my unawareness on this fact as it’s resulted in some ignorant and incorrect information in this post. I’d like to apologize to anyone who may have been upset or angry by this post and thought I was ignoring the fact he was also aro, I was simply not aware of this as I haven’t read the comics and was only gather facts from what I know from tumblr and twitter. I’d never intentionally ignore or erase a character’s sexuality or romantic orientation and I’d hate to think people assumed that’s what I was aiming to do in this post. My last point still stands in some ways as the articles keep saying the fact he’s getting romance means he’s no longer ACE when in reality it means he’s no longer aromantic and it still shows how people can’t understand the difference. Yet the article is still relevant as the fact he is going have romance is a valid point and is still ugly towards his character considering he is also aromantic and me completely dismising that point and saying it was wrong without full knowledge was rude and disrespectful. Also my point in relationships could still be valid as I know some aros do still get in relationships but I’ve crossed it so it’s still included in the post bit isn’t something that’s erasing he’s aro. Again sorry for any upset this may have caused, I hope this apology sort of thing makes sense and thank you to the people who helped me become aware of the mistake I had made.

Not liking Jen’s dress is one thing, but going to her social media (where she MOST DEF. SEES WHAT YOU SAY) to be hateful and rude and express your dissatisfaction sucks. Like I have no pretty words for you it just simply sucks. I mean she helped create this dress. She’s clearly soooo excited and happy about her work and this project and her input and seeing it come to life on screen. 

I don’t care if you are usually a creative person or not. We all have had SOME experience where we have created and made something we were excited for. How dare you go onto HER pages and shit all over it. Some of this fandom, and this is on ALL sides, has this idea that because these people have fans, are well known, and to put it bluntly, famous, that means they somehow don’t experience things the way we do. Create the way we do. And take feedback (or hatred the way we do).

I mean honestly people.

How do you see a face like this…look at a person like this…

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and this

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and this

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and this

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and want to be anything but supportive. We are so blessed to have this PERSON as the head of this show. The platforms we have been given are SHARED platforms. You words have intention and those intentions are seen and read and felt. Please think before you post.

I tried to post this twice and it vanished both times (?) so here I go again, sorry it’s long-ish.

Towards the end of last semester, I wrote a 5 page essay talking about the importance of LGBT+ representation in all media and why it’s needed. This past year, we’ve been fortunate enough to see a few people who took advantage of their platforms and showed off some wonderful characters that people can really relate too, and I hope I can be that one day too. I want to make characters that are unique and complex enough for specific audiences, for peculiar people, so that everyone can have fun and enjoy the stories that I produce some day. I want people to cry over them and to be filled with joy that, my god, they’re being represented when they never thought they would be.

If you haven’t read any of @gutter-guy-supreme’s zines, I highly recommend you do. This characters design was inspired by their latest one (hope you don’t mind bud). In it, they talk about their personal experience identifying as non-binary and that’s just what this character is. Non-binary. Charlie talked about how a lot of people have this preconceived idea of what a non-binary person looks like and how people think it’s a half and half spectrum of girl/boy. And It really opened my eyes a bit.

So sitting in my first period class, I came up with the concept for a character who can teleport only through backpacks/bags/purses, and this ends up getting them in some odd and tricky situations. It’s Just a character who fuckin jumps through portals that only they can see in people’s bags, who sometimes goes to class, and could live an average life, but makes it hard on themselves by putting themselves and their friends in dangerous situations, but,,, They’re constantly searching for things that make them happy and are trying to give themselves reasons to strive. They fuck things up. They want to be better for themselves.

I’m excited to work on this character bc I hope they see the light of something some day. I hope most of my characters can ?? Go somewhere ? anyway, thanks for reading and check out @gutter-guy-supreme’s stuff. I’m gonna try and start posting more of my original stuff whether or not ppl are interested. Sorry if this is a bit silly, I’m just a boy w ambitions

chasing clouds

pairing: jimin x jungkook | drabble | words: 1.7 k

The serene waves of the lake rippled under the breeze of the wind. It was enough that the trees remained leafless and bare, but not quite enough to make him shiver. The scent of imminent downpour lingered in the air, as the world seemed draped in a gray filter, the thick clouds casting their shadow over the barren scenery.

It was a landscape that evoked emptiness and loneliness.

However, he was anything but. 

“Jungkook, follow me.” 

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Your suit hcs just killed everyone, so I was thinking.... what if you made formal wear hcs for the girls? Would that be possible? My gay ass is thirsty. Completely okay if you don't want to, though, or if you just can't imagine it. Just an idea. :)

Ladies clothing is a whoooole new can of worms. May you quench your thirst. ;D

Original Suit Headcanons here, part 2 and 3 respectively.

Kiyoko. [Elie Saab]

  • Long, plum velvet that falls to slightly below her ankles. The dress is a long, thigh high split dress with a staggering deep-v neckline that resembles two pieces of fabric falling forwards and being belted around her slim waist with an elegant twist of the cloth. Splits both below and above, this dress is reminiscent of a toga-style, bare backed and embellished with large crystal brooches the shape of bird feathers and other sequins and diamonds clustered around her left shoulder and her right hip. A pair of bare, strappy metallic sandals of around four inches complete her look.
    • This look is all Kiyoko. Her style, her choice and her favourite colour, this dress, although baring a lot, covers without fear any part that isn’t commonly seen. It glides around her like waves due to the reflectiveness of dark velvet, and the cutting wraps around her making her as slim and mysterious as willow.
      • By far, this isn’t the only thing she thought of wearing. Because of her milky skin and slim figure, she can almost wear anything at all and bring it to its potential.
      • However, for an evening affair and among such close friends, she chose fashion and elegance over making a statement or being too eye-catching. Perfect for her personality.
    • Her black hair is left in waves behind her back. Slightly curled and not too long, they cascade past her shoulders and swirl around the base of her neck, adding to her striking profile.
      • Truth be told, she rather dislikes having her hair up. With her jet black hair and stern expression, people usually assume that she’d wear something austere, but she much prefers to let loose.
      • There is minimal product in her hair, except for the heat curling and a setting spray. It looks far too shiny for anything else to tamper with the smoothness of her hair tonight.
    • She doesn’t touch the dance floor at all, despite being asked multiple times by multiple men, she declines them all politely. Preferring to spend time with her team and catch up with other managers that she’s become friends with, she nurses a single martini for the whole evening and enjoys the relatively relaxing mood of the jazz band.

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