Mr. Robot Ep 6review from EW

“That horrible thing is Shayla in the trunk, but the show doesn’t give us that visual immediately. The camera smartly defaults to Rami Malek, as he stares at what’s left of his girlfriend. If all of acting is just reacting, that was some of the most understated, believable, and heartbreaking reacting I’ve seen on TV in quite sometime. While the writers and directors on Mr. Robot have provided a ton of well-stage suspense this season, I think the series’ best contribution to the medium has been providing Malek with a long-overdue platform to show off just how good he is.”


Style. Culture. Music.

Platform Manila round 2

40 booths, a central blogger and guest lounge, a DJ booth and stage. Live music, art, and energy. The Platform event becomes kilometer zero for the day as the country’s youngest and most dynamic designers, creators, and entrepreneurs exercise their style, networking, sales, and marketing skills. The event aims to be the youth’s first “grown up” culture convention, as well as an opportunity for the market to understand the scope of what kids today are capable of.

Awesome Items from The Flying Dutchman

Today, I think was the most worse day of my life, well it’s not in a bad way. I just realized that my fashion sucks! And a whole lot of people are trying to make our country dress well, fashionable and artistic-looking in a not so expensive kind of way. Young entrepreneurs from around the metro showcased to the public, how our generation dresses.

This is surely an event I’ll never forget my whole life, it changed how I looked at myself and gave me a whole new perspective in the world of fashion, plus I almost spent 7,000 pesos trying to change my lifestyle in a day. Wew! I think I need a miracle. i wish Tim Yap or Chio Pio would come to my house with a truck full of men’s apparel.


TORONTO: Group of Mercy’s 3rd Annual TTC campaign “Islam Taught me…”

The campaign highlights what Islam teaches Muslims in regards to their work, family and community. Ads were placed in the busy Toronto station at different platforms to help show people what Islam really means. There were 10 different posters of men and women in different fields with a quote about what Islam has taught them; each poster was potentially read by thousands of transit passengers, helping to spread the positivity of Islam Insha'Allah


A kick off to reeling in the best representatives of our country’s independent verge culture retail industry. Young entrepreneurs that have taken the plunge and committed to developing clothing lines, art and culture products, independent accessories and lifestyle items – coming together with an opportunity to not only sell to the public, but proudly display the fruits of their hard work.
With “Unite & Conquer” as the theme for the freshman Platform Show event, the organizers are committed to creating a highly interactive experience for both independent brands, and the discerning consumer – two segments of Philippine society that we feel deserve more.

As an event that showcases young Filipino talent and creativity, as well as business-mindedness, we hope to become not only a hub for finding exclusive clothes and creations, but also a symbol of what our next generation can aspire to be.

Dedicated to the expressive youth, The Platform Show will be held on SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012 at The Playground, Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Avenue from 12nn-8pm.

40 booths, a central blogger and guest lounge, a DJ booth and stage. Live music, art, and energy. The Platform event becomes kilometer zero for the day as the country’s youngest and most dynamic designers, creators, and entrepreneurs exercise their style, networking, sales, and marketing skills. The event aims to be the youth’s first “grown up” culture convention, as well as an opportunity for the market to understand the scope of what kids today are capable of.

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Platform. Manila’s First Youth Culture Convention.

PLATFORM Show 2012 is presented to you by Smart in cooperation with Zalora Philippines, Titan, Slam Magazine Philippines, Alive Athletics, Chocolate Clothing, Native Shoes, Boxfresh, Supra, & Skullcandy with the participation of Velprint, SoFA, Postura Project, San Miguel Alcoholic Malt Beverage, San Miguel Light, Jose Cuervo, & Kyss Restaurant & Lounge with the media partners Solar Sports, BTV, Talk TV, Urban Myx,, Status Magazine, Clavel Magazine, Garage Magazine,, STYLEBIBLE.PH, Young Star, & with the support of Ronac Art Center, Goody, Uratex, & the City of San Juan.
Description PLATFORM 2012: Unite & Conquer! will take place on Sunday March 18, 2012

To register your brand for this year’s event, inquire about booth availability, & all other questions, please email

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So sick of the
“I needed this”
“I deserve to be here over _____”
“Now I have to go back home to ______”

Like sorry but big brother isn’t suppose to help your life. This isn’t give people what they want. It’s a game when people try to get people evicted each week. It’s a social game that’s designed to mentally fuck with your head.

There’s so many opportunities you can get after big brother that people don’t need to sell themselves sort, or throw a pity party. Like of course it sucks losing and going back home to a crappy job, but serious you have been given a platform now it’s up to them to decide what you want to do with it.


PLATFORM SHOW: “Unite & Conquer” March 18, 2012 Event Re-cap Part 1 


Ready for #PlatformShow Round 2 on Sunday Nov 25 at the Ronac Art Center?!?!? Peep this - PLATFORM SHOW: “Unite & Conquer” March 18, 2012 Event Re-cap Part 2 

New Kelly File on the Duggars

parrot06 said: 

So the show getting cancelled is everyone else’s fault (it could never be Josh’s fault); we’re running an opportunity for the innocent one to continue on the show (because those at fault would gladly stay off camera); other shows thrive on much more scandalous storyline (let’s just forget that the premise of those shows is entirely different). This is the most ridiculous “piece” of journalism ever. Let’s continue with the blame game and take no ownership of the part they played This pisses me off! I’m tired of people ignoring what happened all for the sake of the “Christian family values” reality show, since that’s how they’re portraying it!

maryisdunn said: 

The platform of the show is what makes this all so despicable. They just don’t get it. On a disqus comment thread one Duggar defender told me that what Josh did wasn’t even molestation. WWJD?

wesayso-foundation said:

 I keep looking out my window to the sky to see when Jesus is going to descend and kick his ass.


New Kick-Ass Web Series for Black Female Superhero

DC Comics announced this weekend at the annual ComicCon conference that Vixen, its first black female superhero, will led in a new online animated web series of the same name on the CW Network exclusive digital platform CW Seed.  

The show revolves around the character of Mari McCabe, a young woman originally from Africa, who becomes the super-heroine named Vixen when she inherits a necklace with a magical totem after the death of her parents.

There aren’t many black superheroes out there, and even fewer black super-heroines. Other black female super-heroines include Storm, the weather manipulating mutant from Marvel’s X-Men franchise; and Bumblebee, the shape-shifting Teen-Titan from DC who’s able to deliver electric blasts.  

Vixen was developed by Gerry Conway and Bob Oskner in 1978, and was set to have her own solo series that was cancelled at the last second.“We were just caught short,” Conway said in aninterview with Comicosity last year. “There was a moment in time when we could have brought her out as a single feature character and that moment passed.”

When asked how the character came about Conway said, “I also wanted to create a character who was a minority, and the idea of a female black super-heroine hadn’t been played up to any great extent at that point.“

As "Vixen,” McCabe’s unique abilities derive from a mystic amulet called the Tantu Totem that can channel the powers of any animal that she can think of, which limits her potential only to her imagination. Viewers will follow her journey to discovering her powers and her family’s heritage.

Fans of the character will be pleased that veteran comic book pro Marc Guggenheim, writer and producer for both “The Flash” and “Arrow” TV series, will be overseeing the project. Episodes will also feature characters from “The Flash” and “Arrow.”

Although this series puts the spotlight on Vixen, she has also appeared in other DC Comics cartoons. In Cartoon Network’s “Justice League Unlimited,” her character was one-half of the black super-powered hero couple along with the Green Lantern John Stewart.

While more superheroes of color are becoming prevalent – such as the new Spider-Man Miles Morales. Vixen is the first female black super-heroine to be the main protagonist of a series.

Meanwhile, the DC film franchise is gearing up for “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which will feature several characters from the DC Universe such as the Flash and Wonder Woman. If the “Vixen” illustrated web series is a success, perhaps a live-action appearance for the heroine isn’t too far away?

See the animated #Arrow/#TheFlash spinoff #Vixen’s first trailer #SDCC

— IGN (@IGN)

July 12, 2015

anonymous asked:

Just saw your post about Anna Maria and Joshua. Everyone always says Instagram and other social media platforms don't show the other side of someone's life. This is 100% true.

Part 2: Anna has a basic job and was in a music video. A trashy music video. If you go on YouTube and type in “Just a Link- Imperial Squad” you’ll the level of trashy that she used to be on. Joshua has recently graduated, he attended the uni that I am currently at. Yes they are both British and live outside of London which is why they’re always at hotels on the weekends as they go out a lot in London during the weekend. They are apparently currently looking for a place together.

Part 3: Sorry for all this detail I don’t want to seem bitchy but I’ve seen and heard people talking so excessively about this couple and actually believing they have such a perfect life. But as per usual, they only show the half of it. The half that they want the world to see. Also the clothing lines aren’t theirs, it’s a brand they promote etc.

Part 4: Only they know if their love is as pure and as perfect as they show it to be, no one else can comment on that. However these girls who follow this couple religiously need to stop idolising them and claiming that their relationship and what he does for his woman is goals. It’s sickening to think young girls at the age of 18 are actually pressuring their boyfriends to shower them in that much luxury and constantly tagging their other half in this couples posts.

I read all the tea on lsa and you really can’t make up the shit they wrote on there. The tea was scalding and you can say whatever you want about how perfect they are but social media is a beautiful lie with all like to make up about how perfect our lives are and how pretty we are when in reality the truth is very ugly. 

We started out at one point talking about how evolution involves creating ever greater circles of empathy: You belong to your family, then you belong to your tribe, then two tribes link up and now you have empathy for your people on this side of the river, and you’re against the people on the other side of the river… on and on through villages, cities, states and nations… So what if a more literal form of empathy could be triggered in eight individuals around the planet… who suddenly became mentally aware of each other, able to communicate as directly as if they were in the same room. How would they react? What would they do? … What does it mean? And what would the world think about people with this ability? Would they embrace it, or hunt them down…? It would give us a perfect platform to do a show that was loaded with action, big ideas, some amazing stunts that no one’s done before, and play to a planetary audience.
—  J. Michael Straczynski, co-creator of sense8

I was on a train today and the conductor was an absolute cutie pie - he had a bunch of train pins on his jacket and he checked every ticket with a cheerful greeting and knew all the platforms if your ticket showed a change over and he did all the announcements over the speaker with loads of enthusiasm, like he obviously wanted to be a train conductor his whole life and now he’s doing it and loves it. Good for you train guy, may we all end up doing something we love

anonymous asked:

What did Mindy do?

Mindy does this REALLY annoying thing where she literally uses her platform (aka her show) to just get white guys she’s thirsty for on her show to play love interests.