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jmprep  asked:

Hey Mackenzie! I really like the platform sandals that are pretty trendy right now but all the ones I've seen have the espadrille platform. Do you know of any that have a wood/solid platform?

Here are a few!

  1. black flatform wedge ($30) - I have a pair identical to these! They are a little bit espadrille-ish, but they are a great price point. 
  2. stud/wood wedge ($55) - LOVE
  3. leather/wood wedge ($59) - mule style
  4. solid sporty platform sandals ($59)
  5. wood/cross strap platform sandal ($75)
  6. wood wedge sandal ($100)
  7. lace up tall wood platform sandal ($100)
  8. wood buckle wedge sandal ($108) - LOVE
  9. brown weave platform sandal ($125)
  10. free people wood slide sandal ($128)