Scarlett Johansson wows in a red bow neck flared skirt dress at the SING premiere today at TIFF ‘16 (11th Sept 16).

This look is so fresh I almost keeled over! The colour of the dress is gorgeous and bright, the style easy and young (so right for a daytime event), the shoes are fun and her big hair looks wonderful!! Her makeup is flawless (yes I noticed the nose contouring, did you?) and the whole thing leaves me asking myself if Scarlett is in fact a goddess that will never age?!

When your dress does this much talking you don’t need much and Scarlett balances it supremely with the black shoes (wouldn’t red be awful!) and the classic black winged eyeliner. The warmth around her eyes is stunning and just enough, the natural hair colour and nude lip and fingernails (she even left her ears very almost naked) are pretty without competing - with her toenails tying in (in a deep red) and being far enough away as again not to complete, the gold fringed detailing on her shoes is also fine being boyond the dress and on the end of an expanse of perfect leg!

The shoes I feel need more of a mention, and maybe controversially I love them on Scarlett - such a welcome break from painfully skinny stilettos and pointed pairs - the lady can walk (with ease) in these, hurrah! Also let’s not forget Scarlett is a really petite beauty at 5ft 3″ and these really bring her up to everyone else’s level - in the style stakes however now they all need to catch up with her!