Ludum Dare!

Canvas and the Mystery Brush!

I just completed my LD entry! It’s a puzzle platformer, with bosses and enemies!

It’s called : Canvas and the Mystery Brush!


You take the role of Canvas! A girl trapped within the Doodle World by the Doodle King! In it, are a chaotic bunch of doodles and with it, a powerful, but mysterious brush with the ability to make paintings real!

Now, Canvas must find a way to defeat the Doodle King and return to her own world! Puzzles and enemies stand in her way!

Are you a bad enough dude to help her out?


I’d really like it if you tried it!


Hi guys!! New episode of Luna P Reviews! Today I’m gonna review a platform sneakers from our partner shop MaxStar ! It’s a store that sells platform canvas shoes and custom converse, and they’ve a bunch of styles and colors to choose! They offer a fast shipping worldwide with tracking number, in 4-5 days your shoes will arrive to you!  

1. External Packaging and Shipping: 

I emailed MaxStar in order to make a review of their shoes and they kindly responded me in a couple of days and sent my shoes immediately, the 13th June (Thursday) from South Korea and it arrived to Spain on Monday 17th. SUPERFAST!! I’ve never have received an order from Asia so quickly!! So, this point is perfect. The box was inside a non-woven envelope, without excess plastics or papers (you know that I care a lot about environment!) 10/10 

2. Internal Packaging:

When I opened the box, I noticed that they had sent me a shoe laces of the same pink fluor color that the shoes! A great detail, I think is super important to care about little details, it makes that the seller becomes GREAT. The shoes were inside a non-woven bag with the logo of Maxstar, so well presented and protected with another plastic bag :) At first time, I thought  that the pink lacess were the only, but the black laces were attached in the shoes! So it makes me happier than I was :_D 10/10

3. The item:

Ok, I’ve got an awful lot of platform shoes, and recently I bought a pair that only took me a month… But I’ve had a MaxStar platform canvas shoes before and I can guarantee that they’re SUPER resistant and comfortable!! The sole is compact, flexible (that’s important in order to the sole doesn’t unstick) and the fabric of the shoe is the same color as seen on images from their web and as well, so resistant! They’ve a zipper on the side in order to make easier to put on the shoes, I think this is so cool!! :D If you want a resistant, comfortable and cool platform sneakers, I highly recommend MaxStar !  10/10

And that’s all!! I hope it has been helpful and funny and dissolves any doubt about buy something from MaxStar Shoes!!  :) 

Remember to use the code “China Pastel” to get 10% off in your order :)