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let’s play minecraft: sky factory

part 1: the boys rebuild the world with a single tree and laugh about googly eyes

part 15: gavin takes another step towards nuclear power and jeremy is doing literal blood magic


I just came past @rmarchive’s post about Namjoon’s birthday project. Fyi our beautiful boy’s bday is on September the 12th, which is a bit over a month away. I love the idea, to stream Namjoon’s solo mvs to show our love and appreciation for him. 

I know it may sound repetitive to hear “Namjoon’s so under-appreciated in this fandom” because HE IS!! NONE of his solo mvs have reached 10 mil. I mean, we can stream Not Today 11 million times in 24 hours, but only 838,361 views for P.D.D. in over 2 years (890 days to be exact)??? It’s a shame, but let’s not linger on the negative aspects anymore.

I made a Youtube playlist (here) with 5 of Namjoon’s solo mvs: P.D.D., Awakening, Do You, Joke, Fantastic and Change. Please take less than 30 mins of your day to support our talented, hard-working leader! It may sound like just a small, insignificant gesture, but if you refer to rmarchive’s post (or if you know Namjoon well) it would mean the world.

He also released a mixtape on Soundcloud called RM (2015). I don’t need to tell you how amazing this project is - it was on Spin Magazine’s Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of 2015. Please check it out as well!!

Namjoon is such an amazing leader and a strong, inspirational person (and also so so sweet and soft). He works so hard and carries so much weight on his shoulders for the boys and for us. And I really hope you all can support him back~