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Attn. Artists on AO3

If you’re a fan artist trying to expand your audience/outreach by posting to AO3, you’ve probably noticed that in-work images are NOT mobile-responsive – basically, they get cut off on smaller screens, like phones. Unfortunately (for artists), AO3 has iPhone safari listed as the second most used browser in their site statistics…from 2013. We can only imagine where it and other phone browsers rank now. 

Below is a rudimentary, probably inefficient tutorial on how to get your art to NOT do that so your mobile-based viewers can still see your work!

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It’s about the thrill of it, really. That’s the reason Canned Pork tried out for the annual Halloween shadowcast in the first place. It’s not that Canned Pork is particularly talented; they don’t have a singer’s voice, a dancer’s grace, or an actor’s nuance. What they’ve got is their guts, their sense of humor, a knack for entertaining others, and a willingness to get weird. For Rocky Horror, that’s enough.

It’s the thrill of it that motivates Canned Pork to keep pouring energy out at rehearsals even when their classes are exhausting them; it’s the thrill of it that electrifies them on Halloween evening when the rest of campus is out pre-gaming and they’re perfecting their glitter eyeshadow in the dressing room. It’s the thrill that shelters them from stage fright when they glance out from the wings and see the audience crowding the seats, drunk and riotous and glittering in their costumes and their lingerie. It’s the thrill that moves them through every dance- still uncoordinated, still ungraceful, but with such wildness and such energy that they can feel the house burning down. It’s the thrill that still buoys them up as they walk across campus after curtains, size 11.5 feet aching in size 11 platform heels stuffed with salt packets, applause still echoing in their ears.

The night is chilly, especially considering Canned Pork is still in just a corset and fishnets, but the air’s cold bite is refreshing after all the sweating onstage. Despite the late hour- when is it, even? They must have lost track of time in the excitement of the show- campus is still teeming with life and laughter, students in costume flitting about like so many brilliant moths. Canned Pork collects more than a few high fives from fans of their performance, and when a voice from about three feet above their left ear says “you were fantastic in the show tonight!” they don’t remember the old superstition about not saying “thanks!” until the word has already left their painted lips.

The night is chilly. Campus is still teeming with life and laughter. Canned Pork slowly looks up at whoever complimented them, then quickly looks away. The path back to the dorms seems impossibly long now, and suddenly it seems that not everything flitting about is actually wearing a costume.

Canned Pork is not particularly talented, nor, they realize, are they particularly smart. They do not have a singer’s voice, a dancer’s grace, or an actor’s nuance. They’ve got the steel in their corset, the salt in their shoes, their guts, their sense of humor, their knack for entertaining others, and their willingness to get weird.

They’re going to have to pray that will be enough.


(A note from the writer: at my school, there’s a clause in the student constitution that states a student group MUST put on a shadowcast performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every year on the weekend of Halloween. I don’t know who demanded it or why, but I’ve been in that performance two years running now. It’s always a fun time, and the bright lights keep us from seeing anyone (or anything) in the audience too closely.)


the only thing i have to say about chris pratt and anna faris separating is really only tangentially related and has nothing to do with their marriage and is not necessarily a judgement on anna faris at all (because a republican has always been a republican, they just get louder and weirder about it, people unfurl into The Most versions of themselves, especially when given a platform of any size), but what i don’t understand is how the general you, ~consumers of media~, can find out that someone is a conservative trump supporter and still maintain any level of attraction to or admiration towards that person

like this is less of a judgement (i’m definitely still judging you) and more so just like…………… how…. how do you actually mentally do that, how does your brain allow for that, i earnestly don’t get it

i’m not the kind of person who harbors crushes or generally expects men to be anything but consistently disappointing in every way so maybe that’s why but like the only person who’d really qualify for me is sebastian stan, but if i found out that he was a ~right-wing christian warrior~ he would become so immediately physically and morally repulsive to me and that would be the end of that, forever

Ball python enrichment: Platforms for tubs!

So I had to remove my ball pythons light a while back because he was climbing all over the cardboard reflector I made at night- was worried he would break it or the bulb or generally cause trouble..

I thought I would give him something else to climb on instead so I made him this platform. 

very cheap and easy to make and very sturdy. How its made stuff below the cut.

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Missed Kiss Pt. 3

The third, final, and best chapter of my snowbarry fanfic, Missed Kiss!  enjoy!

Plot: A run-in with Captain Cold and his sister ends up revealing Caitlin’s feelings for Barry to Barry.  How will she handle it?  Better yet, how will he handle it?

Notes: I own nothing.  Enjoy!  And if you really do like it please feel free to like, reblog, or comment!  Thanks!

Link to Pt 1:

Link to Pt. 2:


Two weeks had passed since her conversation with Cisco, and Caitlin still couldn’t bring herself to tell Barry how she felt.  Not that there was a lot of time to do that anyway.  Wells has been escalating on the evil scale quickly, which is how they found themselves in the current situation: teaming up with Captain Cold.

Wells’ latest plan was going to put the metahumans that Team Flash had already captured in jeopardy. After they all agreed that they couldn’t just let them die, Barry suggested moving them to Oliver Queen’s personal jail on Lian Yu.  The only snag in the plan was they would need back up to make the transition.  Barry then further suggested they ask Captain Cold for help.  After a long argument about it, Barry eventually got his way, and eventually was able to persuade Captain Cold to temporarily join forces with them.  The two of them had struck a deal, and now Cold was in the lab, along with his sister, trying to make a game plan with Barry and the team.

Caitlin was only half listening while she was doing some research on her computer.  Honestly, she wasn’t thrilled to be working with known villains, especially when one of them had previously kidnapped her, but she wanted to be supportive of Barry and his plan.  Besides, if Cisco and Joe could agree to working with them, then she could too, no matter how reluctant the agreement may be.

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IT’S OFFICIAL! BookNet Fest is happening Friday, September 1st and Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 in Orlando, FL!

BookNet Fest is a book community convention that is made by the community for the community. We were planning it before the big BEA announcement which excluded a ton of reviewers, but it really was perfect timing with that development.

This is really about ALL bookish platforms of all sizes. Everyone is welcome, regardless of what platform you use to talk about books, how long you’ve been doing it, or what your following is. None of that matters at BookNet Fest. It’s about our love of books and the bookish community.

The focus of BookNet Fest is all genres! YA, adult, middle grade, SFF, romance… all of it! We will have creators from ALL platforms representing ALL genres! Viewers are welcome as well :) There will be something here for everyone. It’s about building community, being inspired, learning, and making friends!

Friday is going to be a trip to Harry Potter World (first day of school at Hogwarts is 9/1!) and Saturday is all the panels/workshops. This event is all about what you make it. If Harry Potter World doesn’t fit your budget or schedule, just come for Saturday and the panels! Or vice versa! That’s also why we chose Orlando, as it is a cheap travel destination with multiple discount flights and cheap hotels. We want as many people as possible who want to attend to be able to attend.

The website and pre-registration will launch this weekend so keep your eyes peeled. More information such as schedule and speakers will be announced in the coming months. We hope you are as excited as we are!

mamajebbun  asked:

A (child) Myrtle appears into the sound void. It looks like they were covering they nose. Myrtle had sneeze and accidently teleported it seem. He looked about while tugging on his scarf. Anxiousness caved in. Little beads showed in his eye sockets but he stubbornly didn't cry. "No. I'm a superhero and they don't cry..." while repeating to himself he walked to find someone.


There was… someone on the platform…? They were his size! They’d never had a visitor his size before, and… it looked like they hadn’t seen him yet. Silently, Mezzo popped out of sight, reappearing just behind this new comer. For a moment, he followed behind them silently, watching what they were doing. However, it wasn’t long before his curiosity got the better of him. 

“HI!! Are you an outsider?”