Hidden Platform Shoe Tutorial for Invisibly Increasing Height

View full size tutorial on DeviantArt here: http://rinkujutsu.deviantart.com/art/Hidden-Heeled-Platform-Shoe-Tutorial-Genos-OPM-614226288

Here is a tutorial for adding hidden heels/platforms to regular shoes or boots.  I usually don’t care to boost my height or lengthen my legs for a costume, but I need to be taller than my brother who will be wearing Saitama to go with my Genos from One-Punch Man costume.  As you can gather, hidden heels are handy for making heights in cosplay groups accurate :P .  Most other times, I don’t think it is worth sacrificing comfortable shoes to be taller.

If there is anything that is confusing or needs to be clarified in this tutorial, let me know so I can make it better!

I would love to see anything made with this tutorial!  Send me the link to finished projects so that I can add it to the DeviantArt description.

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