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90's Themed Sapphic Asks:
  • 1: Early to mid 90's sapphic, or mid to late 90's sapphic?
  • 2: Neon windbreaker sapphic, or denim jacket sapphic?
  • 3: Spice Girls sapphic, or Backstreet Boys sapphic?
  • 4: Beads on your bicycle spokes sapphic, or streamers in your bicycle handlebars sapphic?
  • 5: Furby sapphic, or Beanie Babies sapphic?
  • 6: Overalls sapphic, or jumper skirts sapphic?
  • 7: Xena: Warrior Princess sapphic, or Buffy The Vampire Slayer sapphic?
  • 8: Ripped jeans sapphic, or cargo pants sapphic?
  • 9: Nirvana sapphic, or Pearl Jam sapphic?
  • 10: Tommy Hilfiger sapphic, or Calvin Klein sapphic?
  • 11: Christopher Pike books sapphic, or R.L. Stine books sapphic?
  • 12: "Take a chill pill" sapphic, or "talk to the hand" sapphic?
  • 13: Clueless sapphic, or The Craft sapphic?
  • 14: Nintendo 64 console sapphic, or Nintendo Gameboy sapphic?
  • 15: 90's Euro-Pop sapphic, or 90's grunge sapphic?
  • 16: Platform sneakers sapphic, or Mary Jane shoes sapphic?
  • 17: Maybelline Roll on lip gloss sapphic, or Lip Smackers lip balm sapphic?
  • 18: Toe ring sapphic, or ankle bracelet sapphic?
  • 19: Walkman sapphic, or hit clips sapphic?
  • 20: Push pops sapphic, or ring pops sapphic?
  • 21: Plaid flannel sapphic, or baggy sweater sapphic?
  • 22: Eyebrow piercing sapphic, or tongue piercing sapphic?
  • 23: Rollerblades sapphic, or skateboard sapphic?
  • 24: Tori Amos sapphic, or Fiona Apple sapphic?
  • 25: Hair parted down the middle sapphic, or thick straight across bangs sapphic?
  • 26: MTV sapphic, or Nickelodeon sapphic?
  • 27: Slap bracelets sapphic, or mood rings sapphic?
  • 28: Bucket hats sapphic or bandanas sapphic?
  • 29: Christina Aguilera sapphic, or Britney Spears sapphic?
  • 30: Valley girl sapphic, or riot grrrl sapphic?
  • 31: Tattoo choker sapphic, or puka shell necklace sapphic?
  • 32: Skip-It sapphic, or hacky sack sapphic?
  • 33: Ying yang signs on everything sapphic, or alien faces on everything sapphic?
  • 34: "Whatever" hand sign sapphic, or "loser" hand sign sapphic?
  • 35: Are you a 90's baby sapphic, or 90's kid sapphic?

So I decided to play around with this wig, dress and new shoes and I ended up doing an attempt to look like a cute gothic doll with Gloomy the Bear~ So I wanted to share this here. I hope you guys like it~ :3

[Baekhyun Fanfic] Heaven - Chapter 1

Byun Baekhyun x OC

‘I cannot remember exactly the first time your soul whispered to mine, but I know you woke it. And it has never slept since.’ - JmStorm

 Chapter 1 [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6]

I walked down the white hallway, nervously approaching the door at the end of it. My white peep-toe Mary Jane platform shoes clicked satisfyingly against the white marble floor. I stopped in front of the door before hesitantly raising my hand to knock, but before I got the chance I heard a deep voice telling me to come inside. Taking a deep breath I turned the silver handle, stepping into the office that was white with dark grey accents. “Hello sir, you wanted to speak to me?” I greeted him and bowed 90 degrees. He knew I was nervous- he could see it quite clearly. He let out a small laugh before sitting down in his large chair and gesturing me to take a seat as well- I quickly obeyed his order.

His intertwined his hands and placed them over his mouth, elbows on the desk, as if he was thinking for a second. When he lowered them back onto the desk he began to speak.

“You know you are still pretty young and inexperienced to be sitting in front of me, I’m sure you know this,” he paused and made eye contact with me- his sharp facial features and dark eyes made him look very intimidating- my nervousness started to build, “and yet here you are, not more than three years old, the big man himself giving me orders to make you an Angel of Death.” My heart stopped. No one else I had ever known or learnt about in these past three years had ascended so quickly, even I was shocked. I thought I had done something wrong. “Of course I wanted to tell him no, but being who he is, I can’t do that. So I’m going to give you a small assignment- nothing much really, just a test of loyalty” He handed me a white sticky note with an address written elegantly on it.

As I looked at the small piece of paper, he reached towards one of the drawers of his desk and pulled out a necklace with a small gem hanging from it. He handed it to me before crossing his arms. The gem was transparent and about the size of a coin, it was in cased in silver and within it flowed a dark substance. “Your assignment is to go to the address, it’s a hospital, go to the room number that’s written down and take the patient’s soul. The necklace will give you temporary power to do so. Just place your hand over their heart, their soul will seep into the necklace. Then report back to me. Simple.” I gulped as I looked at the necklace, then looked at him and nodded. “You may go now.” He shooed me out of his office as he returned to his wine collection that was on show behind his desk. I closed the door behind me before I looked down at the note again. The letters were familiar to me- Hangeul. Letters I was very used to seeing before the incident that occurred just over three years ago.

I walked down the dark street, music blasting in my ears. I smiled at the sound of their voices, my anxiety of walking home alone in the dark melted away at the sound of their voices. I was looking down at my phone, scrolling through my playlist, looking for a particular song when I started to cross the road. I had made the fatal mistake of not looking for cars. I heard the blaring horn of a car and saw the cold light of a car’s headlights wash over my body before I felt and heard the impact. I heard a crack- I couldn’t move. Pain engulfed my body, I saw the pavement before my eyes turn red with my own blood, I struggled to breathe, each breath felt like knives in my lungs. I think I cried- I felt a warm liquid seep down my head but I wasn’t sure if it was blood or tears. There was a ringing in my ears, but as everything started to fade, one sound remained- the song. As I felt myself dying, the last thing I remember hearing was their voices.

A chill ran down my spine at that memory and I shook my head. That’s all I remembered about the day I died. I put the necklace on, it was warm, I felt the warm sensation spread throughout my body, giving me power. My white pristine wings that folded over my arms and ended just below my fingertips were now jet black, with a metallic quality that made them shine at a certain angle in the light. After I admired the new color for a few moments, I concentrated back on my assignment. I closed my eyes, thinking about the address. When I opened my eyes, I was standing in front of a hospital in Seoul. It was dark, probably around midnight so the area in front of the hospital was quiet. Knowing no one could see me, I walked through the open double doors, through the waiting area and started looking for the room. 8C. All the rooms I walked past had started with 1, so I reasoned that the number corresponded with the floor. Quickly I opened my wings and jumped, soaring up, passing through the thick floors of the hospital until I arrived on the eighth floor, where I folded my wings and looked up at the first door in sight. 8F.

I turned right, passed a few rooms until I came to the closed door labelled 8C. This was the only door in sight that was closed. Suddenly I felt my stomach drop, as if something was waiting for me behind the door that I wouldn’t like. I gulped and stood silently for a while. A test of loyalty, his words rang through my head. I was in Seoul. The place that I had wanted to visit for who knows how long before I died. Even after I had died I had wanted to visit here, but angels weren’t exactly allowed free roam, and none of my assignments took me anywhere near Korea. I let out a deep breath before I allowed my brain to jump to conclusions about who might be waiting for me behind this door.

Bravely, I passed through the wooden door, and was greeted with a dimly lit room, the counter opposite the hospital bed was littered with get-well-soon gifts- flowers, teddy bears, balloons, so many things. I turned my attention back to the hospital bed and as I approached, my heart started to sink. A chill ran down my spine as I realized who lay before me. He was motionless, hooked up to countless machines that monitored different vital signs. His brain activity was almost nothing. I felt my chest and throat tighten as I looked down at him, my hands gripped the railing of his hospital bed.

I heard footsteps in the hallway before the door quietly opened, I turned around to see a nurse hold the door open for an older looking man with a sad look on his face as he stepped in, his eyes moved to the motionless boy in the hospital bed. Behind him, more people filtered into the room. People I knew. 11 boys, the older man must have been their manager. They gathered around his bed, tired looks on their faces.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t possibly take him away from them. I knew the consequence I would have to face if I disobeyed my superior, but I just couldn’t do it. I looked around the room, at their sad faces, and I felt my heart shatter into pieces. I remembered them- everything I had known about them before I died. I had loved them with all my heart and, I realized, I still did. Especially the one who lay in the hospital bed. I turned to looked at his motionless form again before I placed my hand on his forehead, slipping into his coma dream.

Everything is bright, the sun shines brightly through the large windows as a birthday song rings through the room. I turn to see 11 handsome boys singing cheerfully for him as he sits at the head of the table, a cake in front of him. He looks up at me and his smile fades, a look of confusion spreads over his handsome face and the singing ceases. “Who are you?” He asks me in his language. As an angel, I know every language on Earth, but as a human my Korean speaking skills never got too far, although I tried my best. I smile at his familiar voice and open my mouth to reply before another voice booms throughout the room. “Hyung,” The voice starts. It was Sehun, he was hearing him from the hospital room. “We released our new album today, our fans really miss you,” His voice cracked at the words, “We miss you.” I look back to him as he stares into the flame of the candle in his birthday cake. I look at the scene in front of me before I realize something- all he wanted to do was to celebrate his birthday with his members. I walk over to him and place my hand on his shoulder before I smile and begin to speak, “Baekhyun, it’s time to wake up.” After those words, there was no going back- what was done was done, and as the world around us started to fade away, I was returned to beside his hospital bed.

Thank you for reading, please let me know what you think!