Canadian self-proclaimed “plate artist” Jacqueline Poirier, aka The Crazy Plate Lady, uses plain white plates as her canvas for pop culture-inspired paintings of food, animals, celebrity and character portraits, and more. Poirier’s plate paintings have become such a sensation that she’s now the Resident Artist at the Ritz-Carlton, Toronto.

Head over The Crazy Plate Lady’s Instagram feed to check out many more of her playfully painted plates. You can also request custom plate paintings via Jacqueline Poirier’s website.

[via Ufunk and WHUDAT]

DIY | Watercolour Plates

When it comes to purchasing dish ware, there’s no doubt that white is reached for more so than graphic and colourful alternatives. Seen as a classic and safe option, the white dinner plate is a staple household item. 

When we look to introduce splashes of colour to our homes, we often overlook items that aren’t frequently displayed. No longer! It’s time to bring out (or purchase another cheap set) those white plates and give them a new lease of life! Eden from Sugar & Charm uses porcelain paint with a paint thinner on oven-safe porcelain plates to create these eye catching addition to anyones homeware collection.

You will need:

  • Water-based porcelain paint
  • Paint thinner 
  • Porcelain oven-safe plates
  • Brushes
  • Small glass jars for mixing

Add a small amount of color into each glass jar. Then add in the thinner until you reach a watercolor consistency. Mix using a wooden stick or spoon.

Using a dropper and brushes, drop the paint onto a clean plate. Swirl, brush, dot… use whatever technique you want to achieve your desired look!

Let the plates dry for 24 hours.

Once the paint is dry, bake for 35 minutes in a 300 degree oven.

They will be fully cured and ready to use. Also, your DIY watercolor plates will be microwave and dishwasher safe!

The options of patterns and colour combinations are endless, and regardless of what you choose the textural effect is simply heavenly.

A belated Christmas gift arrived today! I cannot get over how cool these book plates are. I need to host a dinner party or something now :)

**EDIT: I guess my parents found these at http://www.webstaurantstore.com/ which is a restaurant supply store– Just looking around online though, it seems like you could find them a few different places.**


TL;DR: Particularly pleasing planet (& moons & Sun) plates! Questionable science.

The Diesel Living with Seletti collection features a Sun platter (36cm/14in), Moon serving plate (30cm/12in), Mars (not Venus!)Titan, & “Pluto” dinner plates (26cm/10.5in), Venus (not Mars!), Jupiter, & Uranus soup plates (23.5cm/9.2in), and Saturn, Neptune, & Callisto dessert plates (16.5cm/6.6in).

I am of decidedly two minds about these. My first impression: OMG GORGEOUS!!!! They are heavy duty porcelain and (mostly) vivid and realistic, and dishwasher and microwave safe (unlike these planetary plates).

At first it seems like they might be to (at least a representative) scale, with the Sun as the largest piece and a little Callisto dessert plate. And even more awesome, the set includes non-Earth moons! Titan and Callisto! SQUEEEEEEEEE!

But then, my scientist heart sank. After the Sun (and the Moon, which is in fairness appears as the second largest object in the sky as seen from Earth, but is actually only the 14th largest object and fifth largest moon in the Solar System), the sizes are arbitrary. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Jupiter & Saturn as dinner plates, Uranus & Neptune maybe slightly smaller, and the rocky planets and moons for the dessert plates? No, you don’t care because you’re not a persnickety professor? Okay!

But some of the images are just wrong. :|

Mars and Venus are interchanged on the website (similar to what MOMAstore did for these socks), which is somewhat understandable because the radar image of Venus’s surface kind of looks like Mars. Okay, simple slip up, fine. (I am not entirely unreasonable, see?)

But then, then – this is simply unacceptable! This plate is marketed as “realistic Pluto design”. NO. Nonononononono. These are the best “images” we have of Pluto so far (robustly recreated), until New Horizons gets close enough (after May 5, 2015) to beat Hubble’s resolution.  I’m pretty sure the plate is just a washed out image of Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. I cannot stand for this planetary pastiche! Poor, poor Ganymede.

Thanks to colleague, collaborator, & friend Kelle Cruz for finding these amazing Cosmic Diner plates at ABC Carpet & Home!


(If it’s not entirely obvious, most of my complaints are meant in a joking manner. I’m off to break all my dishes so I have an excuse to restock with these.)