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Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: It’s fucking Deadpool. 

Summary: Your girl Nega hooks you up with Wade Wilson. 

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The bar was dingy as fuck.

Fuck it was downright biowaste, but it was the place your date picked. And now you were questioning the whole damn thing.

Cursing Nega under your breath for setting you up with her ‘friend’, you hustled into the bar and looked down at your phone. Quickly you texted the number of Wade Wilson, the man you had been talking to on and off for the last week and a half.

“I’m here.”

A second later, your cell buzzed. “Holy shit you’re way hotter in person. Fuck me.”

Another buzz. “Full disclosure, I have a boner.”

Another buzz. “Also my penis is big.”

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“It was almost my bday and I want 2 get myself somethin nice” haul 💅💅💅
Lmfao with the VS Angel makeup bags it was fuckin hilarious I just took them from the display and calmly walked out 😂


✨Pink Angel oversized trio - $69
✨Eau De Toilette x3 (Love Spell, Sheer Love, Pure Seduction) - $220
✨Gold Passport holder - $89
✨Pink Foldover wallet with card case (genuine leather) - $175
✨Beauty Rush shimmer lip gloss (indulgence) - $13.55
💎Total $563💎


✨Bobbi Brown creamy under eye concealer duo - $52
✨Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner - $33
💎Total $85💎


✨Black cat eye sunglasses - $70
✨Ivory gold bar sunglasses - $70
✨Soft gold pearl Bobby pins - $15
✨Soft gold metal clip set - $25
✨Soft gold minimalist rings x2 - $50
✨Black gold plated hair ties - $13
💎Total $243💎


✨Ponte flare skirt (navy) - $40
✨Denim flare skirt (black) - $50
✨ No.70 Light purple socks - $10
💎Total $100💎


✨Metal rollerball pen x2 - $30
✨Rollerball pen Kontor (soft pink & soft blue x3 - $60
✨Everyday gel pen - $4
💎Total $94💎


✨Sennheiser noise blocking ear phones - $70
✨Forever New gold plated bar earrings - $20
✨Cotton On Body low cut grey socks x2 - $10
✨Bottled water - $4
✨Guess light rose wallet $89
✨Zara russet socks - $16
✨H&M Ruffle collar shirt - $15
✨H&M Cream ribbed turtle neck - $15
💎Total $239💎

✨💎 OVERALL TOTAL $1,324 💎✨

Total total from 1 / 4 / 16 is now $6,901.35 hellaaaa 💖💖💖


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing; Genyatta (established, post Overwatch Recall)
Rating: G/PG
Summary: A long overnight mission in King’s Row leaves Genji and Zenyatta with just enough time to seek one another’s company.

A little bit of self indulgence writing, and a notable lack of genyatta cuddling when taking a dive into the tag–I’m here to fix that! Also a bit of a writing exercise for me, I’m out of practice; enjoy, nonetheless! there’s pg butt touches, it was a request and i dont shrink from a challenge

It had been an achingly long night.

Overwatch’s latest over-night mission had stretched from the last moments of dusk to the early moments of dawn, a live wire of tension drawn over their communicators as stocked payloads shuffled in and out of the city in the dead of night. 

Zenyatta’s patience was infinite, the work long worth the wait–he could never lose patience in an effort to safely relocate his damaged brothers and sisters outside King’s Row. 

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anonymous asked:

Man Kaneki's arms aren't being consistent at all. Last chapter he had regular looking arms under his sleeves when talking to Akira. This chapter his arms are back to being scaly. What is the truth Ishida?

Ah no, it’s a good stylistic choice! Ishida will only gesture in some detail (or exclude it entirely) in order to balance a panel out, especially if it’s farther away from the “camera”. Example:

Filling in his whole wrist with scales would create a big random dark patch on the horizon line, thus dragging your line of vision to a totally unimportant part in the panel. That’s a big no-no. 

Instead, he leaves it open and light, so your line of vision bounces from Akira’s face, down the line of her arm connecting to his stomach, and back up to Kaneki’s face. The action of the panel has more impact when focused on only those three things. A+!!!! 

But here:

The panel allows for the detail of his arm. The black of his shirt and white of his hair is balanced out by the dark-to-light gradient in the background, and the moderate detail in his hair is balanced out by the scales on his arm. NICE!!!

Also! When looking at an animal from far away, their fur and/or scales and/or skin appears as one convergent form– you can’t count each individual hair or plate. Same goes for humans with freckles and hair, or patches of particularly rough skin (cough Kaneki). Gesturing in a particular trait is way more aesthetically pleasing than trying to cram in every little detail :D

TA-DA. And that’s my mini lesson on space and balance. Something I paid $42k/year in art university to learn and am passing down to you for free 🎉

Benefits of Having a Househusband: Chapter 4 - If they’re military men, you know you’ll reap the benefits of military precision

aka, 10 times Jay being a househusband worked in Erin’s favour

Also on and A03

Once again, huge thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her beta'ing help and idea bouncing! Hope you guys enjoy! Please let me know what you think :)

Jay stumbled into Erin’s bathroom still half-asleep. He had had a later night than her, having had more paperwork to deal with, so she had courteously gotten up first. It was a rare feat, but he appreciated the extra 30 minutes in bed.

Rubbing his eyes as he bit back a yawn, he blindly fumbled around the counter by the sink for the cup which contained their toothbrushes and toothpaste. Instead, he found himself yelping in pain when his palm came into contact with the hot plates of Erin’s hair straightener.

“Dammit!” he cursed, suddenly very awake and immediately running his hand under some cold water.

“Jay? You alright, babe?” Erin’s concerned voice travelled from the bedroom.

Gritting his teeth, he shook his head though he knew she couldn’t see it. “Depends. Were you trying to burn your apartment down, or just my hand?”

Appearing in the doorway, she met his eyes via the mirror that covered the wall above the sink. “It’s off,” she stated, pointing at the loose plug dangling off the counter; another hazard Jay chose to roll his eyes at.

“It’s still hot,” he replied irritably and flinging his uninjured hand out in the general direction of where the heat-resistant case sat not three inches behind the straightners. “You have a case for it right here.”

“Yeah, but that takes time,” she brushed off, watching him as he turned off the tap and lightly patted the blistered skin with a towel.

“Does it also take time to throw clothes into the hamper? And throw out your empty bottles?” Jay muttered, shooting her a questioning look as he nodded towards the bathtub. Her clothes were in the corner next to it whilst the back of the tub, the part furthest away from the shower, was littered with toiletries, most which she knew were empty or close to.

“Yes,” she simply replied, stepping into the room and taking his hand in her own. Tossing the towel over the edge of the tub, much to his chagrin, she lifted his palm to her lips and pressed a kiss to the burn. “Jay, I love you, but this? This is me. It’s who I am. You’ve got to accept it or it’ll bug you forever.”

Exhaling deeply at her tender touch and the apologetic look she was offering him, he nodded stiffly and glanced around the bathroom. It definitely wasn’t up to his standards, but his standards of military precision had been drilled into him from the age of 18. It was hard to let go of, though he was starting to realise that sharing a life with this woman in front of him meant he was going to have learn to compromise. At least a bit.

“Why?” Erin’s simple yet incredulous question broke the silence of the apartment he gotten use to, not having heard her arrive home from her weekly breakfast with Voight.

Standing barefoot in the bathtub, Jay glanced at her over his shoulder to see her hovering by the bathroom threshold, unsure how to enter with the many items now covering the floor. He had visited the DIY store right after his morning run, picking up what he needed to neaten up her bathroom. Luckily, she had her own set of tools though he doubted she had used them more often than on an annual occasion.

However, her question wasn’t directed to the mess of her bathroom but towards him and his current task of putting up the chrome organiser in the far corner of the bathtub. It stretched from the edge of the tub to the ceiling with 5 decent sized shelves which Jay had been certain would be enough for her toiletries.

“So I don’t break my neck trying to shower around all these bottles,” he explained before turning back to manually screw in the organiser he was just about managing to hold still.

Erin let out a noncommittal hum, and he could hear her pick up the metal pole he had left leaning against the counter. “And this?” she asked, tapping the railing with her fingers so the hollow sound echoed around the small room.

“It’s going on the door so you can throw your towel on there instead of on the edge of the tub, which inevitably ends up on the floor,” Jay answered gruffly, taking a small step back as much as he could in the tub and eyeing his handiwork critically.

“You’re kinda OCD about this, aren’t you?” she asked when he found one screw looking looser than the rest.

“You mean not dying, injuring or tripping myself over your mess? Pretty much.” Finishing the job at hand, Jay nodded to himself and moved to step out of the tub. He took Erin’s proffered hand to help keep balance as he made sure not to step on anything except the floor tiles.

Erin laughed softly at his words, causing Jay to smile back at her, hand still in hers as she swung it casually. “Okay, that explains why my shoes are always all lined up by the door too, but you know I’ve noticed you’ve basically reorganised my kitchen over the past 5 months, right?”

Shrugging, he tossed the screwdriver in his hand into the toolbox by his feet and snatched the railing out of her hand to get started on it next. “I don’t see you complaining.”

“You use it more than I do,” she commented offhandedly in reference to her kitchen, her grip on his hand tightening in what he assumed was a subconscious move when he jumped effortlessly over the tools and joined her at the doorway.

“Don’t I know it,” he muttered brazenly, earning himself a half hearted glare before he tugged her closer to him.

“Thank you for this. You really didn’t need to,” Erin said earnestly as she peered up at him with a soft smile, truly showing how much she appreciated his attempt of accepting her messiness in his own way. It was a compromise he could live with, even if he was going to always be picking up after her or restocking the shelves, at least there were spaces for it now.

Jay tilted his head slightly and grimaced dramatically. “Not keen on dying, injuring or tripping, remember? I kinda did.”

Prompt: “Could I request a lovely Bones/Reader where they are in an established relationship and she/he goes on an away mission and gets kidnapped? major reader whump major worried bones rescue hero kirk fluffiness abounds?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,793

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence and gore.

Author’s Notes: So, in hindsight I think I read “major reader whump” and ran with it. The “lovely” and “fluffiness abounds” parts got a little lost along the way; I think that’s why I ended it the way I did. Dearest Anon, if you are dissatisfied in any way with how this turned out, please let me know and I’ll see about writing a less serious/gory story.

It’s really long, but not long enough that I felt compelled to split it into two fics.

The aliens are supposed to be a little on the hard side to read, because of their accent. If anyone needs a translation, let me know and I’ll post something.

Aside from that, I’m proud of how it turned out, and I really hope you all enjoy!

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