Began work on the body for one of these fellows.

This torso is made with a 64x64p texture map, like the heads.

As usual, there’s no materials used here (solid textures with vertex paint only). Vertex paint is really good!

UPDATE: Added front/back view, UV layout and wireframe

The worst part of the Assassin’s Creed series is … everything else. The plot is based on something the developers half-remembered from a History Channel special, the premise is less cyberpunk than it is cyber-soft-rock, and the dialogue aspires to being wooden – right now it’s particleboard.

So in order to keep you entertained though the 20-hour slog of story endurance, you get increasingly awesome ways to teach Todd to watch where the hell he’s standing: battle hammers, axes, maces, halberds, and uh … brooms?

In that gif, someone thwacked that guy with a broom so hard blood flew out. Remember that force equals mass times acceleration, so that straw has to be travelling at relativistic speeds. Here’s that same broom, bludgeoning the Catholic out of a guy wearing full plate mail.

You probably never bothered with it, but the broom in Assassin’s Creed II is a magic death machine that can be found everywhere, never breaks, and can even slit a guy’s throat.

Kill God With A Stick: Fun With Bad Video Game Weapons

Illustration by Gary Gianni

He had been the finest knight of his age, and some argued that he should have gone to face the dark clad in mail and plate, a sword in his hand. In the end though, his royal father’s wishes prevailed, and Daeron II had a peaceable nature. When Dunk shuffled past Baelor’s bier, the prince wore a black velvet tunic with the three-headed dragon picked out in scarlet thread upon his breast. Around his throat was a heavy gold chain. His sword was sheathed by his side, but he did wear a helm, a thin golden helm with an open visor so men could see his face.

Valarr, the Young Prince, stood vigil at the foot of the bier while his father lay in state. He was a shorter, slimmer, handsomer version of his sire, without the twice-broken nose that had made Baelor seem more human than royal. Valarr’s hair was brown, but a bright streak of silver-gold ran through it. The sight of it reminded Dunk of Aerion, but he knew that was not fair. Egg’s hair was growing back as bright as his brother’s, and Egg was a decent enough lad, for a prince.

When he stopped to offer awkward sympathies, well larded with thanks, Prince Valarr blinked cool blue eyes at him and said, “My father was only nine-and-thirty. He had it in him to be a great king, the greatest since Aegon the Dragon. Why would the gods take him, and leave you?” He shook his head. “Begone with you, Ser Duncan. Begone.”

~A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Indian (Deccan) khula-khud (helmet), zirah baktar (mail and plate shirt) 17th Century approx. 95 cm. long, the long-sleeved mail shirt with eight frontal plaques embellished with gilt mounts, the back with five vertical rows of small plaques, Persian / Ottoman bazu band (vambrace/arm guard), pair of red leather boots with one Ottoman mail-and-plate kolçak (greaves or shin armor).


Composite armour belonging to the German Emperor Ferdinand 1st which he wore in a tournament in Vienna in 1560.

In such tournaments rich lords and even kings were expected to display their martial talents. However such events were highly controlled and very different to the actual warfare of the time. 

The armour was made in Landshut, Germany by Wolfgang Grosschedel and his son.

This is on display at the Kelvingrove museum in Glasgow, Scotland.

Pelinal Goddamn Whitestrake

The motherfucker on the left is one of the craziest characters to ever appear in a video game.

  • He’s a time-traveller. He shows up in the First Era in plate mail, which is specifically stated as being from the future. He also kills a man while at the same time praising Reman, who is said to have not existed yet.
  • He’s also a cyborg, if not a full robot. It was stated by Michael Kirkbride (the guy who made Morrowind’s story) on Tumblr and Reddit that Pelinal was a robot/cyborg sent back in time by Kyne (a god of storms) in order to ‘fix’ the future. In addition to this, his left hand is said to be made of a “killing light”, which some theorize is a laser.
  • Let me rephrase the first two points; he’s a goddamn Terminator in the Elder Scrolls. The future that Pelinal is trying to fix? It involves the High Elves enslaving all men and taking over Tamriel.
  • It all starts when Pelinal’s husband Huna gets killed by one of the Ayleids, who are pretty much the predecessor to the High Elves. Although the text for this was edited to leave Huna’s gender in the air, Kirkbride confirmed that Pelinal was written to be gay.
  • Huna’s death infuriated Pelinal, who proceeded to lose it so badly that the gods of the world almost left it in disgust.
  • Pelinal proceeded to wage war on the Ayleids, along with his queen, Alessia, and his companion, Morihaus. And they fucking succeeded.  Pelinal is kind of a dick.
  • During this, he felt the judgmental gaze of Akatosh, one of the most (if not THE most) powerful gods in the series. And Pelinal stared right back. 
  • He kills one of the Ayleid kings by himself, Umaril. 
  • Despite being cut into eight pieces, his head managed to have a conversation with Morihaus. He also was present at Alessia’s deathbed, and eventually found salvation from his madness. 
  • It’s also implied that Pelinal is a Shezarrine, which is pretty much a person believed to be an incarnation of Shezarr/Lorkhan, the creator of the world. He killed people who brought this up, however.

TL;DR - Elder Scrolls has a gay divine Terminator who did quite a lot of things.

“You talk as if you’re a hero in some story. But these slain were not some blighted army of fabled ghouls. They were men. Fathers, husband, sons. All human, like you and me. Your face isn’t red because you’re dog tired. You struck a man’s head off, and were showered with his blood. This isn’t a story, kid. This is real. Real as it gets.”
 –  Jay Valdez

anonymous asked:

What is this cased steel stuff and how does it contribute to solving the flanking issue with Macedonian pikemen?

Case-hardened steel is exactly what it sounds like, it’s steel with a hardened outer layer, essentially a case of extremely hard steel to protect a tough, lower-carbon core. It’s combining two desirable attributes by putting them where they’re needed most. Metallurgy drove much of medieval warfare, and advances in equipment and science have transformed warfare throughout history, from the phalanx all the way to guided missiles and nuclear weapons.

Anyway, getting back to it. This case-hardened steel is what made plate armor so tough in the later Middle Ages, so people were better defended. This in turn is what lead to the development of tapered point swords, halberds, and strong blunt weapons to inflict trauma through the plate mail, because slashing weapons were ineffective.

The Macedonians wore light armor and heavy shields which were difficult to use in melee. So if you flanked a Macedonian phalanx and got into melee range, it was much easier to handle them. Hence, why I said it’s difficult to compare these two, because armor techniques from the two eras were night and day.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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The woman was clad in her typical black leather and trench today, her weapons hidden within the billowing fabric. She'd be leaning along the edge of the nearest building, her arms crossed just under her bust. "I've been expecting you," she'd muse as her chocolate irises scanned over the tin-man in an amused look.

The Warden shook his head around in a most comical fashion before turning towards the sound of a somewhat familiar voice. His blue and silver cloak swished behind him, the plate and mail clinking softly with every movement. His helmet had been chained to his waist, exposing his scarred, peppery visage, which was turned into a look of both curiosity and perhaps confusion.

“You know, you keep this up, I’m going to start believing you’re here to kill me.” He thinned his lips together, canting his head with a look of playful mirth upon his features. “Never trusted anyone wearing a trench coat, served me well in my thirty years. What do I owe this mostly unexpected pleasure?”