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All of us who eat have to find ways to listen to each other across our breakfast, lunch and dinner tables. This goal isn’t as modest as it might first sound. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve written a blog post about pigs, cows or chickens who suffer in the food industry only to run up against gleeful, mocking responses, along the lines of: “Can’t wait for my barbecue tonight!” Online interaction isn’t the same, though, as one-to-one conversation carried out in person and mediated by mutual gaze; in direct personal encounters, most human beings are just well-enough-socialized primates to rein in any knee-jerk or “gotcha” tendencies most of the time.

Book Excerpt: A Look At The Personalities On Our Plates

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Today’s brief:

| Coffee Table |

Image 1: Coffee table. Walnut and steel.
H400mm, Timber ⌀350mm

Image 2: Simple frame construction with turned timber ‘plates’ on top. Halfway through modelling this, it occurred to me that they looked like plates spinning on top of sticks. This wasn’t the original idea or inspiration, but I ended up saving this design in a folder called “Coffee Table - Spinning Plates’

Image 3: Turned walnut tables on top or a powdercoated frame. Instead of timber, they could be ceramic.

anonymous asked:

Because of thr image-header of your blog, my head canon for human-form Starscream looks a lot like America Chavez. I mean at least the red, white and blue is there right?

That’s absolutely amazing, holy shit. 

Now that you mention it one of the main holomatter avatars I imagined for IDW Starscream does look a bit like America Chavez, but with more of a bob-cut sort of hairstyle. I could see him with an avatar of either sex, and seeing as he’s from an active military background I imagined his avatar being in pretty good shape; not absolutely hulking with muscles or anything, but definitely fit. Since he’s got dark face plating I image his avatar’s skin as dark as well, and Central/South American ethnicity seems like a good fit to me for various reasons. Then of course, the avatar would be dressed in red, white and blue, with some yellow trim or bling something for the cockpit. Unlike America Chavez though, I imagine Starscream’s holoavatar would either wear a military flight suit, a pompous looking military officer’s uniform, the kinda smart outfit you’d imagine a politician wearing, or some sort of fusion of the above. Finally the shape of most of Starscream’s helms just makes me think “bob-cut”, so yeah.

Matt Emmons, the special effects guru/ motion control maestro that’s I’m working with on my next project, watching a fixed wing drone fly through binoculars in a valley in the south eastern tip of Oregon last night. We are using drones to shoot the background images, or plates, and then will superimpose a series of choreographed photographs of scale models over them to give the appearance of flight. Check out my snapchat, @fosterhunting, for more