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“For I have promised to do the battle to the uttermost, by faith of my body, while me lasteth the life, and therefore I had liefer to die with honour than to live with shame; and if it were possible for me to die an hundred times, I had liefer to die oft than yield.”
― Thomas Malory


Mle 1854 Imperial Guard Cuirassier’s Cuirass and Helmet

Helmet manufactured c.early 1870′s by Delachaussée - serial number 1.
Cuirass made by the Manufacture Impériale de Klingenthal c.1856, size 2 width 1 - serial number 89.
Steel with brass fittings, stamped imperial crest on the helmet, with horsehair on the comb.

Although mostly obsolete by the time of the Franco-Prussian war, these suits of armor were still impervious to any melee weapons, and pistol shots up to point-blank range.

When you literally had to learn everything about radiation to obtain your degree and then you watch The 100 explain science…

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When Things Go Sideways

Pairing: Steve Rogers x James Rogers x Tony Stark x Thor Odison

Warning: Things get a little out of hand, but it’s not sad!

A/N: Here is my continue of Dad!Saturday, I’m working through the rest of the requests I got for these. This was an Anon request. Hope you enjoy.

Prompts: “Don’t tell your mom and you can have ice cream for dinner”

When Tony wants to try out a new idea, he remembered Peppers warning about blowing out half of the building again and Y/N’s threat about doing anything dangerous with James in the building. When they go to the roof to test it out, it’s a good thing Tony’s quick with his back up plans while Steve’s flat on his back and James ends up in a bad situation.

“James! My man.” Tony greets the four year old perched on his father shoulders.

“Uncle Tony!” The blonde copy of his father, cheers back.

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*Accompanied by ash and embers, glowing all around, the bearer of the winged, plate helmet, covered by bandages and a blue hoodie, falls out as a bag of dead flesh out of an portal, of pure blackness, looking like the deepest maw of void. Slowly standing up, and looking up, the right eyeslit of the helmet, glowing orange, like a lighted up torch, the stranger looking like a grotesque parody of an knight, stands up and summons a burning sword of flames, slowly staring to march to Faris, silently*


Adrian Mle1915 Chasseur Helmet

Manufactured in France c.1918-19 for a soldier of the Chasseurs Alpins.
0.7mm steel, horizon blue paint, leather lining, two part comb around a main bomb-shaped piece surmonted by a crest covering a large ventilation hole. Commemorative brass plate.

On the 18th of December 1918, the French government offers a commemorative helmet to any and all soldiers or officers that were stationed on the front during World War 1. This one was left exempt of names.

i got a request for werewolf/vampire reylo a while back and i’ve been wrestling with it a long time. here’s part one with all the setup because dang it you’ve been waiting quite a while, anon. hope you like it and look forward to part two. <3

Some planet or another always seemed to have a full moon or even full moons. Kylo Ren dreaded it. He received warnings from the First Order on his com or a datapad when they were going to encounter one, crisp and uniform and seemingly uncaring that the Finalizer was about to have a temporary non-human occupant. Kylo knew better. He could smell the reeking fear pouring off of every person that he encountered and their minds screamed disgust in the Force. He did nothing to dispel their worries, of course; he was even more liable than usual to go into one of his trademark rages when he transformed.

Everyone in the First Order and many in the Resistance knew about his curse. Rey, however, was not among that number.

Powerful, beautiful Rey. Kylo wanted to rip her throat out. The feeling was mutual in more ways than one.

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A Victorian Part Full Dress and Undress Uniform to an Officer of the Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry, comprising a black leather helmet with white horse hair plume, gilt metal acanthus leaf plume holder and pommel, helmet plate (lacks chin strap and ear rosettes, in a black japanned helmet tin; a red tunic with blue cloth facings and shaped lapels, bullion lace and rose to the stand-up collar, and lace trimmed cuffs, with brass buttons; a silver bullion lace trimmed blue morroco shoulder belt with silver pouch, buckle, slide, chains and pickers, hallmarks for London 1855; a blue morocco sabretache, with gold bullion lace trim and appliqué, waist belt with rose cast clasp and sword sling, in a japanned tin case; a pair of brass spurs, by Maxwell, London; a black forage cap, with gilt bullion lace trim; a black single breasted frock coat, with stand-up collar and six loops of black braiding, each loop having two olivets; white leather shoulder and waist belt, with sword sling and gilt metal fittings; a pair of steel spurs, by Maxwell of London, together with a small green tin trunk.

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I love the clone wars series what can I do to integrate it into my costume

My entire character is inspired by Clone Wars so I’m excited about this question!! There are certainly a lot of stylistic things you can pull into your armor! There are Death Watch and Night Owl armor kits out there you can use and customize as you like. 

You could model the style of your paint scheme after the show (more stylized vs more realistic.) On a personal note, everything about my kit is modeled after Clone Wars/Rebels. All of my weapons are CW/Rebels style. It’s very much a conscious choice to limit my weapon/armor selections to Clone Wars/Rebels items (with few exceptions) but it’s completely worth it if you commit to the aesthetic!

If you’re talking about drawing in Clone references, we do allow clone-style rank pauldrons a la Rex! 

Clone style weapons and armor pieces are allowed as well such as bicep armor, shin-knee armor [schnee], ammo pouches, kamas and hand plates. The Clone helmets and chest pieces are not MMCC approved. 

Hope this helps!

(Sorry for delayed replies, Star Wars Celebration crunch time is upon us!!)