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I know many people are upset about the lack of Keith and Lance interaction in season 2, but I think the writers are setting up for them to have lots of interaction in season 3. It’s obvious that Shiro wants Keith to be the leader of Voltron while he’s gone. I mean he mentioned it twice and Dreamworks wouldn’t put it in there for no reason. And Keith will step up to the plate.

And that brings me to the fact that one of the only times Lance and Keith interact is when Lance is criticizing his leadership skills. 

It’s obvious that Lance doesn’t think Keith is fit to be a leader, and he expresses that pretty clearly.

Because lance isn’t afraid to express his opinions, I have a feeling that a good majority of the beginning of season 3 will be Lance and Keith learning how to work with each other more directly. Before Shiro left, they could get away with how they interacted because Shiro was there to mediate everything. Now that he’s gone, I can’t see any other possibility than Lance and Keith actually fighting, not just bickering about everything. 

And we know that Lance thinks of Keith highly at the same time as all of this. He thinks that all of the things that Keith has done is pretty cool. I mean that’s not a face you make about your “rival” when you’re talking about him. And boy does he talk about him.

No matter if this becomes romantic or not, we’re going to get some major relationship development in season 3 because they definitely have some things to work out. 

We know that if the writers do make Keith and Lance a thing (which they’ve been heavily hinting towards, even in season 2 considering all of the small pining!lance moments for all of the ten seconds we saw lance) that it’s going to be a slowburn relationship. I’m interested to see how the writers do it.


who needs sombra to dig embarrassing things about you, when you have a girlfriend like that 


remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate

I started lying to niggas that I can’t cook and I have 4 roommates. So ain’t nobody trying to come “chill” at 4am or asking “where’s my plate”. Like me for me. Cuz I’m brilliant and funny lol


Here’s a piece of silicon carbide (SiC) from a geology basic course, which I’m taking as an elective (it’s relaxing next to Quantum Mechanics 😄). Because of its high strength and thermal conductivity, SiC has uses in cutting tools, car parts, electric systems, heating elements and much more. One cool example: ceramic plates in bulletproof vests.
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야!해줄래? more like appreciation to mingyu’s face

Apparently Tamaki has a crush on me……in my dream LMAO


People have been asking and I promised to take some pics the next time I was using my Medieval kit. So here it is, behold! 💖

Please note this is the very scaled down version, as wearing full plate to ordinary practice is just killing because of the weight. 😓😓

Obviously, being goth, my armour is in the gothic German style. That went without saying when I had to pick what style to go for. 😁💕

And please excuse my non-historic mountain boots. 😓

a warm grilled cheese sandwich sits on the wooden plate in front of me. theres a glass bowl of fresh strawberries beside it. the cat is sleeping on the windowsill where light filters in and acoustic music drifts around the room. i am content.