plate 9


1) Great mourning fashion plate, 1780s.

2) Memento mori pendant, 1790, England.

3) Mourning wand, 1800s. (They were carried by funeral mutes, the grieving would hire mutes to stand outside the home of the deceased from early morning until the funeral was over. They were supposed to stand motionless no matter the weather.)

4) Mourning locket, 1810, England.

5) Mourning dress, 1840.

6) Mourning ring with the engraving, “My dear friend, Ob’t 17 Dec'r 1884. At 52″.

7) Engraving depicting mourning women, June 11, 1864.

8) Mourning dress fashion plate, 1870s-80s.

9) Illustration by Charles Dana Gibson, 1900.

10) Mourning hat, early 1900s, Germany.



These books were pulled from the stock because they’re in English and we don’t sell English.. BUT–! They’re also really kinda cool: They’re nothing but British women’s fashion plates from 1828-9 and 1843-4.

The question all of you out there is whether it be helpful or interesting for anyone for there to be a side-blog to post a bunch of these plates? 

(These kinda-crappy photos are just from a phone camera but I can easily take better photos with a better camera.)

I think people from these fandoms might be interested? : les mis, jane austen, american civil war (maaaybe if it’s a figure’s youthhood or something)

…There’re probably other fandoms from ~1820 to ~1850 that I don’t know about too.

Anyway, just checking for interest. Might do it anyway, but wanted to see what other people had to think first.


‘And lo! towards us coming in a boat / An old man, hoary with the hair of eld, / Crying: 'Woe unto you, ye souls depraved!’

'And, lo! toward us in a bark / Comes an old man, hoary white with eld, / Crying “Woe to you, wicked spirits!’

Gustave Doré, illustration from Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, Arrival of Charon (Die Ankunft Charons), Plate IX, Canto III, c. 1857.

Full House pt 5

It’s been three months. You’ve been here for three months, and you’ve learned quite a lot since that first day. Like how Darks room is filled books and he’ll sit there and read when he’s not running the house,  Or how Wilford sings while cooking, sometimes he will grab you when you’re walking past and swing you around while singing obnoxiously. Host seems to have grown fond of you and will let you sit is his room while he broadcasts, sometimes letting you join in (Something that shocked everyone else in the house), Bing is still very kind to you and makes sure you eat properly, Google has come around since the first time you two met, and likes to ask you questions about how you perceive the world around you. Light will take you out of a room if he feels like a fight is about to occur so you don’t get hurt.  Anti will force you into the living room to watch some movie that he’d chosen and leaves you out of his pranks ever since you convinced Wilford not to shoot him when Anti ruined his favourite tie.

All the members of the house have seemed to grown fond of you, some of them namely Dark and Anti, get increasingly jealous when you spend too much time with someone else. Both have dragged you away from Light because, “The damned feather duster is gonna turn you against the rest of us” Or “I need you to help me, mortal, be grateful I acknowledge you at all”. Everyone takes a different approach to get your attention, Light will tap your shoulder and wait politely, Wilford asks you to help him polish his guns or knifes, Bing and Google will ask for help on a “Human problem”, and the Host will send you into a story and narrate you through it.

Currently, you were lying on a couch, you couldn’t be sure which room you were in, Wilford likes to changes them around on you. In your hands you held a book from Darks room, it was about some backwards romance. Wuthering heights or something. To be honest you weren’t surprised that Dark enjoyed this book. You were finally getting to a good part when there was a loud crash from upstairs and multiple people yelling, Sighing you stood up and made your way towards the noise.

Upon reaching the commotion you were greeted with almost the entire household yelling at each other in what you assumed was the dining room. When you entered the room everyone went a deadly silent, You glanced around the room at all the men staring at you and you sighed, “What is going on? One second i’m peacefully reading, the next all of you are getting into a massive fight” You asked, your eyes going from person to person. Wilford, being he was the closest to you, got your attention first, “Willy, explain please” You addressed him, he smiled, “Nothing my dear, just a simple debate among us friends” He said, elbowing Anti (a bit too harshly), Who nodded franticly. You sighed and turned to Bing, “Bing, will you tell me what you guys are doing?” You asked, Bing froze as everyone turned to look at him, all of them knew he had the worst time lying to you, You put your hands on your hips and gave him what the guys call your “mom look”. he looked away, “N-nothing, like Wilford said, Just a friendly debate” He stammered, You huffed and turned to face Dark, “why do I feel like you have something to do with this?” You asked, he raised his hands innocently, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Y/N” He said calmly.

You frowned, “You’re all up to something. And now every one in this room cannot be trusted until I figure out what it is” You said crossing your arms, everyone’s faces dropped suddenly, Bing looked crushed, Wilford and Anti froze, Google looked like he had to reboot, Dark was forced into stony silence, and Hosts mouth hung open mid narration. You turned on your heel and spotted Light in the corner, no doubt trying to hide from your view, you looked at him for a moment and sighed, “Even you Light” You said  walking out from the room to go back to your book.


The next morning you were in the kitchen making breakfast when the doorbell rang. You grinned and ran to the door, swinging it open and hugging the man on the other side, “Mare! Ive missed you, you freak of nature you!” You screeched, he chuckled and hugged you back, “What’s up, buttercup! Hows life with the so called secretive ass holes?” He asked, You laughed And dragged him inside where a group of The guys had gathered to see who the unexpected visitor was. You pushed  past them holding Mares hand, leading him into the kitchen. “Is this the pancake recipe I taught you? You still use it!” He exclaimed excitedly, you laughed, “Of course, you nerd. These are the best Pancakes ever. I know Nate loves them” you laughed.

Wilford was the first to brave the kitchen, sticking his head in to look at the two of you, “So…whos the guy” he asked coldly looking Mare up and down. You frowned and glared at the pink haired man, “His Name is Natemare and he’s my best friend. We used to do everything together, and after last night I thought I’d invite him over.” You replied coldly, You left the room for a moment and Mare let out a low whistle, “What did you do to set her off this bad?” He laughed, Wilford glared at the entity, “We won’t tell her what we were talking about last night…stupid reason honestly” He grumbled, Mare laughed. “You’re lying?! To Y/N! Oh god, no wonder she’s so pissed! Last time someone lied to her she basically shunned him for months.” he explained leaning against the counter, Wilford opened his mouth to say something but shut it as you walked in.

Wilford walked out after a few minutes of your glaring and Mare laughed. You smiled and started on the pancakes, “So Mare, how’s Nate doing?” you asked glancing at the entity, he shrugged, “Fine I guess. Stubborn as always. He misses you” he said, you smiled sadly at him. “I had to leave, you know that” you said he nodded, “Yeah. I know”.  You piled the finished pancakes on to 9 plates and had Mare help set them at the table, when the table was set you went to the doorway to call the guys down, “FOODS READY YOU ANIMALS!” You exclaimed, you sat down as the guys began filing in and sitting down, you sat at one side of the table and Mare next to you, Dark and Wilford sat at either head of the table as usual and everyone else sat wherever.

You could feel the entire table staring at the two of you, when you looked up everyone looked away. You frowned and looked back to Mare who looked amused by the entire situation. Breakfast went on silently until Google finally broke it, “How do you know our human?” he asked bluntly, you stared at him as Mare answered, “Your human? “ he questioned, you shook your head “It’s fine, he doesn’t understand the concept of possession” you muttered, Mare nodded. “I’ve known Y/N since I was created, she was Dating my counterpart Nate at the time” he said, the entire table went silent. “She was dating him?” Light spoke up, Mare nodded, “Yeah, after they split she spent more and more time with me, we fooled around a bit and- OW!” he was cut off by you slamming your foot on his. The guys were all glaring daggers at Mare. You sighed and rolled your eyes before standing and taking your plate to the sink.

Mare followed you into the kitchen, snatching your wrist pulling you to him, “Hey, what’s up?” he asked wrapping his arms around your waist, you huffed “You know I don’t like that being brought up. And with all of them in there, I’m surprised Wilford hasn’t killed anyone. And no doubt Dark is Furious” you sighed, Mare rolled his eyes, “Who cares? Come on, I know you remember how much…. /Fun/ we had when Nate was gone. Hmm? I certainly remember how much you liked this…” he trailed off, head ducking as he nipped below your ear, you sucked in a breath and put your hands on his chest pushing him off, “Mare. We can’t. I can’t do that anymore. We had our run and we didn’t fit…” you said Mare sighed, and hugged you burying his face in your neck you smiled and hugged him back, “Mare, you’re my best friend, and I know you could make me love you with only your voice, so thanks for you know, not doing that” You smiled  and pulled away from him, he grinned, “You’re very welcome, now, how about we play some Mario kart?” he asked, you laughed, “you’re on pretty boy” you said leading him to the game room.

And that’s another chapter done! Natemare dropped by, hope you like that little tidbit! Anyway I’m working on 6 right now and don’t forget, criticism and requests are welcome!


Plates from Vol. 2 of Fantaisies Florales by Jean Pilters, published in the first decade of the 20th century in Jersey City, New Jersey by H.C. Perleberg

Many of these flower studies were not done by Pilters but by his colleagues. Plates 3, 5, and 9 are copies of plates from Die Pflanze in Kunst und Gewerbe by Anton Seder, published in two volumes in Vienna by Gerlach and Schenck (1886 and 1889).

This volume is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Watson Library. These images are my own personal scans of the book.

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Give us the other cheesecake! I don't care if it doesn't set; all I want is the flavoooorrrr!! (Cheesecake is my favorite.)

Okay, I’m gonna share this and put a pin on the recipes for a bit since I don’t want to clutter the blog too much (if we get more trolls, I’ll post more stuff).

This recipe is from the same place as the treasure cookies recipe (link). I swapped out the sour cream for greek yoghurt, and I added a bit more powdered sugar, which likely explains the setting issues. 

Also make sure to grease the pan or something before pressing the crust in, because that will help when you want to cut into it after (TRUST me).

Like I mentioned, I’ve been having some issues with its consistency after a stint in the fridge, so if you have those issues, stick it in your freezer for the night, then take it out and let it defrost in the fridge for abt ~3 hrs. It should be at the perfect consistency then. If you don’t have the patience for that, and it’s still not setting particularly well, just do what I’ve been doing and scoop it out like ice cream with a side of peaches or something, it’s GREAT.



  • 1 ½ cups graham cracker crumbs (7.25 ounces, about 13 rectangle graham crackers)
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 6 tablespoons butter, melted


  • 16 ounces cream cheese, softened to room temperature (but not warm)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup (4 ounces) powdered sugar
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • ¾ cup cold heavy whipping cream


  1. For the crust, in a medium bowl, combine the cracker crumbs and sugar. Stir in the melted butter until well-combined. Press the mixture into the bottom and 1- or 2-inches up the sides of a 9-inch springform pan or into the bottom and sides of a 9.5-inch pie plate (a regular 9-inch pie plate might work but the crust and filling will be extra thick). Refrigerate until the filling is ready.
  2. In a large bowl with an electric handheld mixer (or using an electric stand mixer), mix the cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar until smooth and light, 2-3 minutes. Add the sour cream and whipping cream and mix until very thick and creamy, 4-5 minutes.
  3. Spread the filling evenly into the prepared crust. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 4 hours or up to overnight. Serve plain, with fresh fruit or a fruit sauce.

‘But Uncle Kallus, if they just moved the ships over a little; there would be more room for the kids to train! AND they’d even be able to fit in a place for the blaster training without it being a hazard!’ 

Kallus’s outfit is inspired by a pic from Lledra a while ago!! 

One Exciting Ride (Modern Gaston x Reader)

One Exciting Ride: Chapter 6

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Shortly after you put the apple pie bites into the oven the first of the children woke, and within the hour all 6 younger children were sitting at the dining table happily enjoying the fruits of your (and Gaston’s- sorta) labor. Gaston sat at the head of the table, with you at the other end. Jeannette sat beside Gaston, Gerald at his other side. Gilles sat beside Jeannette, with George beside him and you beside George. On your other side was Julie, and that’s the lot of it. 

“Thank you, Nounou!” Julie managed between bites of food, a bit of apple on her chin. “Is good!” 

It’s good, Julie, it’s,” Jeannette corrected, wiping away the apple from her sister’s chin. “Nounou, when is Maman and Papa going to be home?” 

“Well,” you started, slapping Gaston’s hand away from your plate and giving him a sideways glare. “I’m not sure, I should be expecting a call from them-” Speak of the devil, your phone rang. “Right now, apparently.” 

The children chuckled and you motioned for Gerald to make sure he’s younger siblings didn’t die in the five minutes you expected to be on the phone. You walking away from the table meant that Gaston was alone with his younger siblings for the first time in months. 

“Are you going to-” the larger teen dangled a hand over Gilles’ plate, the 9 year old slumping his shoulders but admitting he was already full. “Thanks,” he smiled at the younger boy as he eagerly munched on the apple pie bite. 

And then it was silence. Well, mostly, Julie thought it would be funny to throw her bite at George who in turn began to cry because he got apple juice in his eye. Ah children, aren’t they adorable. 

Hearing the commotion, you hurried over and grabbed Julie and put her on your hip. “Yes, sir, yes we’re fine sir, no worries, sir-” You continue into the phone, gesturing to the screaming 5 year old for someone to handle it for you while you were on the phone. “Of course, sir, yes-” 

“Aren’t you going to do anything?” Gerald complained, kicking Gaston’s shin from under the table. Gaston bit his lip to keep from swearing at the 12 year old. “He’s crying, make him stop.” 

“How am I supposed to do that? I don’t know how to deal with kids!” 

“Nounou knows how to make him stop,” Jeannette shouts over her brother’s screams, “She’s really good at that.” 

“Well I’m not Nounou now am I?” Gaston shouted back, sticking his tongue out at her. “If you know so much about it, you make him stop.” 

“Fine,” Jeannette huffed, standing up and going over to her brother. She got him quiet, but that didn’t mean it was any better for the poor man. 

“You’re never home,” Gerald said between bites, “Why are you home?” 

“I’m just-” 

“Is it because Nounou stayed the night?” Gilles interrupted, his toothless grin making Gaston knit his brows a bit in disgust. 

“No it’s just-” 

“You like her don’t you?” Jeannette chuckled, walking back to her seat with George on her hip. She sat down with him in her lap and gave him one of her bites. “You want to kiss her don’t you?” 

“Ew, no, I don’t,” Gaston sighed, glaring at his sister. 

Yeaaaahh you do!” She teased, leaning her head on his shoulder. “You want to hug her, and kiss her, and love her-” 

“I don’t, really,” Gaston chuckled, resounded to his fate. “I’m not sure what delusional world you’re living in that would make me like her.” 

“I heard you two last night,” Gerald piped up, a smirk on his face, his eyes twinkling with prepubescent mischief. “You totally want to do her, don’t you?” 

“What?” Jeannette tilted her head. “Do her what?” 

“Do her homework!” Gaston quipped before the 12 year old shithead could continue. Glaring at his brother, Gaston gave a sharp glance towards the 9 year old twins and little Georgie before giving him the “What the fuck dude?” look. 

“Yeah, he wants to do her homework all night lo-OW!” 

Gaston kicked Gerald sharply on the shin, making the 12 year old groan in pain and finally shut up. Kids, gotta love em. 

“Gaston and Nounou, sitting in a tree-” Jeannette started, Gilles and Gerald joining in. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” 

“Guess, please, this is a little childish, don’t you think?” 

“What do you expect?” Gerald laughed. 

“We are children, duh,” Jeannette finished. 

“First comes love-” George giggled and joined in. “Then comes marriage-” 

“Okay everybody shut up!” Gaston finally yelled, at his breaking point with these snot filled mongrels. As soon as he said that however, a smart smack to the back of the head made him take a deep breath and count to ten. 

Don’t tell them to shut up,” you used your mom voice on him, and Gerald had to hold back an “oooooh, you’re in trouuuublleee” because then he’d get the mom voice too. 

“So, don’t get worried, but Maman has a slight infection-” The twins and George gasped in horror. “I said don’t worry didn’t I? Anyways, Maman and Papa will be at the hospital for a bit longer, they’ll be back by Monday, so… you’re stuck with me this weekend.” You shrugged, as best you could with Julie still in your arms. 

After all the jubilation at your extended stay, you sent all the kids into their playroom- except Gerald, he’s too grown up for the playroom of course, he went to his bedroom to play video games again. 

“How do you get them to listen to you?” Gaston asked, leaning his elbow on your shoulder as he watched all the children disperse at the mere clap of your hands.He was impressed, just the idea of how well you handle the kids making Gaston find himself more and more eager to win the bet he made- though he wasn’t really thinking about the prize so much as the finish line (if you catch my drift.) 

“They have to respect you to listen to you,” you chuckle. “Anyways, what are your plans for today?” You brush him off of you and make your way to the nearby living room where you plop down on the couch and turn on the tv, opening Netflix. 

Gaston obviously followed, sitting down next to you a bit closer than you’d like. He spread out unnecessarily, one knee over the other and his arms on the back of the couch. “Why, you want to join me?” 

“No,” you push him over with your shoulder playfully. “I just wanted to know if I should bother making enough lunch for a gargantuan meathead,” 

“Already cooking for me,” Gaston gasped, “My earlier comment stands.” 

“What, about me giving you mixed signals and giving off a gay vibe?” 

“No,” he laughed, not-so-sneakily placing his arm around your shoulders. “About you making a man happy one day.” 

“Just because I can make a sandwich?” You laugh unamused. “Wow, how old are you, 70?” 

“Oh come on!” He huffed, knitting his brows. “I mean, you’re good with kids, your an absolute goddess in the kitchen-” 

“You’ve eaten one thing I’ve made and it’s so simple you helped me,” 

“It’s really…” his hand moved tentatively to take a strand of your hair behind your ear. “It’s really hot, ya know…”

You looked at him, your lips slightly parted as he leaned in slowly, his eyes fluttering closed. His lips almost met yours, but you stopped it by placing your hand on his lips. “And you’re really, really stupid if you thought that was going to work.” 

Pushing him away, you sighed, getting up and moving from the sofa to the kick-back chair. “You’re pathetic,” you laugh, shaking your head at him as you proceeded to scroll through Netflix. 

Gaston huffed, crossing his arms and staring at the T.V. as you selected a random sitcom, muttering your disdain about them removing Buffy. He cast a glance over to you, your legs kicked over the armrest, a smile on your face as you laugh at a stupid pun. He found himself taking a sharp breath as his eyes traveled down your body, his mind wandering about all the things- Gaston huffed, reluctantly looking away. He really needed to win the bet. Soon

It’s almost dinner time and the children were growing restless. Now you were once again in the kitchen, surrounded by children. Gaston was still moping on the couch about being rejected a second time. “What do you want for lunch, cuties?” 

“Pizza!” Shouted them all in more than freaky unison. 

“Okay then, easier for me,” you shrugged, wiping out your phone and opening the Pizza Hut app. “So that’s three of em, two pepperoni and one cheese?” 

The agreed and once again dispersed back to their room. 

“I think I have an idea,” Gaston began as he mosied into the kitchen, a smug smile onto his face. 

WIthout a word, you went to the medicine cupboard and got out a bottle of ibuprofen. “Here, for your head,” you instruct, tossing him the bottle. “It must hurt after such a strain.” 

“Haha, very funny,” Gaston chuckled, unphased by the insult. “As I was saying, how about we make a deal?” 

“I’m faintly listening,” you mutter, placing the medicine back before returning to your phone to order the pizza- charging it to your bosses account, of course, what’s 30$ to a billionaire anyways? 

Gaston moved around the kitchen island to stand in front of you. He placed his hands on your shoulders and urged you to look up at him- you gave him fleeting glances, too busy with making sure the pizza’s got here before the children got ravenous. “I want to start again with you, okay? Forget about what happened in the living room earlier and in the hall last night, start fresh.”

“Sure, okay,” you sigh, trying to remember the numbers to Germain’s credit card. “Go on.” 

“I want you to go on a date with me,” 

“No wa-” 

“Hear me out!” Gaston insisted, giving you that glimmering smile of his. Taking a deep breath, he continued. “I help you out with the kids today, all day. If I can keep my temper under control, as soon as the kids are down for bed, I get you for an hour and a half.” 

Taking a moment to register what he just said, you sigh heavily, licking your bottom lip before finally meeting his eyes. “So what you’re proposing is if you don’t yell at a 5 year old for crying for the rest of the day, you win me for an hour and a half? Do I look like a cheap hooker to you?” Disgusted, you get out of his reach and start walking away.

“No that’s not-” Gaston trails after, holding his arms out to you in a pleading manner. Finally getting hold of your shirt sleeve, Gaston kept hold of you for a moment. “That’s not what I meant, (Name). I just… I’m not good with words..” He slid his hand down your arm, taking your hand in his. “I just want to have a proper opportunity to show you… well,” he gestured vaguely to himself with one hand. “Me.” 

Staring at him blankly for a solid 30 seconds, you took a deep breath. “Okay, okay,” Gaston’s eyes lit up like an unspecified religious holiday ornament. “If you can get Julie to trust and play with you by the time she goes to bed tonight at 7:30- which in hardly two hours, then I’ll spend one hour with you. I’m still on the job, so I can’t rightly leave the kids alone while I go out, so it’ll be spent here.”

“Even better!” Gaston exclaimed, nearly bouncing with excitement. “You won’t regret this, darling!” The excited teen leaned down and gleefully pecked your cheek before practically running off in the direction of his youngest sister’s room. 

Little did the poor bastard know that Julie really doesn’t take well to boys. 

The pizza arrived within the hour, and you’d already called everyone else down to eat. Gaston had taken Julie off of Jeannette’s hands when he’d skipped to her room, and you hadn’t seen either of them since. So, naturally you were making your way to her room to call them down. 

You could hear faint laughter coming from the two year old’s room, and were pleasantly surprised. Opening the door, you really didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t that. 

Gaston sat at Julie’s tea table, his past shoulder length hair done up in a surprisingly beautiful braid, far too many pink clips holding down his fly aways. He sat cross-legged on the ground, wearing the pair of fairy wings you usually had to wear when playing dress up and a plastic crown. Julie was painting all over his face with her kiddy make-up, her chubby hands covered with purple powder and her round face covered in lip gloss- half of which you didn’t doubt she ate. 

“Ooh, the blue one next!” Gaston smiled at the toddler as she waddled over to her Pretty Princess Vanity Set and picked up the blue lip gloss and waddled back over to her brother, smearing it all over his mouth area.

 “Perfect, Julie, I’m the Belle of the Ball right now. I’d be my own date to the prom,” He was checking himself out in the vanity mirror, making seductive faces to himself, casting a quick wink your way before looking back at Julie as she prepared to add another layer of power to his eye area- hardly any was properly on his eyelids, but that’s ok. 

“Having fun?” You laugh, leaning against the door frame with your arms crossed. 

“As soon as she realized I have pretty hair, she fell in love,” Gaston explained, shaking his head a bit with a shrug, only to have Julie huff at him sternly to stay still. “I have that effect on women, you see.” 

“I do see,” you laughed, “But surely you won’t want a date with a mere farm girl like me now, Gaston. You said it yourself, you’re the Belle of the Ball!” 

He looked at you, pursing his lips. “Don’t think you’re getting out of this so easily. We made a deal,” 

“Well we have to hold off on that for now, it’s dinner time.” You disappeared for a minute before returning with two wet wash clothes, throwing one at Gaston before having Julie sit on your lap. You began to wash her face as Gaston worked on cleaning his own. 

I feel ridiculous, I haven’t worn this much makeup since I passed out drunk at the triplet’s 16th birthday party. Gaston mentally grumbled as he scrubbed the blue lip-gloss off his chin, looking in the vanity mirror for help. She better be worth all this shit. Looking past himself in the mirror, he saw you’d bent down to pick up Julie, giving him a nice view of just what he needed to see right then. Oh yeah, she’ll be damn worth it. 

“So what did it?” You whispered to Gaston as he tiptoed out of Julie’s room after putting her to sleep. 


“How did you get her to like you?” You bumped shoulders with him. “It took me weeks to get her to trust me.” 

“You don’t know everything,” Gaston teased, bumping you back. “You aren’t always around, ya know. Julie’s my little bestie. She and I have teatime after school every Tuesday and I take her out on a brother-sister date once a month- I have since she was a baby.” 

Shocked, you look at him as he goes on, fondness in his eyes. 

“She’s the only sibling I’m really close with,” he shrugged, looking down a bit. “I mean, I was close with my older sisters growing up, but I wasn’t even invited to Julianne’s wedding,”

“Oh, I’m sorry, hon,” you place a hand on his shoulder. Realization hits you, so you hit him. “You cheated!” 

“Ow, what?” 

“She already liked you! You knew you’d get the date with me!” 

Opening his mouth, Gaston held up a finger. “Actually, you’re a big fat hypocrite,” pointing the finger at you he gave you a sassy look. “You knew she doesn’t like men, so you thought you’d win the bet. I just had more correct information than you, and therefore better odds.”

“What do you know about odds? Didn’t you fail math again?” 

“That’s not the point,” Gaston huffed, interlocking your arm with his. “The point is, you’re all mine for the next hour.” 


Easy college student bibimbap ~
1. Make some rice. I used a rice cooker that was a glorious birthday gift from my parents when I moved into my first house.
2. Marinade some ground pork or beef in bought bibimbap marinade, or use teriyaki sauce, some sesame oil, sake, and grated fresh ginger.
3. Julienne a couple zucchini sand carrots. Place the each in boiling water for a minute or two, just quickly allowing to soften and cook slightly. Rinse in cold water. Set aside zucchini. Place carrots in a pickling marinade of white rice vinegar, around a tablespoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of sesame oil.
4. Boil washed enoki mushrooms until soft and cooked, rinse in cold water, and set aside.
5. Uncan bamboo shoot slices, rinse several times, and allow to soak in black vinegar.
6. Boil washed bok choi, rinse with cold water, and set aside.
7. Take marinated meat and stir fry in a nonstick pan or cast iron until cooked thoroughly.
8. Fry an egg. I like mine with a runny yolk, fried in coconut oil.
9. Plate everything by putting rice in a bowl, surround the perimeter by each vegetable and meat addition, and place an egg in the middle. Mix together and enjoy ❤️


Gundestrup Cauldron - Denmark, 150-0 BC

This cauldron is made from 13 silver plates. The hammered and gilded plates weigh almost 9 kg. On the outside, large deities are accompanied by small humans, animals and mythical creatures in pairs. Interior shows scenes populated with many figures, both human and animals. One of them shows a parade of warriors carrying a carnyx, a Celtic trumpet.

Kunst der Kelten, Historisches Museum Bern.

Art of the Celts, Historic Museum of Bern.


Low Carb Pecan Pie



  • 350g Almond Flour
  • 60g Butter


  • 3 eggs, beaten, 
  • 240g powdered sweetener (Truvia), 
  • 30g Butter, 
  • 240ml sugar free maple syrup (walden pancake syrup), 
  • 350g Pecans (chopped), 
  • 5ml vanilla extract


  1. For the crust, mix together the ingredients, press into an 8" or 9" pie plate and refrigerate.
  2. Beat the eggs with the Splenda. Add the vanilla, butter and syrup, then add the pecans.
  3. Pour into the crust and bake at 180c for about 45 minutes.
5 graphic novels out this week for your weekend reading list!


Aydis is a viking, a warrior, an outcast, and a self-proclaimed heathen. Aydis is friend to the talking horse Saga, rescuer of the immortal Valkyrie Brynhild, and battler of demons and fantastic monsters. Aydis is a woman. Born into a time of warfare, suffering, and subjugation of women, she is on a mission to end the oppressive reign of the god-king Odin.

TRANSFORMERS: Till All Are One Vol. 2

Epic space-opera action continues as the dramatic TRANSFORMERS continuity leads on to new and explosive revelations! REVOLUTION is over but the danger isn’t! A wave of undead TITANS threatens CYBERTRON! STARSCREAM will need more than secret police to stop the oncoming horde, but our Fearless Leader finds himself short on friends and firepower. Who can be called upon–and why aren’t they stepping up to the plate? Collects issues #5–9.

TRISH TRASH Vol. 2: Rollergirl of Mars

Seven-year-old (fifteen in Earth years) Mars girl, Trish Trash, is still excited about her big contract to the roller derby team, but changes are afoot. She has added a new member to the household: Qiqi, an alien she found clinging to life in the untouched part of Mars. Together with her working class aunt and uncle, the family rehabilitates her to health. Meanwhile, life on Mars is getting harder and Qiqi’s presence brings a new financial burden. Trish’s contract with the roller derby team is at risk as she needs to help provide for her family. Will Trish respond with her normal move of speeding away?

GWEENPOOL, THE UNBELIEVABLE Vol. 3: Totally In Continuity

 Collects Gwenpool, The Unbelievable #11-15 and material from Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix-Up #1.

Gwen Poole continues to make friends and influence people across the Marvel Universe! But what will some of Marvel’s greatest heroes make of Gwen and her bizarre perspective on the world they live in? Whatever happens, it’ll be Unbelievable!


The animated worlds of the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon cartoon and Batman: The Animated Series collide in this outstanding mini-series featuring fan-favorite characters from both universes! Villains start to mysteriously escape Arkham and Batman seeks to track them down, but he discovers that they have left Gotham completely… and gone to the New York City of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Collects issues #1-6!

ok so i normally have a nice and pretty image to go along with these chapters, but this time i do not. ao3 was not enjoying my chapter-title images so i had to remove all of them except the first. eventually i will redo them, but i wanted to get this out there into the light of day.

anyway, against all fuxking odds, here’s chapter 9 of what’s real or isn’t.

“You,” Hux says, pausing to gasp when Kylo grinds roughly down against him, “act too much like a lap dog.” Hux growls, though the sound is nothing up against the noises Kylo can produce. Though, he feels as if his own anger, his own desire, is just as palpable in the room as Kylo’s. “And you treat me as if I’m made of glass,” Hux spits. “When I am not.”

“I –” Kylo makes a noise of argument, a sullen and aborted sentence, before he snarls like a trapped animal and goes for Hux’s neck. Hux feels teeth at his throat like a vice, like hundreds of needles, like a choke-collar on a rabid mutt. The satisfaction hits him like a rush, alongside the pain of the bite. Even though Kylo doesn’t break the skin of Hux’s neck, it is still infinitely rewarding, having him ease off and then lick over his trophy like a claim. Kylo is finally acting like what he is – a monster. And he is no longer treating Hux like a delicate prize. The thrill of that is intoxicating.