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Do you headcanon any favorite Cuban food for Lance? In my story I want Hunk to try making whoever's in a healing pod's favorite food. I googled Cuban food and ropa vieja is the national dish, so I'm wondering if that would be a good favorite food, unless there's another dish you think he would like? I also want Pidge and Keith be shook at the spiciness "I feel like I swallowed the sun! What's in this?" "It's called flavor, heard of it?" Would it be ok to tell the origin story of the dish?

i do have headcanons for Lance’s fav food!! my top three Lance cuban food hc’s are: 

  • pastelitos de guayaba y queso are like his “i’ve had A Day and a need something that will make me happy and tastes like childhood memories and never fails to make me feel 100% better” fav food
  • papas rellenas is like Lance’s “i wanted one but then i ate 16 and i don’t know how that happened and i tried to stop but i’m eating one rn and i love it help me tell my mother i lo—” fav food
  • arroz con pollo is Lance’s “this is the dish that my dad will cook for me on my birthday with a side of platano maduros and i will cry because i love it so much” fav food 

as for ropa vieja……i have to confess……..i don’t like it lol. It is the national dish my dad loves it and he makes it all the time and i just……don’t lol 
but if you want like some good feel good food dishes there’s picadillo (which like my feel good food ngl) which you gotta eat with arroz blanco, and also congris, and yucca fries (which are like a gift from god, and though they aren’t specifically only cuban who cares they are DELICIOUS)

now as for the spiciness, i gotta be honest with you and say that Cuban food isn’t really spicy. like at all. it’s very flavored, with lots of spices, but if you’re thinking of like heat spicy as in “holy shit my mouth is on fire” yeah that’s not Cuban food at all. 
you have to remember, a lot of the Cuban dishes are Caribbean-ized versions of Spanish dishes, which aren’t really spicy either. not all Latin food is spicy, and flavors depend on regional availability of ingredients. Cuban food is much more salty/sweet/savory/rich rather than hot and spicy. 

i’ll never forget i went over my one white friends house for dinner when i was younger and homegirls mom tried to cook dominican food for me as a nice gesture, and she knew platanos maduros were my favorite. tell me why shorty’s mom had the audacity.. the nerve.. the gall to disrespect my mouth and fry up some regular ass bananas


So I officially know how to make pastelon de platano maduro con carne molida y queso and this was my first attempt (with help from momz who gave me the recipe). I’m being modest when I say this shit was extremely delicious. Like ya’ll don’t even know, this is one of my all time favorite Dominican dishes that I just perfected (at least to my tasting). But since this was a special moment between me and my stomach I added a D.R. style banana and strawberry milkshake :)

From the folks who tried it:

“ta buena la baina” (this shit good)- pops

“I know it was one piece for my mom but I ate them both. oh and you can get married now” - my cousin

“I can’t move” - me after 3 servings

Me and Steph went thru a whole conv. about food from our country, tho Steph is in USA and im here.

Steph I know u miss THIS  a ton, so some Images for u:

Mangu con queso frito, huevo y salami/longaniza, seriously Dominican Breafest is just MY KIND of hardcore (this are actually small portions).

Pastelon de platano maduro y carne molida, a wonderful lunch, dinner, 3am snack, wtvz.

Platano frito con salami/huevo/longaniza/queso frito, this can be eaten at any time.

Mofongo de camarone/res/cerdo/anything, sinfully good. (Puerto Rico should know.)

Moro de guandule, not my fav but I don’t mind.

Asopao Sancocho, every country surely have their version of this, but still, honestly, tons of dif. meats and vegetables mixed together in any kind of broth dreamily.

Steph if u can get the ingredients, do some.

someone corrected me that i putted Asopao for the last one. Im so ashamed, cause asopao and sancocho are nothing alike!! XD

THIS IS ASOPAO is could be discribe like a dominican risotto.

Maybe there are no good guys

Okay, first and foremost I just want to say right off the bat that I’m going to get deeply personal particularly my feelings surrounding the Arkers vs. the Grounders.

I’m going to go on a limb here and say that I believe that the majority of the fandom has not experienced war first hand, with of course the exception of people who have served their respective countries and people who are refugees.

Okay, so that’s the big can of worms I’m opening. When I think of some of the things that have shaped my life and who I am one of the first things I will remember is that I am refugee, not an immigrant, a refugee.

My parents stole away in the middle of the night and took a boat with the sole purpose of hopefully granting me the opportunities they never had.

What is amazing about the 100, the one part where I will say time and time again that they do incredibly well is showing the reality of war. See, we as the audience are able to see the humanity of both armies.

That is not what happens in war.

In a communist society I was taught that anyone who spoke against the regime was evil. They wanted to destroy our country, it was all that was taught to me in school. My grandfather who was incredibly well respected was someone who I looked upon with pride. He was the best grandfather, my cousins and uncles aspired to be like him and honor his legacy. My grandfather till the age of 12 to me was a war hero but most importantly he was also the man who could braid my hair better then my mom. The man who made the best platanos maduros, taught me how to swim and never fear the ocean. That’s who he was. As you can imagine my world came crashing down when I learned that it was not the only thing he was.

My grandfather took every order they told him he killed, he tore apart families apart, he hung people when they spoke against Castro. He betrayed friends and turned them in without so much as a moments hesitation. He dedicated his entire life to the regime, at the expense of his family. He helped my great aunt, his sister to escape when they came looking for her but he told her that she was never to speak to him again. His sister died that night to him.

My mother loves my grandfather, I love my grandfather still. It is something that I deeply struggled with realizing that those two sides so vastly different created him.

I asked myself for so long how do you do this? How do you kill someone?

And this when I realized the reality of war.

He thought that this was the only way to keep his family and country safe. He believed the beautiful words strung out by Castro’s mouth never suspected that he would become even more evil then the previous dictator. His family has been taken by Batista, there were children starving, people dying left and right and he believed that Castro could save them. He believed what he was doing was the right thing.

We as viewers see the humanity that lies on both sides. We see the love and dedication and thoughts that make both sides people we can relate to. In this season we are supposed to be Octavia or Clarke. We have sympathized with both sides, we have seen that sometimes there are impossible circumstances and every choice seems like a gamble on not only your life but the lives of those you love. This is why we scream in anger. This is why we can’t comprehend how they don’t realize there are other options. This is why we are so deeply saddened.

So how do you choose your side?
How do you say one side is better then the other?

The only way war works is when you see your enemy as inhuman. It is the only thing that can turn people into soldiers. But the 100 does an incredible job in relaying the image that there are perhaps no good guys only humans making impossible choices.