Osteopilus dominicensis / Rana platanera | ©Carlos De Soto Molinari   (Presa de Pinalito, Bonao, Dominican Republic)

The Hispaniolan common treefrog, Osteopilus dominicensis (Hylidae), is an arboreal species widespread in Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic) [1]. 

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Heliconia | ©frolickauai    (Kauai, Hawaii)

Plants of the genus Heliconia (Zingiberales - Heliconiaceae) are pollinated almost exclusively by hummingbirds, although some bat pollination has been found to occur.

It is known that in Costa Rica, the Honduran white bat, Ectophylla alba, alter the leaves of five species of Hoeliconia for use as diurnal roosts. By cutting the side veins extending out the midrib, the bat cause the two sides of the leaf to fold down around the midrib forming a tent [source].

Heliconias are also known as Lobster-claws, Wild plantains, False bird-of-paradise, Platanera silvestre, Bijao, and Platanillo.

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