It’s been a while since I posted about Black Roses, so I wanted to give an update!  To start, yes, the comic will still be happening. There have been several reasons for delays.  First of those reasons is simply work and major life changes getting in the way.  The second is the story itself has been going through some very rough iterations.  It was in a place where I wasn’t even sure I enjoyed it, so rather than try to tell a story I wasn’t proud of, I’ve taken a few steps back and Black Roses is going through some intensive reconstruction.  The idea itself is still mostly the same.  It’s still set in the twenties and still focuses on a mob family.  The characters from the cast pictures I’ve posted in the past are still all present and accounted for, it’s just some of them now have larger roles, one had a name change, and others are still a little up in the air.  That said, the images in this post will be chapter covers and the characters on them are set and will not be changing in any significant way.  These were  a lot of fun to do and I hope you enjoy them, and keep an eye out for more updates on Black Roses!

*Edit:  Oops, accidentally posted the wrong cover for Fio.  Fixed it.

PJO Headcanon #47 - Instagram

And by instagram I mean how they act on Instagram. What they post, how they act. Because let’s be real we all LOVE those ~aesthetic~ social media edits that’s not how real teens post on insta (who even makes those? like who’s ~known~ for that?  idk I’m so disconnected from this fandom).

  • Annabeth
    • Frequent poster. Posts a bunch of super cool photos but each and every one has like a 4 paragraph rant attached to it. Not even rant, just like an update on her life. Is incapable of posting something without at least two sentences of text. Has a ~theme~ that’s both geometrically pleasing and color appeasing made up of random photos. Posts a bunch of pics of her schematics, her boxing, random pics of her friends or Percy, etc. Has like 200 followers, makes it a game to get more though. Posts in exact window times to get more and has a theme revolving around colors that will get more likes. Loves the analytics.
  • Percy
    • Infrequent spam poster. Forgets instagram exists then posts five pics in a day. Most of them are of Annabeth with a bunch of heart eye emojis or a caption like ‘ma girl’. Sprinkled in are pics of his family and friends, plus the beach. Basically everything he really loves. Has like 1.5-2k followers.
  • Jason
    • Infrequent poster. Barely posts, usually when he wins a game or random pics of his friends/piper. Most of his captions are inside jokes. Kinda basic, but has about 500-ish followers.
  • Hazel
    • Doesn’t know how instagram works, has two blurry posts and five followers. Hasn’t posted since 2015.
  • Frank
    • Regular poster. Hella aesthetic. Looks like every shot was beamed down from God himself. The Real Deal™. Has like 80k followers but a steady fanbase for his photos. Random pics of the canadian flag, pics looking down his arrow at a target, lots of pictures of Hazel looking like a badass insta model. 
  • Leo
    • Frequent/spammish poster. Constantly deletes all of his photos and then posts new ones because he needs to ~cleanse~ his social media. All of his captions are puns. He has like 40 followers.
  • Piper
    • Regular poster. When she posts something she posts it for good. It is THERE it is STAYING, is v against this whole ~cleanse~ thing. Her feed dates back to like 2012. Has a very activist feed, a lot of pics of her protesting and the like. Has like 1.5 million followers.
  • Nico
    • Infrequent poster. Barely posts on his ~real~ account which has like 1k followers. But his side accounts are INSANE. Has a hella spam finsta with a bunch of random pictures of Will and long complaining rant paragraphs about his life. His fan account has like an insane amount of followers but nobody knows what it is. They just know it exists because Will teases him about it.

320. Some demigods have a smartphone and social media. They especially like posting pictures of their significant other on Instagram. Percy likes posting pics of Annabeth and Will posts cute slips of Nico, who usually gets really angry about it. 

Submitted by @lakesofelysium

All I am asking for is a series/book called ‘Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and their normal teenage life.’ and it is a book after BoO about them going to school, Percy joining the AHS swimteam - fight me but every girl is going to have a crush on Percy - , Annabeth being a first class nerd, maybe let Nancy Bobofit make a reappearance and stuff? But then again also them having nightmares about tartarus and cuddling together. You know, stuff like that would be cool. No quests, just a (almost) normal life.

Okay so I feel the need to talk about this even if I do not see it on here and idk how many of you are actually aware of this…

But Paul Ripke Nico’s ex photographer now works for Lewis and Nico’s fans on instagram are taking this too seriously and are attacking him by saying that he ‘only cares about money’, are unfollowing his instagram account and are posting snake and money emojis in his comments then go on their insta story post a rant calling him money hungry while you know he follows you and he actually sees it.

First of all be glad that he at least has a job because I know, even in my country, there are so many unemployed people so what if it’s Lewis oh you’re saying you would be less butthurt if he was Mercedes’ or Bottas’ photographer well fuck off he chose Lewis and it his freaking life and you cannot control it.

And btw people need money to actually live a life which y'all are not doing because if you were living yours you wouldn’t attack somebody elses.

anonymous asked:

sorry for bothering but I idk did you got my question I have asked about your thoughts on Mutsuki raping Uta since you did made "Wtf Mutsuki" post? So am curious are you mad like everyone else about this?

Hey anon,

I imagine this was yours?

So don’t worry, I got your message.

I mainly avoid replying ones in ask regarding this to avoid too much drama this chapter brought & this site can overreact far too much without waiting to see entire story.

But since I already am here, answering, then might as well go trough with it.

First, yes I made “WTF Mutsuki” post because WTF Mutsuki indeed XD?

But I’m not mad about it, triggered about it, just shocked is all. Didn’t expect it is all. But I’m very curious where this shall go though? I’m quite interested in seeing what happens next.

Now, I see people (here at least) victimize Uta far too much & far too early forgetting that this is Uta part + Clown part and as Nico himself said

…so how about wait till you are 100.0% sure troll got truly trolled before giving him “victim crown”?

I have my doubts in that even being said Uta in first place! 

He has amazing regeneration and yet he isn’t regenerating at all, despite having more then enough time to do so. I’m not saying it’s impossible that he truly got raped, just that people should truly wait to see till it’s completely confirmed before pitying him so much when by next chapter for all you know he wasn’t even victim to start with.

You would think people learned their lesson by now to wait to see next chapter when wtf-ry comes before giving fast judge of situation.

And Uta is character you have to be this extra-cautious before trying to comfort him about something he might not even need any comforting with.

Now, I’m going to piss off perhaps someone with next things I’m about to say (lose even some of followers perhaps), but I don’t think they pity Uta as Uta, but rather use his case (what appears to be) as excuse to rage on Ishida because their standards about Mutsuki got crushed with Mutsuki performing necro there on Uta/somebody.

And this is part I find funny & as pure hypocrisy.

They’re getting so mad about Mutsuki being represented in this way, claim to be part of LGBT, that they support LGBT and how this isn’t right and yet these same people who are so hurt about Mutsuki are those same people who overlook Nico, completely ignoring Nico as if Nico was trash! This is pure hypocrisy tbh

So no, I’m not mad, simply shocked & I think people are overreacting too much and hating on Ishida for no reason because they set standards for Mutsuki which Ishida never promised and now they’re mad about their own standards being crushed and just want plain drama. 

Since day one, first art of Mutsuki back in 2014, Mutsuki was tagged init as “Such a liar”.

So this was expected. So since day one, Ishida was telling that Mutsuki is no “cinnamon roll” here. I get shock of how far Mutsuki went but I don’t understand shock about Mutsuki not being said “cinnamon roll”? 

And why hate on Ishida about this? About something you built for yourself that he never, not even on day one, promise. In fact on first art back in 2014 he was telling you that Mutsuki isn’t as innocent as it seems.

Who wants to drop this manga because their dreams got crushed? 

Be my guest. In fact you shall do this entire fandom huge favor since this fandom is already full with people who complain & complain, hate on this manga, hate on author but never drop said manga and come weekly to keep bashing and spoil fun for those who do.

So these are just excuses & excuses to keep bitching on series itself.

So complaining about how Mutsuki is being presented, is just excuse itself for those who have thing against this manga/author to bash further with having “point”.

All in all, these are my damn thoughts & don’t want to be dragged in this drama bs. I shall wait for next chapter, see what happens next & who wants to throw manga in toilet, smear it with food, shit on it, burn it, drop manga … then just do it silently, please!!! Quit being hugeass drama queens, you’re just giving Reddit more material to laugh at while other sites join in.

That’s all, have a nice day anon.