In some countries, it’s common to collect empty plastic cans, used pots of paint, discarded plastic foam and used cardboard boxes in order to sell them at junkyards or at recycling plants. People will carry enormous piles of the recyclable goods on small carts in an effort to move as much material as quickly as possible.  These photos are just a sampling.

Although a balanced life-style is not always encouraged (see the two books suggested below), I found myself asking this morning: how much more can be accomplished and enjoyed if I consciously design a little bit more balance in my daily living?

Dan Thurmon, Off Balance on Purpose
Matthew Kelly, Off Balance.

Photo source | Reuters

Dernière séance de Craignos Monsters, je crois qu’avec cette Revanche de King-Kong, j’ai touché le fond en matière de combats entre une peluche miteuse et un faux lézard géant fourbasse en plastoc.
Demain, quitte à dessiner des mochetés en plastique, je m’attaquerai sans doute à la collection de distributeurs Pez My little Pony de ma môme.