No, seriously, Sitron did literally nothing wrong.

Plastinates and plastinate sheets have been a staple for medical colleges and museums for some time. Using finely tuned machinery to slice perfect deli-thin pieces of entire bodies, these slices are then perfectly preserved in plastic resin, displaying their anatomy beautifully forever. Many science museums across the country are proud owners of human plastinate sheets; I however have to make due with a rat.

One medical laboratory that makes plastinate specimens for research purposes has a shop on etsy and has taken to selling a few of the specimens in addition to high quality prints of them. Naturally, once I had the $80 to buy the little slice of rat I had to have it. This is a cross section of a labrat head. You can clearly see the skull and spine and organs and even some of his floofy little hairs and even a whisker ISN’T THAT CUTE?!

This photo was taken by holding the specimen up against the sky on a cloudy day and very carefully snapping the photo with my free hand.